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Catherine BrakefieldCatherine Brakefield guest blogs for us this week. Catherine is the author of several historical novels and is a delightful person. She’s offering a free print book, winner’s choice, inside the U.S. and a Kindle version outside the U.S.

According to Catherine, “My readers inspire my writing!” I’m looking forward to hearing about her books.

Catherine is an award-winning author of the inspirational historical romance Wilted Dandelions. Her four-book Destiny series is growing in popularity: Swept into Destiny, Destiny’s Whirlwind, Destiny of Heart, and the fourth book of the series, Waltz with Destiny released on June 6, 2019.

She has written two pictorial history books. Images of America: The Lapeer Area, and Images of America: Eastern Lapeer County. 

Her short stories have been published in Guidepost Books True Stories of Extraordinary Answers to Prayer,  Unexpected Answers and Desires of Your Heart; Baker Books, Revell, The Dog Next Door, Horse of my Heart, Second-Chance DOGS, and Horse of my Dreams scheduled for Fall, 2019 publication; CrossRiver Media Publishers,The Benefit Package and Abba’s Promise; Bethany House Publishers, Jesus Talked to me Today.

longtime Michigan resident, Catherine lives with her husband of 45 years and their Arabian horses in the picturesque hills of Addison Township.  She loves traveling the byroads across America, and spoiling her two handsome grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters!

Welcome, Catherine Brakefield

The definition of history, according to Oxford Dictionary is “The study of past events, particularly in human affairs.”

You probably don’t consider yourself making history, do you? But you are. Just as my characters did in the Destiny series. What kind of life-history lessons will you make? 

Catherine Brakefield’s Novel Series

In my novel series, my readers are provided with the concrete wisdom of our ancestral Christian foundation. Here are a few samples:

Catherine BrakefieldMy series begins with Swept into Destiny. It opens during the Antebellum Era with Ben McConnell, an Irish immigrant, who believes he can change the tide of hate and prejudice against his kind. Maggie Gatlan is a rebel disguised in frilly hoop skirts. Beneath the cover of night, she educates slaves and immigrants alike. She lives up to her biblical beliefs and claims Galatians 5:1, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free.”

Book 2, Destiny’s Whirlwind

This story opens in 1898 during the Spanish-American war and the freedom of choice of the Gibson Era.  Daughter of Ben and Maggie, Collina McConnell realizes Rough Rider Franklin Long arrived for just a time as this. Catherine BrakefieldCollina must choose. Ride off with him, or stay and fight for the family farm, Shushan? Her faith often feels as small as that mustard seed Father brought over from Ireland. Ben’s words of Esther 8:6 hold her to the course she must trod, How can I endure to see the evil that will come to my people?”Catherine Brakefield

Book 3, Destiny of Heart 

This story awakens with the Great War when Collina’s sister Ruby and her husband, Stephen, leave for the prairies of Colorado. Here Ruby’s second child is born, her daughter, Esther. The Great Depression crashes the nation into its darkest hour. Maggie, Collina, and Ruby determine not to lose hope, claiming Proverbs 28:6,
Better is the poor who walks in his integrity.” Ruby meets a boy following an ice wagon named Eric Erhardt and invites the Erhardts to share their Sunday meal. Unbeknownst to her, God has a plan for Eric and Esther.

Catherine BrakefieldBook 4, Waltz with Destiny

Esther and Eric’s generation walks out of their rags from the Great Depression to stroll into the splendors of a new era. They enjoy the age of automobiles, dude ranches, and the Big Band Era. Ill-prepared, they are thrust into an all-consuming war that rips away the boundaries of countries and eventually thrusts the world into the atomic age.

IWaltz with Destiny, our young men, who were fed on a solid diet of reading the Bible, going to church, and obeying the Ten Commandments, were unprepared to kill. During 1942 there were few victories in the theater of World War 2 for Americans.

So the military asked for help from some well-known celebrities and songs like “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” became hits to help our GIs over the hurdle of killing their fellow man.

Catherine Brakefield’s Faith and Family

My father cherished his Christian heritage. Entering the service, he was given a small Bible with Theodore Roosevelt’s signature in the inside flap. Prayer tracks of “A Soldier’s Prayer,” “Jesus Help Us,” and “Our Divine Protector,” Dad kept in his wallet throughout his lifetime!

Dad often said, “You’ll never find an atheist in a fox hole.” After describing some battle scene where his buddies died, he’d explain, “Their number was up.” Mom said Dad’s faith grew stronger during those years he fought in Italy.

Dad believed in the Holy Trinity and that God is omnipotent. In Luke 12:20 God says, “Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be…?”So that was Dad’s practical, no-nonsense outlook about life and death. Worrying about what he couldn’t change wasn’t in his vocabulary. That helped me throughout my lifetime.

The book of James tells us not to boast about tomorrow, James 4:14 “You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” Dad said his number would come up someday, but hoped when it did, he’d be on his feet when it happened. God complied.

Harry S. Truman once said: “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” 

Waltz With Destiny

Waltz with Destiny is the last novel of the inspirational Destiny series. Here is the preface:

When the men and women of World War II marched off to war, they didn’t know what lay ahead. They only knew that upon their young and inexperienced shoulders rested the plight of the free world.

From the corridors of the Great Depression, new heroes from the Old West sprang up, thundering across the talking movie screen to the pounding hoof beats of The Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Gabby Hayes.

The offspring of the Great Depression, who had peddled papers and sold apples on street corners, awakened to a new era. Across the nation, they gaily glided into the eloquent ballrooms that mirrored the starlight and splendors of the Aztecs.

The American dream awakened our youth to education, jobs, and prosperity. But across the ocean, Hitler was awakening his youth to the idea of a Master Race.

A Changing Wind

So it was during the twilight of August 1941 a changing wind began to blow against America’s shorelines. Before the autumn moon could chill the summer breezes, many knew the stench of death.

As the lash of Hitler’s Third Reich fell upon Europe, the world looked to America, looked to our happy and fun-loving boys and shook their heads.

Compared to their notable fathers of World War I, these boys were like lions are to kittens. These kids couldn’t deliver the world from Hitler’s new world order. Not these playboys in their baggy zoot suits, not these “Mama Boys” still wet behind the ears. They were no match for Japan’s kamikaze or Hitler’s Nazis. They were too innocent, too young, and too inexperienced for the task.

As far as Japan was concerned, America had produced a carefree generation that couldn’t rescue themselves from a windstorm, let alone the world from a dictatorship.

Guys like Eric Erhardt remember those days vividly. “The outside world all thought Americans were too soft, and not much more than playboys, and we wouldn’t be able to fight—man, did we show them!”

What kind of history will you make to pass onto your children and grandchildren?

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10 thoughts on “Catherine Brakefield Let’s Chat!

  1. Vivian Furbay

    y Dad wrote down his family history and it is quite interesting. My German grandpa came to this country around 1900 by himself o a ship when he was about 15-16. he stayed with relations in New Jersey and Chicago and then headed where he homsteaded and lived out the rest of his life. he married my grandma there and they became ranchers. They were hard working people. The only legacy I want to leave is for my children to get saved and their families also.

    1. My sentiments exactly, Vivian. I want to leave a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ. God bless you.

    2. Amen to that! The best way of living is to live for Jesus Christ. And to show our faith through our life choices so our children and grandchildren can emulate that! Blessing to your and yours!

  2. Roxanne Cruz

    Christian historical fiction is my favorite genre, and I so enjoy a series that follows a family from generation to generation. This sounds like a wonderful series that reflects our nation’s spiritual heritage. More books to add to the TBR list!

    1. Great to have you join the chat, Roxanne! Please drop by again!

    2. Thank you for your comment! I also put in historical facts so you are learning more about the history of this wonderful country we live in. I hope you will check these books out! I am confident you will not be disappointed!

    3. Mine too Roxanne Cruz! I try to include historical facts that most readers know nothing or little about. Thank you for including the Destiny series into your collection. Let me know how you liked them!

  3. Love an author that is not afraid to voice Christian beliefs and Biblical facts. History always fascinates me and I love reading all genres of historical novels. Keep up the great writing so the truth can remain free.

    1. Amen, Jane!

    2. Thank you Jane Theriot! I feel blessed by your comment!


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Let’s Chat! Author Catherine Brakefield

Welcome, Everyone!

Catherine BrakefieldCatherine Brakefield is our honored guest this week. Catherine writes faith-based historical romances. Also, she’s written short stories and pictorial histories of the area around Lapeer, Michigan. How interesting is that?

**Join our circle by commenting below, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for Catherine’s Destiny’s Whirlwind.**

Catherine Brakefield’s Background

The eldest of five siblings, I grew up in a little Cape Cod home on an acre of land on the outskirts of Hazel Park. My parents brought to their humble abode a three-gated saddlebred mare named Black Magic. She began my love for horses.

Love of Reading

My love for reading came during my puberty years. I grew up with limited technical apparatuses: black and white television sets, no computers, no internet, and, would you believe—no cell phones. If I wanted three dimensional characters, I read a book. The rhyming sonnet of words and flowing musical notes of the written language captivated me. My imagination knew no boundaries.

Catherine Brakefield

Love of Written Word

Although love for reading was instantaneous, my love affair with the written word arrived later in life. In college I focused on business, minoring in journalism. I acquired a secretarial job and worked my way up the corporate ladder to purchasing director.

Meanwhile, I wrote stories. 

Catherine Brakefield

God’s Guiding Hand

First, when I was pregnant with my first child in 1976, I wrote a poem that won a contest. My prize was attending Decision School of Christian Writers at the Billy Graham headquarters, which at the time was in Minnesota.  

Then, two months after my daughter’s birth, my grandmother came to live with us. So writing detoured into the inner recesses of my file cabinet. Bottles, diapers, and doctor visits replaced it. Little did I know I was enrolled in God’s School of Christian Learning. The inspiration for my present Destiny series evolved from the twelve years Gran lived with us.

Catherine Brakefield’s Author Debut

Catherine BrakefieldWhen I left my job to be a stay-at-home mom and my grandmother came to live with me, the idea for a faith-based historical romance formed. After my grandmother’s death, I sat down and put my thoughts and love for words on paper. A traditional publishing house published The Wind of Destiny in 2005.

While freelancing for a local newspaper, the idea of writing a history about the region materialized. So I wrote two pictorial histories for Arcadia PublishingImages of America, The Lapeer Area, and Images of America, Eastern Lapeer Area.

Insight from Catherine

Rejection letters have discouraging effects! I needed sound advice. So I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). I presently serve as the president of our local Great Lakes Chapter (GLC). I continued to write my inspirational historical romances while I gleaned more information on how to create a winning proposal, synopsis, and how to talk to agents and publishers. My efforts paid off. At a HACWN conference I met my publisher, CrossRiver Media Group, and acquired Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency as my agent.

What’s Up With Catherine Brakefield Now?

Presently, I am writing my dream of over a decade, the Destiny series:

Destiny Series

Catherine BrakefieldSwept into Destinythe first book of a four-book series, released in 2017. It takes place in Tennessee, during the Antebellum Era. Maggie Gatlan secretly educates the slaves at Spirit Wind Manor. She meets Ben McConnell, an Irish immigrant who was hired to dredge out their snake-infested swampland. Civil War erupts, and Maggie must choose. Conscience and consequence—did she care more for Ben or for her beloved South?

Destiny’s WhirlwindDestiny series, Book 2, released on Catherine BrakefieldApril 17. Collina McConnell promises her dying father to uphold the Shushan legacy of their Kentucky estate. Rough Rider Franklin Long becomes her gallant ally. Then a vindictive lawyer places the family into peril. Esther 8:6 holds new insight for her: “How can I endure to see the evil that shall come unto my people?” Had her father known this would happen? Had Franklin survived San Juan Hill, and would he return in time?

Wilted Dandelions

CrossRiver Media Group published Wilted Dandelions Catherine Brakefieldin 2015. The story unfolds during the Second Great Awakening in 1837. High-spirited Rachael Rothburn doesn’t need a husband. She wants to travel out west as a missionary to Native Americans. Jonathan Wheaton desires the same. So they agree on a marriage of convenience. In the process of co-existing, they discover God doesn’t create coincidences—He designs possibilities.

How to Find Catherine

Go to my web page, you will find my book signings and my e-mail: Catherine Brakefield

Visit , Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or to purchase books.


I’m excited about sharing my newest book with you and will supply a copy of Destiny’s Whirlwind. I hope you will check out Swept into Destiny! You will not be disappointed.

Lord of Heaven and Earth, we worship You alone. As readers and writers, we acknowledge You as the Word who was from the beginning. Catherine served her beloved grandmother and devoted herself to her children while You worked out Your chosen plan for her to write. Bless each word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~ 


14 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Catherine Brakefield

  1. Rose

    Loved the interview. I am the oldest of 10. Would love to read your books.Love that you are a Christian and put that in your books.

    1. Welcome, Rose! Wow! 10 kids … Hats off to your parents 🙂 And to you, too, as the eldest. We were four, and I was the third. I was the “baby” for 11 years which is when my little brother was born. By that time my eldest brother was grown and away from home, so there were 3 of us at home, and I was the middle child. Then when my second brother moved away, I was the eldest of 2. So I experienced each position and enjoyed them all 🙂 Thanks so much for being such a faithful visitor, Rose. Bless you!

  2. Terrific interview. Love reading stories from this period of time. Will look for your books to read.

    1. Thank you Jane! Please keep in touch, just e-mail me at my web page, I would love to know how you liked the books!

    2. Hi, Jane. It’s wonderful seeing you in our circle. Amazing, isn’t it, that we are still chatting after all these years. High School graduation was 54 years ago. Good grief. Isn’t Catherine lovely? And her books sound great. Hope you get to win one.

  3. Ann Ellison

    Enjoyed her interview. Her books sound like good ones.

    1. Thank you Ann. Please let me know how you liked the books!

    2. Hi, Ann, such a faithful supporter. God bless you real good!

  4. Hi Catherine,

    I got all excited when I read “I grew up in a little Cape Cod” becasue I grew up ON Cape Cod. Then I wondered why I didn’t remember Hazel Park. [Sheesh.] I do jump to conclusions.

    I, too, began writing for publication later on in life. Nice to know God will keep us busy even after our children are grown and gone. 🙂

    And you’re off to a very nice start!


    1. Haha, I do that too! Yes, never let go of your dreams. Hope you check out my books. And e-mail me, let me know what you write!

    2. Hi, fellow OFN-winner friend! I love seeing your face and that coffee cup pop up 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, friend.

  5. Lucy Reynolds

    What an inspirational story to never give up on our dreams till they come to fruition. Would love to read your books. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lucy. Drop me a line sometime and tell me how you liked them. We serve a great God!

    2. Hi, Lucy! Welcome to our circle! You’re another faithful reader who encourages us all. Thank you.


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