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Let’s Chat! Author Delia Latham

Let’s Chat with Author Delia Latham

Delia Latham, Christian wife, mother, grandmother–and author!

Welcome, readers. You’re in for a treat this week. Author Delia Latham is stopping by for a chat. 

Settle in and enjoy! Make a comment, and you’re entered into a drawing for one of Delia’s ebooks.

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Welcome, Delia Latham

Thank you for joining us this week, Delia Latham. We’re so excited to get to know a bit about you and learn about your books. Thank you also for offering a give-away. 

Delia Latham’s Pre-Author Life

Farm Roots

Sunset Camp: Courtesy of Library of Congress

I was born and raised in a tiny California farming community called Weedpatch. Cute, huh? It’s located in the state’s agricultural heart, and at that time, was largely populated by immigrants who came through to work seasonal farming jobs. I lived about a mile from Sunset Camp, which was highlighted in John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. He stayed there for a time while writing the book that would become a classic.

Faith & Family 

My family attended an extremely fundamentalist church pastored by my uncle, whom I loved with all my heart. He was one of the best, most godly men I’ve ever known…right alongside his brother—my dad. Although I’ve grown away from some of the tenets of that church, I still highly respect and appreciate the training I receive there, through both the church and the church-operated school I attended from 5th grade through high school.

At 16, I married the young man I’d had a crush on since I met him at age 11. Our first child came along nineteen months later. Like clockwork, a new baby arrived every two years after that until we had four distinct little individuals who filled my life…and my time to capacity. Now four grandchildren own my heart and bless my life. And I can send them home with their parents when I need quiet time.

Fingers in a Few Pies

Western: My singin’ days (Photo by Rodney Thornburg)

Over the years, I’ve been a newspaper staff writer, a transcriptionist, an office manager, a country western singer, and…a clown! And, in the words of Forrest Gump, ‘”That’s all I have to say about that.” 

Delia Latham’s Debut Experience

My very first book experience was a disaster. I submitted to a company I knew nothing about. It never occurred to me to research them. My bad! They accepted my book (along with 99% of every other book submitted to them), and I was over-the-moon delirious.

I do give that company high praise for wrapping my first “baby” in a gorgeous cover. When the finished product arrived, I was at work. My son brought a couple of the books to my job, because I simply couldn’t wait until I got home to see them. When he placed them in my hand, I laughed. A happy, excited mess, I cried and trembled from head to toe. My co-workers were wonderful. They made a big deal of that little book, and I will never forget the experience. It was surreal, to say the least.

Fast forward to a week or so later. At a friend’s gentle advice, I started researching my “publisher.” I discovered an endless number of the worst reviews I’d ever seen, accusations of illegal activities, and even lawsuits. Turned out, they were pretty much a glorified printing press. Being involved with them could be death to my writing career. Talk about devastated…I was crushed, and horribly embarrassed!

Insight from Delia Latham

Eventually, an expert in the publishing field guided me through getting free of that useless contract. I submitted the book to Pelican Book Group a few years later, and it got a fresh start. New cover, new title, new hope. Yesterday’s Promise will always be near and dear to my heart. I absorbed myself so completely in the characters and the story while I wrote. That fictional world became more real than the one I live in. Kinda scary, but also a wonderful experience. The story reflects that it was pulled from my heart and soul. So, despite its first shaky steps, the book wound up in good hands. A happy ending, just the way we sweet romance writers like all books to end.

Moral of the story: Do your homework. Wait for acceptance from an established publisher with an excellent reputation. (Click to Tweet That!) Save yourself a lot of heartache and embarrassment.

Delia Latham Today 

Coming April 28!

God’s been good. Since that false start, I’ve been blessed to have another fifteen novels and novellas accepted and published. I’m excited about Spring Raine, the most recent release which introduces a four-book series, all set in the beautiful seaside community of Cambria, California. The other three books will release later this year. I’ll also see the release of Oh, Baby, another “Heart’s Haven” novella on April 28 and a “Pure Amore” Christmas novel (release date pending).

A Perfect, Loving Father

Again, I repeat: God’s been good. He’s a perfect, loving Father.

He’s also an amazing Teacher, who shows me something new in every book we write. And yes, I said “we.” He’s the author. I’m His fingers on the keyboard, and His face to the world when our work is published.

Advice from Delia Latham

My first step in every writing project is prayer. I extend a personal invitation to the Author of Authors to write with me. He lends His expertise. Every inch the gentleman, He will not insert Himself uninvited into any part of our lives.

So, authors…invite Him. With God as chief writer and brainstorming partner, the resulting book will bless readers. And I guarantee you’ll come away with a nugget of God-given wisdom. It’s like a thank you card from the Lord.

How to Find Delia and her Books

Personal blog
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Reader Page

Spring Raine

An uncharacteristic, last-minute decision to do something “wild and crazy” before entering the stressful world of forensic science sends Raine Presley to Cambria, California. Against a cloud of disapproval from her slightly manipulative, over-protective parents, she signs a seasonal lease at the beautiful Paradise Pines Lodge…and winds up over her head in life and love.

Declan Keller‘s just minding his own business—literally—when Raine drops into his world and turns it upside down. He’s far too busy carving beautiful shapes out of chunks of wood to be babysitting a gal from Pasadena. Even so, his father’s promise to an old friend obligates him, despite a looming deadline that could make or break his career in the art world. He’s praying for anything but Raine when she comes along.

Neither Declan nor Raine is prepared for the seemingly divine influence of Paradise Pines—and Miss Angelina Love. A mysterious lady who may or may not own the lodge, Miss Angie possesses an amazing talent for mending ruffled feathers, spouting proverbs, and somehow bending even the most determined of hearts to the power of love.

Delia Latham’s Biography

Writing Heaven’s touch into earthly tales, Delia Latham puts her characters through the fire of earthly trials to bring them out victorious by the hand of God, His heavenly messengers, and good, old-fashioned love. You’ll always find a touch of the divine in this author’s sweet tales of romance.

Delia lives in East Texas with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and author of inspirational romance…with a finger or two immersed in the design pool, where she creates beautiful marketing material for other authors. Delia treasures her role as child of the King and heir to the throne of God. She’s got a “thing” for Dr. Pepper and loves hearing from readers.

~ ~ ~

Lord, we invite You to show us the work You have prepared for us to accomplish. We offer it back to You for Your purposes. How sweet of You to join us in our efforts. We give You all the credit.
~For Jesus’ sake 

For the Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete. Deuteronomy 16:15




8 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Delia Latham

  1. No reader will ever be disappointed with a Delia Latham book. She is a talented storyteller and I look forward to reading even more from her.

  2. Nice interview with Delia Latham and to learn more about her books and writing. I always appreciate authors who truly leans on God for their book inspirations. Linda, Thank you for featuring Delia Latham on your blog. I need to check out some of her books. God bless.

  3. Delia,
    It is always fun to learn a little more about you.
    I am so blessed by your GOD guided pen.
    Spring Rain is a wonderfully charming story.
    I am sure it will speak to many hearts.

    Love and Hugs

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