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Leah FortLeah Fort honors us with her story this week. Welcome, Leah.

Leah grew up a “PK”—preacher’s or pastor’s kid—and she gave her life to Christ at the age of six.

Connecting people to redesigned life in Christ is her life’s passion. Her experiences as an ordained minister, singer, speaker, and author harmonize like notes on a music staff to create this Kingdom connection.

Also, Leah enjoys listening to good music—worship, modern blues, and smooth jazz. Coffee and conversation with friends. And retreating and writing at their mountain stream in Colorado. In addition, she loves spending time with Mike and their family. They call Amarillo, Texas home, and their daughter, Sydney, is married to Chase Clark. Their son, Lane is married to Neeley. Leah and her husband dote on seven grandchildren.

Please help me welcome Leah Fort to Let’s Chat, friends. She is offering two copies of her book!

Growing up in a pastor’s home, ministry milestones began as ministry moments for Leah.

My father served on staff in various pastoral roles. My mother played piano, organ, and sang. Subsequently, Christian ministry training came naturally. My older sister and I sang in a trio with our mother from the time I was about three years old. Our younger brother pursued other musical endeavors. We attended a number of weekly meetings and fellowships. My imaginative play was often a reenactment of real life. Therefore, I set up our child-sized chairs in the garage and invited the neighborhood children to play church. There, I pretended to preach, which reflected reality.  

Daddy led me in prayer as I knelt at his big brown den chair. The moment I knelt, I knew my life was forever changed. Daddy—also my pastor—baptized me in our small-town church the following Sunday.

Leah Fort: My third-grade year, our family lived in Amarillo, Texas, and attended a large church.

At children’s camp that summer, I experienced a new awareness of the Lord’s presence. Thereafter, enthusiastic passion filled my prayers. Later that year, I sat in the balcony of our church and listened to a missionary speak of global evangelistic endeavors. During that presentation, my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit heightened. This enabled me to sense the Lord’s calling to ministry.

Leah FortI realized ministry was my life’s call. I also knew Mike Fort was my life partner. We met when I was seventeen and began dating just after my nineteenth birthday. We married six months later. Mike is an accomplished musician. Therefore, serving together in music ministry is a shared passion expressed throughout our marriage.

Early God-encounters transformed my life and thinking. Opportunities for leadership roles developed in school, youth ministries, and parachurch organizations. That training ground led to teaching Bible and leading women’s ministries. Later, I became a certified life coach, counselor, writer, worship pastor, and associate pastor.

Leah Fort: One constant resulting from children’s camp is undergirding all things with prayer.

In the dark, early morning hours I rendezvous with the King of kings. I kneel by my specially assigned chair and commune with the Lord. One morning I opened my Bible to Isaiah, chapter 52. But this familiar passage seemed different. This time it resonated with me. The words came to life. I pored over it and saw myself.

I attempted to read further into the chapter but re-read the first two verses repeatedly. My heart shattered before the Lord, and I wept. God revealed that I was the woman in this passage, the one in chains. As I read, He illuminated how He had liberated me from captivity. In His abounding love, mercy, and grace, God reached into my private prison and rescued me.

That day, God used Isaiah 52 to reveal the healing process he had applied to my life. You see, while my Christian walk developed, other childhood encounters introduced the treacherous work of fear. At age six I was molested. A few years later, an attempt was made to kidnap me. Thereafter, fear dismantled me from the inside. It affected the trajectory of my life for more than twenty-five years. But the Lord broke that chain.

The result: Your Royal Rendezvous: Awake from Your Slumber, Arise from Defeat, Acquire Your Place at the Throne of Grace by Leah Fort.

Through my story of healing, the reader receives a personally applicable five-step process. The reader learns to confront and collapse problems of the past. And to collect right information about themselves and their identity in God’s kingdom. Also, they learn the importance of prioritizing communication with God. Therefore, they convert their thinking and connect effectively in life and relationships with a redesigned life in Jesus Christ.

My search for a publisher was short-lived. In 2014, I corresponded with author, Kary Oberbrunner, regarding his book launch. He was both personable and accessible. While writing my book in 2018, I learned Kary had started a publishing company. Consequently, I interviewed and found his company to be the perfect fit. Thus, Your Royal Rendezvous was set to publish with AAE April 7, 2020.

However, my joy of a book-launch party deflated quickly. The pandemic created mass quarantine. Thus, I held a party-of-one, live-streamed from my back patio. Still, I was utterly thrilled to have completed this project.

Today, I serve as District Appointed Interim Pastor with the Church of the Nazarene.

I am working on three new book projects. Plus, I host two programs on social media, Winning WINS-DAY and Wednesdays with Wellington. In recent years, I appeared on television and hosted my radio broadcast VineSweet Connection. Now, more than ever, disconnected people work without purpose. Therefore, my degree in Christian Studies & Biblical Counseling lends itself to equipping and positioning others to discover their potential and fulfill their Kingdom purpose. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions, I look forward to hitting the road and skies for book signings and speaking events. I hope to inspire many to lead a purposeful, well-connected life.

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Dear Lord, please bless each word Leah writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~

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  1. What a great testimony. Leah. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Thank you Linda for chatting with Leah. I’m checking out her website and other social media sites. 😊

    God bless Leah as you continue to bless people.

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