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Reviews for the latest release, A Christmas Tale for Little Women

“In this Christmas tale, Linda Brooks Davis has woven another story into my heart. With the story unfolding during Christmas/New Years, it is especially endearing. Being a prequel to a prior novel, visiting these precious characters again is like being wrapped in heirloom quilt. It was a page turner and I couldn’t wait to see how the story ended and it was an ending that warmed my heart! I highly recommend this book and all the books that Linda has written. She has a gift and I am thankful she shares that gift with us!” ~Amazon Reader

Compassion, encouragement, and the love of Jesus Christ shine throughout A Christmas Tale for Little Women and reading it will surely help prepare your heart for Christmas. I recommend it to all who enjoy historical Christian fiction and I’m looking forward to learning more about Adelaide Fitzgerald in The Awakening of Miss Adelaide.” ~ Connie Porter Saunders Read more here

“A wonderfully written story… you will find yourself experiencing every emotion. I’m adding A Christmas Tale for Little Women to my Christmas stories to recommend shelf!“~ Through the Lens of Scripture Read more here.

Debby’s Dusty Deliberations on A Christmas Tale for Little Women:

“A Christmas Tale for Little Women” by Linda Brooks Davis is a sweet but intense story well as short. What is better than a Christmas story. This year won’t be just a Christmas it will be a Christmas to Remember.

I have read the novel that this is a prequel for, so it was like I was visiting old friends. I felt the character’s emotions from the start to the end of the book. I’m truly rehoming the entire series of all 6 books.

Blogging With Carol:

Sometimes you pick up a book and you get so much more than you expected. This book did that. I read Little Women when I was young, so the title made me curious. This book is “rich” in the telling of its story, the depth of the characters, and the writing style transports you to where the story is told. It’s set in 1912, but don’t let that intimidate you if you’re not used to more historical settings. I think it only made this story stand out even more. 

Kindness, sharing, supporting others, Christ, so much is in these pages that just flew past as I was reading. It’s full of emotions with an ending that left me satisfied but wanting to read more of this author’s books. 5 Stars

Connect in Fiction:

I love prequels even after reading the first novel in a series. This one is a lovely surprise during the Christmas season. The title intrigues me—Little Women. I am from a family of four girls with the glorious birth order of number one. Reading about the antics of girls opens floods of memories. In fact, we’re still creating new mischievous and productive endeavors. The bond of siblings and friends endures the years and with four the bond survives the frays and cuts of life.

Addie’s care of children in this novella inspires lives, the good of the community, the cause of Christ, acceptance, imagination. Sometimes we are at our best when dealing with the welfare of children or of others in general. Once the light is taken off us, love and generosity can abound.

Get Cozy Book Nook:

This Christmas story is written as a prequel for Little Women, a book I loved as a young girl. The characters are richly drawn and reflect those created in the classic. The atmosphere of the 1912 setting is brought out clearly and adds to the joy of the book. The theme is uplifting and shows the joy of faith.

She Lives to Read:

The classic book, “Little Women”, by Louisa May Alcott has long been one of my very favorite books.  In this book, author Linda Brooks Davis has captured the compassionate and loving spirit of the original “Little Women”. 

This story is set in the Christmas season of 1912.  Broadview, the beautiful home of Oklahoma heiress Aldelaide Fitzgerald, is decorated and ready for a beautiful Christmas celebration.  But as Addie and her nieces get ready to enjoy Christmas at Broadview, they are made aware that the Espinosa family is suffering from poverty because their father has suffered an injury and is unable to work. As Addie and her nieces lead a community effort to help the Espinosa family, others in the community are becoming reluctant to reach out to a family who is considered to be in a “lower” social class.  Addie strives to demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas to this family, and she’s praying that the whole community will realize that the love of Jesus transcends any preconceived social status.

I loved all the characters in this book, especially Addie. She represented the spirit of the Alcott books, including the way Louisa Alcott would have looked at the issue of a woman’s right to vote and reaching out past the barriers of social class.  The storyline is very much a Christmas story, but it’s a wonderful reminder to us to be looking for those we can help at any time during the year.

I have not read any of this author’s other books, but I’m going to buy this whole series.  I’m very interested in reading the stories of some of the other characters featured in this book.

For Him and My Family:
I grew up reading and re-reading Little Women as well as watching all the movie adaptations. So this book having Little Women in the title made me want to read it.  I’ve read some books by this author before including the Miss Adelaide book and that made me really want to read it. 

Rock Creek is such a great place to visit.  I loved this novel.  It reads quickly and you are easily caught up in it.  I had already read the books that come before this one in the series.  This book is actually intended to be before the book about Miss Adelaide in the series but it was still an enjoyable read.

I highly recommend you read the entire series.  I’m loving this author and highly recommend you give her a read!

Deb’s Book Reviews:

This book is a very quick and short read for the Christmas season.  If you are a fan of Little Women you will enjoy this prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide.  It is a very small book with lots of intriguing and heartfelt characters that will touch your heart.  The story takes place during the 1912 era at Christmas time and shares the lessons of how the Christmas season is all about faith, family, friends and kindness…. lots of kindness and love.  Reading this during the holiday season would be such an added delight… though any time of year is a good time to read it.  This would be a great Hallmark Christmas movie.  

Splashes of Joy:

It has been a long time since I read Little Women but remembering how much I loved the book I really wanted to read this one. I grew to love the cast of characters here, and I love that this is a Christmas story set in 1912. I always love reading books in this era because it’s fun for me to think about what my grandparents were doing during this time in their young lives. And what kind of Christmas they had the Christmas of 1912! 

Addie was a special character for me. With her wanting to help a family in need during this Christmas shows the tender heart she has toward others. And I appreciate the way author Linda Brooks Davis shows the real spirit of Christmas in the character of Addie and shows the Love Jesus has for each of us. This one gets 5 Stars from me! If you are looking for good books to read during Christmas time, this is a great one to add to your collection!

Through the Lens of Scripture:

I love Christmas stories, so I was eager to read this one—it did not disappoint!

It is a wonderfully written story (and not too long) that grabs your attention right away. But, don’t be fooled, it isn’t all candy canes and tinsel.

Linda Brooks Davis does a great job of describing the characters and their surroundings, and you will find yourself experiencing every emotion each character experiences through her excellent descriptions.

This is a prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, which I have yet to read … but I will!

I’m looking forward to reading more from Linda Brooks Davis, and I’m adding A Christmas Tale for Little Women to my Christmas stories to recommend shelf!

Connie’s History Classroom:

“A Christmas Tale for Little Women: A Miss Adelaide Christmas Novella” is written by Linda Brooks Davis is a sweet Christmas Novella. This book is set  in 1912 in Needham, Oklahoma. The book was around 100 pages and can be read in one sitting. This is a prequel of sorts to the Women of Rock Creek Series. I have read a few of the books in the series, which includes The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, so I was familiar with some of the characters. 

The author has done a great job with her descriptions. I love books that are written so that I feel like I am standing there watching it unfold. That is how this book is. I love the theme of giving in the book. The  houseguests, Dahlia and Camilla, while young, already showing the true spirit of Christmas. The author has done a great job with this book. Sweet, well written characters, a storyline that will grab your attention early on, and will leave you feeling happy. 

Jeanette’s Thoughts:

Are you getting ready for Christmas?  This book is just the thing to get you into the holiday spirit.  I was reminded of Louisa May Alcott as Little Women” as I turned the pages.

This story is about goodwill to others and spreading good cheer.  Adelaide opens her home and heart to others.  She is an example of the true meaning of the Christmas season.  She gives the girls in her care a Christmas that they won’t forget.  

I enjoyed this story and to read about the love that Adelaide showed her fellow man. 

Locks, Hooks, and Books:

A Christmas Tale for Little Women: A Miss Adelaide Christmas Novella is a quick and wonderful read by Linda Brooks Davis. I enjoyed this sweet story. It is just over one hundred pages long and it took no time to read the whole book in one sitting. I enjoyed getting to know Adelaide and getting a glimpse of what Christmas was like during her time. It was such an inspirational, full of faith, and beautiful book that warmed my heart. I am hoping to reread it again as the Christmas season comes closer. 

I am giving A Christmas Tale for Little Women four and a half stars. I recommend it for readers who enjoy to read clean Christmas time Historical Fiction. Adelaide’s tale is not one to be missed. 

I received A Christmas Tale for Little Women from the publisher. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

Book Bites, Bee Stings, and Butterfly Kisses:

I really enjoyed this historical Christmas novella.  The main character, Adelaide, was in a unique position to be independently wealthy, yet she was an orphan, and single.  She desired to have a family of her own, but in the meantime, used her time and fortune to bless those around her.  

Adelaide tried to make Christmas perfect for her young guests, but the events that transpired made for a memorable season and wonderful learning experiences.

There were many great lessons to be learned from this book:  Caring for those in need, loving unconditionally, standing up for the truth, living without prejudice, resolving conflict in positive ways, and confessing wrongdoings.

This novella is part of a series. It was no problem for me to enjoy this story as a stand-alone, but I found myself motivated to learn about the events that had transpired beforehand in previous books.

Readers who enjoy historical Christmas novellas will certainly enjoy this book, and anyone who has been following this series will be delighted to read this addition.

Mary Hake:

If you like a sweet, inspirational Christmas historical story, this should please you. Whether you have read any other of the author’s books or not, this short novel offers a complete tale on its own with some characters from another of her books. The two young guests staying with Adelaide and their reaching out to others in need echoes Little Women’s beginning, but set about one hundred years ago. I enjoyed the holiday cheer the book brought as the scenes unfolded and the celebration continued. It’s a great read to start off the season (or, really, any time of year). The endearing characters evoke caring and the compelling yet predictable plot still warms the heart. The uplifting message of A Christmas Tale for Little Women may make readers consider their own attitudes and relationships and how they can others serve unselfishly.

Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess:

A Christmas Tale for Little Women by author Linda Brooks Davis is a Christian historical holiday romance novella. It is a short read and perfect for this time of year. I love holiday books and novellas.

This story is the prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide. I have previously read and reviewed this brilliant story. It earned a five star rating from me. This novella is just as good.

Adelaide is an endearing character. She is talented, charming, and caring. We meet her nieces Dahlia and Camilla. Both girls are delighted to spend time with their aunt during the holiday season but are missing family.

There are precious life and spiritual messages woven throughout this poetic tale. The characters are wonderful and the writing is beautiful. You will be glad you read this sweet story.

I highly recommend this novella. It gets a 5 star rating from me. A copy was provided by Celebrate Lit, but these are my honest words.

Ashley’s Bookshelf:

This was such a wonderful book and did pull me back to the first time I read Little Women.  It was a favorite of mine growing up and the author did a good job making the feel of Alcott’s book be there.  Addie is a wonderful character and someone I would love to meet.

The story itself is great.  Heart wrenching because Christmas is hard for a lot of people and the different ‘classes’, it just hurts sometimes.  I loved Addie’s attitude though.  It showed the true Christmas spirit and now I’m truly in the holiday mood! It was a 4/5.

Karen Sue Hadley:

Christmas TaleOh my! This is such a sweet but intense story. I was so into reading this that at times I felt I was actually there! Don’t judge, if you’re an avid reader then you understand. I encouraged, cheered, held my breath and fought to keep from crying. There are no dull pages anywhere in this book. I loved the characters although I struggled with the horrible mother-n-law. I did come to a reluctant truce with her at the end. READ THE BOOK!! Rating: 5*

LakesideLivingSite on A Christmas Tale for Little Women

A Christmas Tale for Little Women by Linda Brooks Davis is a Christmas novella and is the prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide. This is a sweet short story that takes place in 1912. Adelaide is an extremely wealthy young woman and she takes joy in helping others. She watched over her friend’s young children and hosted events at her home for the community. When she finds out about an injured immigrant living in an abandoned home, she takes him and his family in, provides care for them and offers him a job.

This is an interesting short story, just the right length to read in an evening. It took me a little while to get into the story and keep all the characters and places straight but once I managed that, the story flowed nicely and gave a great message of reaching out to others and giving of yourself. I like the lesson she taught the young women she was caring for of giving to those who have less than they do. 

Pause for Tales:

Christmas is such a sweet and special time, that just has a different feeling than any other day of the year. This year especially I am looking forward to Christmas in a way I haven’t in a long time and this sweet little novella helps set the mood. Especially the meaning of what Christmas is truly about. 

Adelaide is at a time in her life where she realizes her dreams may not come true. Her dreams of a husband and children. This year she is not alone for Christmas as she is taking care of her two little nieces. Not only that but she and her nieces have a chance to open their hearts to more love and another family that brings them all a great deal of happiness.

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the time and the different traditions that the author made come to life in this story. The year is 1912 and the world is about to enter a rough period. So for a time, it was nice to see people doing good. I met Adelaide in the book that comes after this. So it was neat to read about her Christmas before her big decisions and life changes.

Older & Smarter on A Christmas Tale for Little Women

Christmas taleIt is Christmas Eve, 1912 in Needham, Oklahoma and a very special Christmas is about to take place at Broadview Estate but it hasn’t always been this way. Many years there has been little to enjoy at Broadview and Adelaide Fitzgerald is determined to give two special young girls a Christmas to remember.

“Spiced cider mulled on the stove, its pungency melding with the rich aromas of holiday pies and candles. Homespun bangles unique to the Evans home encrusted a tall fir tree the girls had decorated a few days prior. Now gaily wrapped packages encircled it.” 

This is such a lovely story and it is the perfect way to begin your holiday season. Author Linda Brooks Davis vividly describes the anticipation and the preparation but woven throughout her story are references to the beloved classic Little Women and reminders of the true meaning of Christmas. Addie desires to help a less fortunate family experience a Christmas to remember and, in turn, makes it memorable for all concerned.

Davis shares a timeless message in this heartwarming novella that you’ll want to read again! Compassion, encouragement, and the love of Jesus Christ shine throughout A Christmas Tale for Little Women and reading it will surely help prepare your heart for Christmas. I recommend it to all who enjoy historical Christian fiction and I’m looking forward to learning more about Adelaide Fitzgerald in The Awakening of Miss Adelaide.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Inklings & Notions:

My thoughts: I love that this book is a prequel to another story that Linda wrote and that readers have the chance to revisit some of the beloved characters. I also really liked how she captures the spirit of Little Women  in a different way with this holiday story. While Adelaide may be wealthy, where the March family was not, she still gets caught up in the true spirit of Christmas when she learns that a family has been struggling and turns the holiday around from being me-centered. I loved the message of this story! 

Betti Mace:

It’s Christmas 1912 at Broadview Estate in Needham, Oklahoma. Miss Adelaide, Addy, has several young houseguests which bring a whole new light to the celebration. Add to that a needy family and you have a Christmas that will not soon be forgotten. Gifts to be packaged and delivered, food enough to feed an army and unexpected contentment for Addy. It really was so nice to not celebrate this special holiday alone.

Of course, while suffrage was never far from the minds of Addy, Ella and thus Ella’s young daughters, making things better for the Espinosa family was the present goal. Not everyone had the same Christmas spirit…. 

What a wonderful way to prepare for the Christmas season! 

Captive Dreams Window:

Christmas taleA Christmas Tale for Little Women, by Linda Brooks Davis, is patterned after Little Women. However, it is definitely different-in a good way.

The story revolves around Christmas of 1912. Adelaide Fitzgerald, an heiress living in Broadview Estates in Needham, Oklahoma, was caring for Dahlia and Camellia Evans, two of the daughters of her friends Ella and Andrew. The other six members of the Evans family were on a mission trip to Colorado.

Adelaide and the 2 girls discussed how poverty was a stranger to them, the girls not realizing how close by those in dire straits lived.

I appreciated how the story progresses. Linda Brooks Davis did a remarkable job of drawing the parallels between the families-one of opulence and one of poverty-and how each person or family was affected. I enjoy historical fiction, and A Christmas Tale for Little Women by Davis accurately portrayed life in 1912. Yet, I couldn’t help drawing parallels to today’s society, too. A similarity I’m sure was intended.

I very much enjoy a novel that incorporates realistic lessons that are established in the Bible.

Library Ladies’ Kid Lit:

A Christmas Tale for Little Women is a prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide and part of Linda Brooks Davis’ The Women of Rock Creek collection. Adelaide had everything given to her on a silver platter so to speak – she is talented and independently wealthy. But something is missing in her life – family. Her parents died when she was young and she has no husband or children. But for the Christmas in this story she is caring for two of Ella’s children while Ella and the rest of the family are traveling. Together they care for some migrant workers who have fallen on hard times. Adelaide exemplifies the Golden Rule in her care for others. We could all learn from her selfless giving and way of making her gifts not seem like charity.

Linda Brooks Davis does a great job with character development. I enjoyed this look at Adelaide’s earlier adult life. The story is well-written and made me want to re-read the entire series in chronological order. 

A Christmas Tale for Little Women is an adult novel but could easily find a home in a K-12 Christian school library. I think it is appropriate for older middle school and above students.

Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy:

As I began reading this book, I fell in love with the time period, the characters, and the storyline. As a prequel to The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, it provides an excellent context for who Adelaide is and what matters to her. I definitely recommend reading both books. Set in 1912, the story quickly grabbed my attention.

Linda Brooks Davis creates well-developed characters, and with Adelaide provides insight into what true Christian charity means. Adelaide, a wealthy heiress whose parents have died and has not married desires to provide two children of her friend a memorable Christmas. She also wants to provide for a migrant family who has come into hard times. The story proceeds at a good pace and I love the Christmas setting. So check out this book for yourself.

Carpe Diem:

A clever, creative and thoughtful tale.  Lyrically written with great attention to detail and description.  Very nicely woven throughout are the featured themes of Christian hope, faith, equality, forgiveness and love. Quite enjoyable and easy to recommend – enjoy!

Texas Book-aholic:

christmas taleI enjoyed reading about Addie and her sweet and caring heart. She has all the luxuries that life can give. The story takes us to Christmastime in 1912. Addie and her nieces were excited about the holidays and you could see decorations adorning their home. The author does a good job of making readers feel like they were right there enjoying all the festivities with the family. Addie is missing having a family of her own but adored her nieces. She wants to make this holiday special for them. 

What I really liked about this story was the emphasis on migrant workers. Addie is quite upset to learn about a migrant family living in unpleasant conditions in an abandoned home. Addie’s heart is full of compassion for this family and knows she must help them. I liked how the author uses this story to remind us that we should love our neighbor and help each other at all times. Addie reminds her nieces that they have so much more than others and God wants them to share. Addie opens her home to the family and the community comes together in this wonderful tale of the Christmas spirit. Inside this book we find lessons on forgiveness, unconditional love, giving and seeing others the way Jesus does. 

Batya’s Bits:
Reading this story was like wrapping myself in a blanket during a cold night, it felt so warm and comforting. I loved the slow pace of the story, I enjoyed the reading about the characters. The faith content and the way the characters lived out their faith was so heart touching and worthy of emulation. The settings of the story are superb.

Very relaxing and sweet read.

Happily Managing a Household of Boys on A Christmas Tale for Little Women

I have been a fan of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott since I was a little girl. Classic books are so comforting to read and enjoy. I also enjoy reading books with a Christmas theme or time of the year. This book combines both of those type of stories into one book. Linda Brooks Davis has her own version of a Little Women type of book. 

The time is 1912 and Adelaide Fitzgerald is hosting her 2 nieces for the holiday season. The Girls chose to forgo a European Christmas as they wanted time with their Aunt. Aunt Addie wants to make this a Christmas they will never forget. The town of Broadview is decorated wonderfully and the town is getting into the Christmas spirit. Addie learns of a family in the town next door who is really struggling this holiday season, as the day lost his job. Addie and her nieces decide to help this family in need and they gather the Community together to help also. Some towns people are a little leary of helping others, but Addie’s spirit is about showing the love of Jesus. Will Addie and her nieces have an unforgettable Christmas through helping others? Will the townspeople rally and help this family? 

I truly enjoyed this book. It is Book #3 of the Rock Creek Christmas Collection. I have not read the first 2 in this series, but it is a GREAT Stand Alone book. It is short Novella and I finished it in one reading, not only because it was short, but because it was soo good! GREAT book! 


This book is such a sweet story that is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!  I immediately felt like I was transported back in time to a simpler time period and the magic of Christmas. Addie is trying to give the girls a Christmas to remember.  However, there are always things that manage to pop up and not be what we had planned on, but is exactly what we need.  The true spirit of the season is reminiscent to the classic Little Women, and this is a story that will become one too as it will be read year after year at Christmastime.  

Lighthouse Academy Blog:

Linda Brooks Davis captured the spirit of the time in 1912 and the true meaning of the Christmas season through her writing and characters. The children’s antics and caring brought tears at times. Adelaide’s concern for a less fortunate family before Christmas gave way to her two nieces sharing and showing compassion in a Christ like manner. Adelaide’s seeking assistance from the community gave way to some hurtful remarks and one who strongly opposed her views for women and those of lower socioeconomic status.  

Despite the upsets there is a beautiful ending that illuminates the true meaning of Christmas with the young children being fully involved that brought blessings to the downtrodden family.   

Musings of a Sassy Bookish Mama:

This is a sweet novella by Linda Brooks Davis. I had read book one on the Women of Rock Creek series and I really enjoyed it. This one follows Adelaide which was also from book one. I always love reading a series especially when you get to see characters from the previous book. This one gives us a glimpse into the life of Adelaide. Adelaide or Addie as she is called through most of the book is such a giving and kind-hearted individual. She is taking care of her two pseudo nieces and in the process end up taking care of a new family that moves into town. This family is considered sort of outsiders and outcasts as they are not only poor but also Hispanic. When others would shun, Addie takes a different approach, the God approach. She models what is like to truly walk in His footsteps and show grace and give with a complete open heart. I can’t wait to read a little bit more about Addie in book 3. In this prequel to Adelaide’s story she does mention things that she hopes for such as a relationship and children so I am curious to see how it all pans out for her. 

Her pseudo nieces also have this personality and it was lovely to see them give basically everything that they held dear for the newcomers to have a wonderful Christmas. This story will definitely put you into the true meaning of Christmas spirit. It is a short read and perfect to start the holiday season. 

My Rating: 4 Stars / Loved it!