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It’s Give-Away Time! 

Who doesn’t enjoy a give-away?

candy-1104614_1280To celebrate my birthday on September 5 and the recent ACFW Carol Award for The Calling of Ella McFarlandI’m giving away 2 signed copies in print* or ebook** version. 

Here’s the deal:
Starting today, the 8th, your name will go into the give-away hat for EACH mention of The Calling of Ella McFarland or Linda Brooks Davis on EACH of the following: IMG_4784

1) Linda Brooks Davis, my Facebook author page
2) Linda B Davis, my personal page
3) this blog 
4) reviews on Amazon  or Goodreads 
5) mentioning Ella McFarland on your social media, including blogs (tag me

The more mentions in the more places, the more chances. Who knows? If the response is stupendous, there might be something else waiting for someone …

If you’ve already purchased the novel, think gifts, maybe? 

LindaBrooksDavis-StorytellerCheck Facebook and this blog for announcement of winners on Monday, the 12th. 


14212128_1270359649665268_8618435510723188157_nP.S. *Print copies sent to addresses within the United States only. **You can request an autograph to accompany the ebook by clicking on this authorgraph badge on the Home page.

Here’s a tidbit from The Calling of Ella McFarland

LBD_calling-of-ella-mcfarland-6 copy-enhanced

Cicadas and frogs created a racket. Dragonflies and their tiny cousins, the damselflies, dipped and flicked the water. Even insects created ripples. Yet Ella McFarland—her family’s best hope, with all her passion and learning—could not wrap her hands around her one solitary dream.

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