Valerie Massey Goree: Let’s Chat!

Welcome, everyone!

Valerie Massey Goree, a treasured author friend, is guest blogging this week. I know you’ll love hearing from her about her latest romantic suspense novel.

Valerie Massey Goree, Author

I’m honored to be hosted by my friend, Linda. August 30, 2019 marks the release date of my latest romantic suspense novel, Day of Reckoning, a stand-alone sequel to Weep in the Night.

Day of Reckoning by Valerie Massey Goree

Both stories feature agents who work for the International Retrieval Organization. Lela was introduced in Weep in the Night, and now she has her own story in Day of Reckoning.

As a seasoned operative, she is assigned the kidnapping case of the businessman, Chuck Davenport. When her boss allows Jay Vashon, Chuck’s brother-in-law to assist, Lela accepts the help with reservations, especially when Jay prays at the most inopportune times.

Jay would do anything to help bring Chuck home, even work with feisty Agent Ortiz. As Jay and Lela decipher clues Chuck sends to his son with special needs, they are forced to work in close proximity.

Can Jay break through the barrier Lela has constructed around her heart? Will Lela be able to overcome her distrust of men and God?

And Chuck? Can the pair locate him before the ransom deadline?

Thoughts from Valerie Massey Goree

Ooh. Such intrigue! But that’s what I love about writing romantic suspense. Twists and unexpected turns are so much fun to create. If my characters sail along without a care in the world, then I haven’t done my job. We all know that life is full of bumps and sometimes craters. The ‘happily-ever-after’ will come, but not without facing hardships along the way.

Speaking of sailing… We recently moved to Washington state. Our condo is right on the water, and my office window overlooks the bay. Talk about inspiration! Little sailboats, fancy yachts, brave people paddling kayaks. And then to the north, we often see cruise ships, or tankers and container ships heading to or from Seattle.

I haven’t incorporated any of these sights in a plot yet, but when my husband and I see a boat anchored in the middle of our bay—and yes, we do consider it ours—we speculate as to what the crew might be doing. Are they picking up a load of drugs? Tossing a body overboard? Spying on the houses tucked away in the trees on the bluff? The possibilities are endless. Of course, the crew could just be fishing or enjoying the weather. But that’s too tame.

In Day of Reckoning, Jay’s nephew, Sean, has fragile X syndrome. Having worked with children with special needs for twenty-five years, I often include a special child in my stories. People use sign language to help communicate with Sean. The sign for ‘wait’ is cute. Hold your left open hand, palm up by your left side. Then hold your right hand in the same position, a little closer to your body, fingers pointing to your left wrist and wiggle your fingers. Wait. This sign plays a crucial part in solving the kidnapping case.

Valerie Massey Goree: Looking to the Future

I’ve completed the third novel in the series. It will feature an IRO agent introduced in Day of Reckoning as the hero or heroine. Who will it be? Manny, Pamela, Smitty, Cooper? Hmm. I can keep a secret.

5 thoughts on “Valerie Massey Goree: Let’s Chat!

  1. Sounds like you love a mystery to be solved. I imagine you love Nancy Drew books as I did as a young girl. Intrigue is the name of the game. I loved a book that absorbs me to the very end. Your books sound like they would be enthralling to read. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Jane. Valerie and her husband are enjoying a wonderful tour out of country so she may not be able to check in this week.

  2. Alici Haney

    This book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner, I love the cover , it is super nice! I love watching forensic shows, and I understand what you say , I know whenever I see something amiss or just while walking in the desert walking our dog all kinds of things go through my head, even if there is a bag that has something in it which has been trashed on the street, all kinds of thoughts go through my head. All those shows I’ve been watching or books I have read, but actually you never know!! I enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you so very much. Have a Great rest of the week . God Bless you.

    1. Thank you, Alici: right now I’m waiting at the airport and watching folks. Hmm. What is he up to? Why did she hide the book she was reading? Never know when a plot idea will appear.

      1. I can just see it! Have a wonderful trip!


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The Awakening of Miss Adelaide: Part Four

Welcome, everyone.

The Women of Rock Creek series is composed of novels and novellas. These stories focus on each of the audacious females who hail from Needham, Oklahoma in the first two decades of the twentieth century. They originate with Ella McFarland. And extend through Lillian Cathleen Sloat and Adelaide Fitzgerald. Later, the stories highlight Ella’s girls–Amaryllis, Blossom, Camellia, Dahlia, Ebony, and Julia Jane Evans. Readers travel with the feisty women from Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Italy, Washington, D.C., and deep South Texas. Subsequently, their adventures pull readers along with them on horseback, in buggies, wagons, automobiles, trams, trains, and even on a transatlantic passenger ship.

Besides Adelaide, a host of all-important characters await the reader in the wings . . .

The All-Important Women of Rock Creek Characters

Actually, the characters who populate a locale run the show. If a character doesn’t come across as someone a reader has known or could know or won’t ever forget, the writer has missed the boat.

Here are a few of those who come to life in The Women of Rock Creek series:

Ella McFarland

women's rightsFor example, take Miss Ella McFarland, heroine of The Calling of Ella McFarland. This young woman is the quintessential ever-busy, strong-willed, sassy-tongued defender of women’s rights. You see, Ella doesn’t think a problem exists that can’t be solved. Honestly, she rarely encounters a mountain she can’t climb. In fact, when she sets her sights on a goal, folks had best step aside.

Examples of her goal-oriented, confident, determined, sassy tongued self are found in the first chapter of The Calling of Ella McFarland
         ~Ella had aimed for this day all her life. She would allow nothing to spoil it.
         ~Women, more prone to divided loyalties than men?

         ~A finger of ire picked at her restraint. “My parents must account for your uncertainty?”

Lily Sloat

And then there’s unforgettable Lily Sloat. This thirteen-year-old, severely abused child in The Calling of Ella McFarland has grown into a poised, confident young woman in The Mending of Lillian Cathleen

Thanks to the love of Ella McFarland, Lily has been rescued from a life of deprivation and abuse. And thanks to Adelaide Fitzgerald, she has received a college education. In 1914 she seeks a life of her own far beyond the cruel hand of Walter Sloat.

But Providence intervenes in ways Lily never could imagine. And the woman who emerges on the last pages of this story bears little resemblance to the cowering girl Ella McFarland first met.

Maggie Gallagher

The Women of Rock CreekMargaret Gallagher hails from Ireland. She is the feisty, Irish-born housekeeper at Broadview, Adelaide’s estate on the banks of Rock Creek. Forever spouting Irish wisdom, she loves both Adelaide and Lily as if they were her own. In fact, she’s the only mother-figure Adelaide has ever known, and she has stepped into Lily’s mother’s shoes since her death. Maggie’s shoulders are broad and strong enough to lift heavy loads yet tender enough for a young girl’s tears. 

Blossom Evans

The Women of Rock CreekThis thirteen-year-old dreams of newspaper photography. The curiosity that will make her a good newspaper woman one day, unfortunately, embroils her in serious trouble in The Mending of Lillian Cathleen. But courageous Lily Sloat and the women of Rock Creek save the young girl. And she has prime material from which to write an expose.


Adelaide Fitzgerald

Adelaide Fitzgerald steps onto the stage in The Calling of Ella McFarland–not directly but through the experiences of Ella McFarland. Addie makes a cameo appearance at the end of the story, and then she plays a significant, albeit not a leading role, in Book 2: The Mending of Lillian Cathleen.

Addie was orphaned as an infant but was left an heiress to a fortune, part of which is Broaview, her grand Oklahoma estate on the banks of Rock Creek. She’s generous to a fault and an opera singer who is renowned in Europe. She has given up the opera stage to bring Lily to adulthood and finds herself free to pursue her calling when in 1914, Lily graduates from college and the Great War breaks out in Europe.

Then The Awakening of Miss Adelaide unfolds in 1918. Where will the war lead Addie? What will become of her opera career? Will love finally find her? Or has her time passed her by on all fronts?

Emmeline Ashbury

Perky Emmeline Ashbury hails from Washington, D.C. Modeled after the real suffragist, Dora Lewis, Emmeline befriends Adelaide in Washington, D.C. In the process, she demonstrates real-life concern for the city’s underprivileged. Always attired in powder blue, the energetic octogenarian introduces Aadelaide to the urban neighborhood center she built for poverty-stricken children and their mothers. One of the women of Rock Creek in spirit, Emmy serves as a model and inspiration to Adelaide.

Eleanor Brackenridge

Photo retrieved from Texas State Historical Association

A true character from San Antonio Texas history, Eleanor Brackenridge plays a pivotal, albeit imaginary, role in The Awakening of Miss Adelaide. The real Miss Brackenridge lived as the quintessential strong, leading lady: businesswoman, suffragist, women’s and children’s advocate, and supporter of higher education for women. A true heroine, Miss Brackenridge steps into imaginary shoes alongside Miss Adelaide in this story set in 1918-1919.

P.S. I’ll be giving away a print or digital copy (winner’s choice) of The Awakening of Miss Adelaide on each of the two remaining dates–July 31 and August 14–so be sure to join the conversation.


4 thoughts on “The Awakening of Miss Adelaide: Part Four

  1. Debbey Cozzone

    Looking forward to reading The Awakening of Miss Adelaide. Love your use of female heroines as models for the characters in your book. Anything with history intrigues me.

    1. Welcome, Debbey. You and I are birds of a feather–finding history intriguing. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Three role models for women created in each of the three novels. Each of your characters face such unique situations. Looking forward to reading The Awakening of Miss Adelaide. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two novels and have shared my personal copies with several friends.

    1. Hi, Jane. Great–as always–to see you in the group. You always encourage me. Thank you.


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