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Inspiration & Worship

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Inspiration & Worship

Inspiration: God’s gift to me.

Worship, my gift to God. What a privilege. Alone in my closet or in gatherings of thousands, bending my knee in worship is the greatest privilege in life. 

Inspiration to …

… worship comes from God.

… praise Him. I worship Him in song.

… speak with Him. I worship Him in prayer.

… seek Him in His Word, where I find inspiration. I worship Him in Bible study.

… commune with Him around His table. I worship Him in the Lord’s Supper.

… give of my resources to continue His work on Earth. I worship Him by giving of my income, time, energy, and talent.

… serve others. I worship Him by serving others

Inspiration, God’s gift to me

I use my gifts to shine a light on Jesus. I worship Him through writing

He gives me the words—inspiration—and I offer them to Him in worship. May He multiply their effect like the loaves and fishes.



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