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Aunt Maureen at 105

Birthdays show up more often than I’d like. How about you? But I’ve decided to embrace them. I’m inspired by one very special lady, our family’s Aunt Maureen who celebrated her 105th birthday on 2/22/22. 

We so enjoyed Maureen’s celebration at her retirement home in Jourdanton, Texas. Other women veterans and the home’s staff honored her with balloons, cards, cake, and even KENS TV in San Antonio. Her cards came from all over the nation and world. Such milestones don’t come around often, so the local TV station in San Antonio showed up to feature this amazing woman.

Birthdays: Maureen Lamm Davis has celebrated 105 of them.

Maureen Lamb was born on February 22, 1917 and has led an amazing life. She attended Texas State College for Women (formerly College of Industrial Arts for women and at present, Texas Woman’s University) in Denton, Texas where she earned a teaching certificate. Maureen has been independent minded all her life, so when World War 2 broke out, she stepped right up. She joined the WAC and advanced to the rank of 1 Lieutenant. She attended church services wherever she went, at one time with a tiny group who met in one of the barracks on base. On Sundays, civilian church members outside the base passed communion elements (unleavened bread and grape juice) over the base fence to her, and she shared with the rest of the worshippers.

She continued to excel as a teacher until she met and married the love of her life, Bill Davis. At that point, Maureen devoted herself to her marriage and home—never ceasing to serve. She has been devoted to the Lord all her life, serving alongside her song leader husband, Bill Davis, and taught a first grade Bible class into her ’90s.

Birthdays: Maureen’s servant’s heart is ageless.

Aunt Maureen at age 100 when “her” tree was planted outside her retirement home.

The first time I met Aunt Maureen, we arrived at her home in George West, Texas to find her not waiting for us in her living room but across the street … with a broom … sweeping a parking lot. Turned out, this was nothing unusual for Maureen. She has been community and church minded always. Can you imagine teaching a first grade Bible class until you’re 90? The governor of Texas recognized her achievements in beautifying George West some years ago.

Did Maureen curtail her activities when she entered the retirement home? Not a bit. First, she picked a room as far from the front desk and dining hall as possible because, in her words, “I need to walk as much as I can.” And she hasn’t sat around in a rocking chair either. Maureen has actually volunteered so often and well that she’s like an honorary staff member at the home. She has made PA announcements and led exercise classes for years—even now, at 105. She rises each morning and heads with her walker out the door for a spin around the building.

For her TV interview, she spoke of her time as a WAC, telling the other women veterans, “I’m

Aunt Maureen, age 105, with her care givers beside “her” tree. It was planted in her honor on her 100th birthday.

one of YOU.” She also spoke of her faith. When asked about her secret for long life, she pondered a moment and said, “I decided to live each day God gives me to serve Him and others. Be that one day or even years, I’ll use the time He gives me for Him.” The woman from the TV station squatted beside her, and Maureen told her, “God. Is. Good. He loves me. And He loves you. Oh, God is so good.”

Take a peek at Aunt Maureen’s 105th birthday celebration on KENS TV!

Birthdays: Celebrate them.

Lord, forgive me when I complain and let opportunities to serve You and others pass me by. Give me a heart like Aunt Maureen’s. ~ For Jesus’ sake

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  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome women’s life.

    When I was a child I was in Sweetwater at the swimming pool, and since this was the base of the Women’s Airforce, a group of these ladies was swimming also that day.
    Would be neat if she was one of them.
    They really impressed me, they all looked SO STRONG. JEAN

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