The Calling of Ella McFarland 

In this debut novel by Linda Brooks Davis, 1905 Indian Territory is preparing for Oklahoma statehood. The battle for woman’s suffrage in the state constitution is raging. Feisty, outspoken Ella McFarland steps onto the stage with a dream. But she finds her assumptions, aspirations, and allegiances challenged by the tumult surrounding her.

What will it take for Ella to hear–and heed–God’s call?


2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel Award.



 2016 American Christian Fiction Writers
Carol Award 


A Christmas to Remember  

In this 1908 novella by Linda Brooks Davis, Ella and Andrew Evans make their home in a cottage on the banks of Rock Creek. Three years into their marriage their life has changed. What could have prepared them for the challenges thus far? Or those ahead? It’s Christmas time, and Ella’s life is about to be transformed. Again.

A Christmas Measure of Love

1910. A girl on the cusp of womanhood; a woman at the nadir of life. One, straight as her starched collar; the other, bent as a shepherd’s crook. Joined by blood separated by circumstance, mother and daughter reunite.     

What will Lily and Ma find in the old shack where their sweat and tears once mingled?

It’s Christmas time, and Lily’s in for a Yuletide surprise she hasn’t reckoned on.

A Rock Creek Christmas Novella Collection combines

                           ~ A Christmas to Remember
                           ~ A Christmas Measure of Love

Linda Brooks Davis_A Rock Creek Christmas Novella Collection

The Mending of Lillian Cathleen

1914.  American women are demanding the vote. The first flames of the Great War are igniting Europe. But a battle of a different sort rages in Oklahoma. The thermometer registers one hundred six degrees, an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence, even for the twenty-eighth day of July.

But this is no ordinary day. A murder trial has concluded, and the jury has reached a verdict. 

Lily fidgets in the old church pew. She’s lost enough, given more than her share. Hasn’t she? The answer rests in the hands of twelve men. Not a single woman sits among the jurors.

The witness for the prosecution eyes the judge. And the courtroom holds its breath.



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