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Elaine Manders delights readers with her historical romances. This week Elaine tells us about her latest release, Revealed, Book 3 in her Intrigue Under Western Skies series. Be sure to check out her giveaway offer below

**Congratulations to Cheryl Baranski, winner of Elaine’s giveaway this past week—a $10 Amazon gift card!** 

Revealed by Author Elaine Manders

Elaine MandersI wrote Revealed to answer an unresolved mystery from Books 1 and 2. What happened to Rhyan Cason’s mother? And to give Colt Holliman (Rhyan’s friend) a love interest. The spiritual themes are judgment and forgiveness.

As with most of my stories, unseen enemies, physical and spiritual, hound the protagonists, but they aren’t revealed until the end.

The Story Begins

Elaine MandersThe story opens in Charleston, South Carolina, where Katherine Levinson has led the idealistic life of a post-civil war Southern belle until her father dies unexpectedly.

Katherine and her gravely ill mother lose their home, and, behind her mother’s back, she contacts the brother she’s never met, Rhyan Cason, the famous cattle baron.

The Story Unfolds

Elaine MandersWhen they move to Nebraska and Rhyan’s sprawling ranch, Sollano, questions arise over Katherine’s legal status as an heiress to the Cason estate. Old sins are uncovered, turning the townfolk against Katherine and her mother.

Elaine MandersNo one understands Katherine’s resentment and confusion except Colt. His modest horse ranch, the Double Bar H, appeals to her more than Sollano’s opulence.

Love and Faith Bloom

Elaine MandersTheir attraction grows, and Colt finds himself spiritually conflicted. He has promised to wait for another woman to finish her contract with the Wild West Show to announce their engagement. Following his heart would require him to break that commitment, but a sense of honor holds him back. In time, he realizes withholding his true feelings is a form of dishonesty that leads to dire consequences.

I can’t go any further into Revealed or I might give the plot away. I will say, Colt and Katherine are drawn together and face an unexpected danger that tests their love and their faith in God, and a prairie fire is a part of that danger.

Insights From Elaine Manders

One of the greatest joys of writing a new book is discovering a new spiritual truth—something that jumps out at me unexpectedly. This is the lesson I found in Revealed. Katherine is explaining to her friend, Maggie, why she won’t judge others, even those misjudging her. “We don’t have the ability to judge others, Maggie. When we do, we’re playing God, and that’s a dangerous thing to do.”

Elaine MandersThat was a real eye-opener for me. Yes, I’d always known it was wrong to judge others, even though we have to consider their fruit, but I never asked, “why?” It’s obvious, isn’t it? We can’t see into a person’s heart. We don’t know their background—and more important—we don’t know God’s purpose for them. In other words, we can’t play God. And it is dangerous, because the Bible says we’ll be judged by the same measure we use to judge others.

A Giveaway from Elaine Manders

Join our conversation below, and you’ll be entered in Elaine’s drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. We’re looking forward to your comments!

How to Find Elaine Manders

Twitter  @ehmanders

Elaine Manders
Book 1: Intrigue Under Western Skies series by Elaine Manders
Book 2: Intrigue Under Western Skies series by Elaine Manders









~ ~ ~

Father God, You are the Creator, the Sustainer, and the only wise Judge. We confess we often attempt to act as judge in Your place. For this we ask Your forgiveness. We’re thankful for Elaine’s novel, Revealed, which entertains, enlightens, and convicts. Please bless every single word she writes for You. 
~ For Jesus’ sake

15 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Elaine Manders

  1. Elaine Manders

    Thanks everyone for your comments. And thank you, Linda for sharing my thoughts and book. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Cheryl Baranski

    This is something that I need reminding of from time to time.

    1. So true for all of us, Cheryl. Thanks for joining our gathering. Please come back.

  3. Perrianne Askew

    It’s a good reminder to ourselves about judgement. It’s best that we not judge his creation…no matter where they stand and whatever their circumstances. If we thought about it that way maybe we would be more careful about judging….especially since we’re not mind readers either.

    1. Ditto, Perianne. Thanks so much for visiting with us.

  4. Lucy Reynolds

    I always say walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them as we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

    1. Amen, Lucy. (Walk a mile in their house slippers 🙂

  5. Love this quote. “One of the greatest joys of writing a new book is discovering a new spiritual truth—something that jumps out at me unexpectedly.”
    It’s an amazing moment!
    Great interview, ladies!

    1. Amen, Gail.

  6. Marilyn R

    Hello Linda and Elaine, I have read Elaine’s books and look forward to reading Revealed. Readers will enjoy the research she does prior to writing and the spiritual lessons that can be obtained. Blessings to you both for an amazing week. God bless.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn.

  7. Elaine Manders

    Thanks for hosting me, Linda. I love your blog posts.

    1. It’s my honor and privilege, Elaine.

  8. Faith Creech

    I agree. I always remember the Bible verses in James that tell us not to judge others. That is a hard one for me for I find myself judging others in my heart. I always have to confess that sin!
    Your books look very interesting! Thanks for a chance to win!

    1. Amen, Faith. I do too.


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Let’s Chat! Author April W. Gardner!

Welcome, Everyone! Let’s welcome, April W Gardner!

lindabrooksdavis.comWe’re privileged his week to have April W Gardner stopping by for a chat. Grab a cup o’ whatever you prefer and we’ll get to know April.

Who Is April W Gardner?

April W. Gardner

When asked, “Where are you from?” I sometimes go to the short answer: “I’m from all over, but I claim the South.” But when the asker looks me in the eye and seems genuinely interested, I unfold the lengthier version:


April W Gardner
Okinawa, Japan

First, I’m a true ATCK (adult third culture kid). Born to USAF parents in Okinawa, Japan, I didn’t enter the U.S. until my second year.

Before my tenth birthday, I’d visited or traveled through half the states and lived in four of them. I spent my remaining childhood years as an MK (missionary’s kid) in Spain.

April W Gardner
Madrid, Spain
April W Garner

After college, my new USAF husband and I hopped a plane to Germany where we spent seven glorious years touring Europe and birthing our two precious kiddos.  

April W Gardner

Then four years in England followed those in Germany, and after that, a beautiful stay in Middle Georgia where God taught us what true, lifelong friends look like.

April W Gardner Today
April W Gardner
Texas Hill Country

As of last May, we’re in South Texas where God is teaching us what true, state loyalty looks like. Yesterday, I picked up a bag of tortilla chips cut into the shape of—wait for it!—Texas. (Tweet That!) I laugh, but honestly, I love it. A person should be proud of their state, and Texas is certainly a state to be proud of. If God allows, I’d be honored to settle down here for good.

In the meantime, we continue to serve (nineteen years and counting). Only the hubby is active duty. I hold down the home fort, homeschooling and concocting stories that bury characters up to their noses in trouble, then wondering how in the world I’ll ever get them out of it!

April’s Writing Career: How It Began

My writing career started out at a small press house, but two years ago, I got my rights back and re-published my stories as an independent author. Being indie is no cakewalk, but it’s the most fulfilling job I can ever imagine having. For any author considering the indie route, I cannot recommend it highly enough. (Tweet That!) Nothing beats being your own boss, writing stories the way you want, publishing them when you’re ready, and getting paid many times more for it!

How It’s Going Now

I write Christian historical romance with an emphasis on our 1800s Southeastern Native Americans, most especially the Muscogee (Creek). The Muscogee were once mighty and ruled all of what is now Georgia and Alabama and parts of Florida. My stories tell of their tragic downfall. And always with abundant, sweep-you-off-your-feet romance!

Writing Career: April’s Latest Book

Bitter Eyes No More, my February 2017 release, takes place in Florida’s final year as a Spanish colony. As Spain’s power crumbles, Lillian McGirth gets wrapped up in international intrigues that bring her under the fierce eye of the U.S. Army. An unwed mother accused of treason and many miles from home, she has no advocate and is destined for a traitor’s noose.

Enter Captain Marcus Buck, surgeon and swordsman, who (as every wonderful hero should!) sails in to save the day. Through sickness, abuse, and a massacre that changes the course of U.S. history, he carries her to safety, teaching her of God’s abundant mercy and forgiveness along the way.

April’s Hope for Readers

Finally, my prayer is that my readers will come away with the same boundless Hope that can be found in Christ.

Where to Find April and Her Books

April W GardnerYou can find April W Gardner at her website,
Facebook Author Page,
Amazon: Boxed Set and Book 4
And BookBub


Lord, how marvelous are Your ways, even unto the ends of the Earth. You’ve set April Gardner in certain locales for purposes that have influenced her character. And now You’re using her to tell readers about the boundless Hope in Christ. Bless her every word for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake























14 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author April W. Gardner!

  1. Marilyn R

    Great interview and pictures with April Gardner. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t traveled to Texas yet, but know so many living there. : )
    Historical fiction is one of my favorite genre.

    1. Hi, Marilyn. We Texans love visitors to our state. It’s called The Land of Contrasts, by the way. Thanks for stopping by for our chat with April.

    2. April Gardner

      Marilyn, thanks for coming by to visit! Next time, maybe you can swing by Texas. 😉

    3. Dusty Wells

      I’m trying to find out how to get access Book#6. Finding Pretty Wolf but cannot get it. How do I contact April? The email address did not work. dustyluvzkidz@hotmail.com. 816 536 8688. Dusty Wells

  2. Carlene

    Interesting interview. Welcome to the Great State of Texas!

    1. April Gardner

      Why, thank you, Carlene! I think I’ll stick around. 😉

  3. April Gardner

    Linda, thank you for that beautiful prayer. It sure means a lot!

  4. Jane Theriot

    Loved the interview. You have truly seen the world. I will be looking for your books. Historical fiction is my favorite, especially when it concerns the southern region and Indians.

    1. Love having you in the circle today, Jane!

    2. April Gardner

      Hi Jane! Sounds like we’re book-lover twinkies. 😉 Thanks for your interest in my books. I pray you they’re a blessing to you!

  5. BHriv

    Great interview!

    1. April Gardner

      Thanks, Becky!

    2. So glad you joined us. Please visit again!

  6. April Gardner

    Linda, thank you for having me and for putting together this lovely interview. I’m honored to be here!


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