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Dianne J Wilson: Let’s Chat!

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Dianne J WilsonDianne J Wilson joins our circle today. This author writes across genres including YA Fantasy and Romantic Suspense.

Weaving Invisible into words, Dianne explores with equal dashes of breathless adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor. All is soaked in God’s Grace. 

Dianne lives in East London, a South African coastal town, with her hubby and three daughters who all take turns at being home. She writes in stolen moments, usually in the back seat of her tiny car. Her love-language is tea and taking long drives to listen to new songs with her girls. When she’s not stuck in her car writing, you can find her feeding the hungry people in her house who gaze at her expectantly around mealtimes. 

Dianne is offering an ebook copy of her novel, The Cake List , to someone who comments below.

Now, here’s Dianne:

A Bonsai, a Broken Fish, and a Big-O Birthday

Dianne Wilson

Hello from sunny South Africa!

Thank you Linda, for having me on your blog today.

So what do a bonsai, a broken goldfish and a Big-O birthday have in common? They all feature in my latest book that released at the end of January.

The Cake List is a light-hearted novel that touches on the things that make us so unique as women. The tagline for the List Book series is Order, Chaos, And The Grace In Between. How often do we feel like we have to ‘get our act together’ before presenting ourselves to God? How often does it feel like we’ll simply never be good enough?

That’s the beauty of the Gospel—He loves us before.

  • Before we’re all cleaned up.
  • Before we’ve got our lives on track.
  • Before we love Him.

He knows us and loves us inside out, top to bottom and back again.

And that, dear friend, is my hope for you while reading The Cake List. That you discover just how deep and wide His love for you runs!

The Cake List

  • Do Something Brave.
  • Do Something Selfless.
  • Do Something Kind.
  • Break a Never.
  • Stop an Always.
  • Figure out God.

Excerpt from The Cake List:

Some people write a bucket list, you know… things they want to do and tick off before they die. Honestly? Dying doesn’t seem half as scary as the big-O birthday that’s hunting me down. So I’ve made my own list. Things I want to do and tick off before I eat that birthday cake. So far, it’s not going too well.

The Cake List Story Blurb:

Fresh from a spectacular break-up and faced with a looming big-O birthday, Meg throws her cautious nature aside and signs up for dance classes. Little does she know, Ballroom will stretch more than just her muscles.

Between the charming dance instructor and his secrets, her grumpy neighbour and a fish that can’t swim straight, Meg’s list seems doomed from the start.

Heart-felt and funny, Meg’s list-crossing quest takes her so far out of her comfort zone, she may never find her way back.

How to Reach Dianne J Wilson and Her Books:

The Cake List Kindle version is available now, or you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback will be available soon.

There’s a free devotional booklet, “Messy Life”, waiting for you on my website.

Other Books by Dianne J Wilson:

~ ~ ~

Lord, please bless each word Dianne writes for You.

6 thoughts on “Dianne J Wilson: Let’s Chat!

    1. Dear Denise, I’m so glad you loved Shackles!! The Cake List is different, but I had so much fun writing it. It was a so lovely not to have a suspense-type bad guy, and be able to write light-hearted and funny for a change.

  1. I love your descriptors of order, chaos, and the grace between. Life is so much like that! How people manage without God’s great gift of grace for the messes, I do not know. Your book sounds like a perfect gift for Seekers, and I hope to read it soon.

    1. Joan, I couldn’t agree more! I feel like I spend my life trying to create order, but it eludes me as real life gets involved. But that messy place in between the two is so often where we get to see Him working on our behalf. Wouldn’t want to do any of it without Him! PS – I do think Seekers would appreciate Cake List.

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