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Clarice James Let’s Chat! Featured Favorite

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Clarice G. JamesClarice G. James writes Smart. Fun. Relatable fiction. She makes my hit parade of favorites by producing writing perfection and keeping me smiling, chuckling, and laughing out loud at her wit in the midst of serious subject matter. That’s called a gift, folks.

I met Clarice in cyberspace four years ago when Christy Brunke, Clarice, and I were the three winners of the 2014 Jerry B. Jenkins Operation First Novel Contest. We saw our novels appear in print in 2015, and our friendships developed over the cyber waves.

I count Clarice as a big part of my contest prize. Her writing is exemplary, and so is her friendship. My favorite of Clarice’s books (so far) is Manhattan Grace, which I’m giving away as an ebook to someone who joins our chat circle below.

A Tidbit of my Take on Manhattan Grace

This 5-Star story captured me from Page 1. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with an opening involving a fire, a Cape Cod playhouse, and a dream up in smoke? And who wouldn’t be captivated by subject matter like Messianic congregations, mohels, Metropolitan Opera stars, Moldovans, and a jewel thief from Palm Beach?

Clarice’s unique wit, understated and, frankly, plain funny, shines from the beginning–right in the midst of heart-rending subject matter. Right away the reader discovers clues to the author’s humorous take on life in its glory and its foibles. Just wait . . . 

Manhattan Grace

hen a door opens for Gracie Camden to leave Cape Cod and move to Manhattan as a nanny for a Juilliard drama instructor, she fully expects God to use her acting talent and launch her to stardom. She’s been here been six months. What’s taking him so long?

Seymour Kaufman relocates to New York City from Iowa due to a shortage of mohels (circumcisers) in the tri-state Messianic congregations. Secretly, he hopes to explore a deeper relationship with Metropolitan Opera star and fellow Moldovan, Polina Zelenka. Seymour is conflicted when he meets her less complicated, widowed cousin.

Meanwhile, fresh from Palm Beach, the Chief plans to cap off his short yet lucrative career as an international jewel thief with a multi-million dollar heist during the Met’s gala in Polina’s honor. His usual modus operandi is to work alone—but this time is different.

While Seymour celebrates every closed door by believing God will open a better one, Gracie whines and wonders why God doesn’t bless her plans. Gracie finally learns success is not about making it big in the Big Apple, but about living God’s perfect plan for your life.

If you want an excellent read that touches your heart and your funny bone, Manhattan Grace by Clarice G. James is just the ticket.

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Lord, You are the Great Gift-Giver. We thank You for the unique gifts You’ve given each of us and the rare ones like Clarice’s that we can all enjoy. Please bless each word she writes for You. ~ For Jesus’ sake

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