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Missionary OddballsPenny N. Haaving joins our circle this week. Welcome to Let’s Chat, Penny.

This historical fiction author is a born-and-raised New Yorker. Her two grown daughters and five grand children live in Arizona and Massachusetts. Consequently, traveling the blue skies is a common practice for this energetic lady.

As a member of American Christian Writers Association, she attended two conferences where she took workshops on writing.  Also, she has gained a wealth of information from Facebook authors. She also enjoys coffee in the morning with her husband, Tom; daily devotions; reading Christian suspense; going for walks; and volunteering at church.

A Word From Penny N. Haavig

I never thought I would be a novelist. My dream was to write children’s books, and my mother Violet would illustrate. Mother shared an amazing testimony of how mental illness brought her down into the depths of a nervous breakdown. Following many years of turmoil and unhappiness, Violet went to be with the Lord in 2011. She gave her testimony all over the country and to Power for Living in 1977.

I attended a writer’s workshop in Minneapolis led by Susan May Warren, a well-known author, where God inspired me to write my mother’s story. It was suggested that I write a novel about my mother’s tumultuous life and not a biography. The story would interest more people.

However, a year after the sudden death of my first husband in 2000, God intervened. Out of tragedy and sadness, came a wonderful man from Minnesota. I sold my Day Care Center and home and moved to the land of lakes. A close friend said,” Don’t look back!”

Cornfields, lakes, and continuous acres of pastureland drew me to my second love. Horses. Although, I no longer have my own horse, I lease a friend’s. Every time I put my foot in the stirrup, I thank God I can still ride. Riding soothes the soul.

Penny and Tom
Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Penny’s pal, Dakota

Laugh, Clown, Laugh

This novel was published in 2018. Violet’s colorful life weaves in and out of three decades, beginning with the Vaudeville stage of Brooklyn, New York. It’s a flight from mental illness to Having_Pennysanity. Violet wears a mask to cover the turmoil in her heart. A beautiful love story evolves when she meets her knight without the shining armor. Henry is loyal and loving through the ugliness of mental illness.

A hidden talent emerges while Violet is recovering from a nervous breakdown. Consequently, she becomes a remarkable artist.  Violet has instant success with her hand painted tile business. She paints a custom tile for Arthur Godfrey, the first television talk show host. Violet designs and paints a backsplash for Perry Como’s Long Island home. 

However, she is an outward success but an inward failure. Contentment eludes her, until she picks up a book by Billy Graham. The Secret of Happiness changes her life. (Available on Amazon. Ninety-Nine cents, eBook)

Missionary to the Oddballs

PennyThis story captures the goodness and glory of God. Violet’s heart desire is to share her newfound faith with everyone. Her family is first.

However, she must continue to overcome the mental issues of the past biting at her heels. She forges through many adversities, therefore, making her stronger for it. Violet’s artistic talent skyrockets when her hand paint tiles become a household word in the small town of Miller Place. Family turmoil, broken relationships, a wavering marriage, and a demanding business play havoc on Violet’s plans. Her brain is on overload.

The shores of the Long Island Sound and the rumbles of a hurricane deliver a powerful opening to the novel. Darkness doesn’t scare her because there’s light in Violet’s soul.

Violet’s daughter, Jane, shows signs of mental weakness. Will she follow the family history of nervous breakdowns? Violet prays consistently this will not happen.

Available on Amazon

Inspirational Scenes from Missionary to the Oddballs 

Sunset over Port Jefferson Harbor, Long Island, NY.
Two blocks from Violet’s gift shop.

Violet’s gift shop in Port Jefferson, Long Island
Miller Place Beach, Long Island, NY.

Violet’s house was on the top of the cliff. Several chapters of Missionary to the Oddballs take place here.
Missionary to the OddballsA fireplace mural designed and painted by Violet Pearl Funk. A wealthy finance mogul contracted Violet to this project for his exclusive Belle Terre, LI home. 

How to contact Penny

Please visit Penny’s website at


First time readers can enter for a signed complementary copy of Laugh, Clown Laugh.

A signed, complimentary copy of book two, Missionary to the Oddballs.

A hand painted tile of your choice. This 4” tile is a good reminder for all of us when Satan tries to get the best of us. Available at:

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Dear Lord, please bless each word Penny writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~

9 thoughts on “Penny N. Haavig | Let’s Chat

  1. My in-laws were from Bellmore NY. They would always go to Jones Beach.

    Thank you for sharing your life. It’s wonderful how God puts people and situations in our lives at the right time. I love the photo of you and your husband.

    I’m sorry about your mom, I pray this book will help others.

    And it’s very nice to meet you, you are a new author for me. 😊

  2. I love how Penny has honored God and her mother while still being realistic about her mother’s mental illness.

  3. Nice interview with Penny Haavig. I’ve read both Laugh, Clown Laugh and Missionary to theOddballs. What an amazing journey for Violet to see all she overcame with Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Blessings to both of you.

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