Linda Brooks Davis

A Christmas to Remember

A Novella by Linda Brooks Davis

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A Christmas to Remember

December 25  is coming to Oklahoma, and Yuletide expectations are knocking on Ella Evans’s front door.

Ella and Andrew married three years ago. They took 5 orphaned sisters, ages 2 to 6, into their home and hearts. Celebrated the birth of their own daughter the same year. And grieved at the grave of their infant son two years later. They have experienced great joy and deep heartache that challenge their assumptions about life and love.

Determined to care for her family with help from no one, Ella is worn to a frazzle. And, still, perfection eludes her. From the kitchen to the school room, chores are piling up. Yet Christmas won’t wait.

What set Ella’s feet onto the path of perfection? How is her pursuit affecting her husband, children, and calling? And what will it take to redirect Ella to the way of grace?

It’s Christmas, 1908, and Ella’s life is about to be transformed. Again.

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