Linda Brooks Davis

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide


Linda Brooks Davis

Orphaned as an infant, Oklahoma heiress Adelaide Fitzgerald has enjoyed every advantage. She possesses a unique gift for music and has excelled on the Italian opera stage. As a philanthropist, she’s adored from America to Europe.

But Miss Adelaide is about to awaken in a 1918 nightmare.

When the “Great War” and the “Great Influenza” knock, Adelaide finds her uninvited guests more than unwelcome. They threaten her life and alter her identity and purpose.

Snatched from a quiet life in an Italian villa, Miss Adelaide is thrust into conflicts others have created. What battle scars will she sustain? And where will love lead her?

In The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, war and peace, laughter and heartache, love and loss come together to ignite a fresh fire that reveals one woman’s hidden needs and potentials.

What will gaining a fresh understanding of herself require of the Angel of the Opera?

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide: A story of one life at the close of the Great War in Italy and the battles fought in the hearts of Adelaide Fitzgerald and Brady Duvall

Our heroine, Adelaide Fitzgerald
Adelaide’s hero, Brady Duvall

Other characters:

Linda Brooks DavisLuciana Martino
Addie’s Italian housekeeper

Linda Brooks DavisMaggie Gallagher
Addie’s American housekeeper

Linda Brooks DavisIsabella Duvall 

character: The Awakening of Miss AdelaideAmaryllis Evans


character: The Awakening of Miss AdelaideBlossom Evans


character: The Awakening of Miss AdelaideCamellia Evans













Dahlia Evans

character: The Awakening of Miss Adelaide












Ebony Evans

Julia Jane Evans

Corporal Stanley Sturgeon 

reminiscent of U.S Army Sgt. Alvin York

Emmeline Ashbury

reminiscent of suffragist Dora Lewis

True Historical Characters

character: The Awakening of Miss AdelaideRobert Owen
Oklahoma Senator

Eleanor Brackenridge
Texas Treasure