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K.C. Hart
                  KC Hart, Author


K C Hart joins our chat circle this week. This author of cozy mysteries lives in Mississippi with, in her words, “Mr. Wonderful, my husband of thirty-seven years and the love of my life.” She’s blessed with three grown daughters and three grandsons who believe they are also grown.

A Word from K C Hart

Thank you for inviting me to share about myself and my books today. First, I want to share a little bit about me personally and why I love to write. 

After twenty-eight years of working as a registered nurse, I finally retired. Being an empty nester, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I filled my life with things I love such as reading, playing the piano, the guitar and the bantar (six-string banjo) that Mr. Wonderful got me for Christmas. I am also one of those weird people who enjoys cleaning house, and even with just two people living here, there is still plenty of that to do.

I feel that my love of storytelling has been nurtured through the years by growing up in a large family.

As number six of seven kids, I admit that my older brothers spoiled me rotten as a child. I sat on the front porch a lot of afternoons singing while my dad played the guitar. I listened and laughed to the tall tales shared by my mother, brothers, and any neighbor who happened to stop by. Laughter and hyperbole just seemed to be a part of life when we were together. I’ve always claimed a huge imagination and a love of humor. In 2019 I finally developed the courage to put these traits in print and fling them to the world.

K C Hart: I see mystery plots in everything.

In my first book, Moonlight, Murder, and Small Town Secrets, a body is found at the annual Peanut Patch Festival under a flatbed trailer being used as an outdoor stage. This idea started rumbling around in my head at a church fall festival. A stray dog and her puppies ran under a hay trailer and refused to come out. From there, I started tossing out ideas for a murder mystery to Mr. Wonderful who happens to have a lively imagination himself. From there an outline developed and a story formed. This story sat around, site unseen until, after a lot of prayers and support from my family, I decided to turn it into an actual novel. I attended the Mississippi Writers Guild where I met a wonderful artist who has become a dear friend and also the designer for all of my book covers. Since publishing book one in the Katy Cross Cozy Mystery Series in June of 2019, I have released three more novels, have one scheduled to release next month, and am busily working on book number six in the series.

Why do I write?

One reason is that I love to read mysteries. I love to read books that are engaging with real characters, but don’t make me feel like I need to take a bath when I’m done reading. I felt like I could produce a story with a solid plot and engaging characters that would honor Christ, and this has always been one of my goals. Another reason I write is because I see what a strong influence fiction has on our culture. Writing my little mystery novels is just my attempt to influence people toward the good. While nursing, I tried to be a witness for Christ through the care that I delivered. Once I retired, even though I taught Sunday school, I felt like there was more I could do to let His light shine through me. Writing my fiction stories is how I am attempting to achieve this. All of my books are clean cozy mysteries with a Christian worldview.

Moonlight, Murder, and Small Town Secrets by K C Hart

cozy mysteryKaty Cross is more than Skeeterville’s favorite home health nurse, she’s also the lead guitarist for her weekend band, The Moonlighters. Katy and the band land their biggest gig yet at the annual Peanut Patch Festival, but things hit a sour note when she stumbles across a body during a mic check. When the investigation strikes the wrong chord, Katy is determined to find the real killer before anyone else is forced to join the heavenly choir.

This humorous cozy mystery has no graphic gore, bad language or sexual content, but is filled with lots of laughs, intrigue, and heart. Perfect for fans of amateur sleuths and small towns!

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K.C. Hart K.C. Hart
K.C. Hart

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Lord, please bless each word K C Hart writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~

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