Linda Brooks Davis

A Christmas Tale for Little Women

A Christmas Tale for Little Women

Christmas Tale

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A Christmas Tale for Little Women

Broadview is attired for Christmas. Garland encircles the front pillars, and wreaths grace the doors. Candles glow in the windows, and bangles sparkle on the tree.

Rather than perform in a European opera or entertain dignitaries in her ballroom, Adelaide Fitzgerald is hosting two young girls at Broadview, her estate on the banks of Rock Creek. These youngsters declined a Colorado Christmas to spend the holiday with their Auntie Addie. She must present these little women a Christmas like no other. Has she thought of everything?

What would top off this Christmas tale in an extraordinary way?

Adelaide’s answer lies just the other side of Rock Creek. But what will it take to recognize it as the Christmas topper she seeks?

It’s Christmas 1912, and Addie’s about to discover the Yuletide topper of a lifetime. And a Christmas tale for the ages.

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