Jerry B. Jenkins Let’s Chat! Riven

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One of my Featured Favorite novels is Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins.

Jerry B. Jenkins

Jerry B. Jenkins is best know for authoring along with Tim LaHaye the Left Behind collection. 

Jerry B. Jenkins

My Soft Spot: Gratitude

I have a soft spot in my heart for Jerry B. Jenkins because of his role as mentor to aspiring authors. How that got traction . . .

My triplet grandchildren were born in 2005, and I was so grateful they arrived alive and thrived, I made a pledge to God to leave them a legacy of faith in writing. At the time, I didn’t know what I would write — or how. 

So when an essay contest opened up on a San Antonio Christian talk radio program, I entered. Thinking I wouldn’t win, I told no one. What did I have to lose?

But when I won, I was flabbergasted to say the least, especially when I learned my prize: a trip for two to the Writing for the Soul Conference in Colorado Spring, sponsored by Jerry B. Jenkins.

My husband and I boarded the plane, and I wondered to myself where the journey to writing would ultimately take me. I stood in the Broadmoor ballroom knowing zero about publishing, editors, agents, pitching, one sheets, elevator pitches, synopses, book blurbs–all a foreign language to me.

The Outflow of Gratitude

Fast forward to 1912, and I’m part of a residency of aspiring authors sponsored by Jerry B. Jenkins in Manitour Springs, Colorado. Then along came 2014, and I learn I’d won the Jerry B. Jenkins Operation First Novel Contest, and my novel--The Calling of Ella McFarland–would be published. Imagine my shock and delight in 2016 when it received the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award for Debut Novel. 

And it all began with Jerry B. Jenkins. Wow.


Jerry B. JenkinsI‘ve read almost everything this prolific, ultra-best-selling author has written, but Riven takes first place in my estimation. 


Everything Jerry writes is superior, so Riven doesn’t stand out for that reason. Every character Jerry creates is well developed, so it doesn’t stand out for that reason either. But its message is unforgettable. Here’s the back-of-the-book blurb:

A young man with a troubled past . . . A failed pastor rejected by those he wants to help . . .

Brady Wayne Darby and Thomas Carey couldn’t be more different. One is a criminal whose worst crime is the one he’s about to commit; the other is a man hoping desperately to make a difference. One diligently serves himself; the other diligently serves God. And yet both are in dire need of grace.

Riven is a gritty, compelling, and gut-wrenching story of heartache and redemption. Riven will remind you that the love of God can transform even the hardest heart. Immerse yourself in the acclaimed story of a man who seems hopelessly lost before he meets the One who can see even the most troubled soul.

In Jerry’s words: “This is the novel I’ve always wanted to write and is unlike anything I’ve ever written. My hope is that it stays with you long after the final page.”

It has, Jerry. It always will. Thank you.

An Offering

I‘ll send you the Kindle version of this wonderful novel to someone who joins our conversation below. So please join us.

~ ~ ~

Lord, we thank You for those who have come alongside us through the years to help direct and lift us up according to Your will. Jerry B. Jenkins is a man You’ve used to do just that for countless Christian writers. And he presents the message of Your redeeming love in Riven in a unique and powerful way. Thank You for using him. Please bless each word he writers for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

6 thoughts on “Jerry B. Jenkins Let’s Chat! Riven

  1. Anita

    I’ve read most of Jerry B. Jenkins’ works and I really enjoy the accuracy of the Biblical research in each one. My gratitude is that his books encourage and inspire his readers to do their own research.

    1. Hi, Anita. If you haven’t read Riven, I think you’ll find it surprising. Writing doesn’t come better than Jerry Jenkins’s. I hope you get to read it too.

  2. Diane Buie

    thanks for the chance to enter! I agree with Alicia (who commented above me) that “Riven” sounds really intriguing. Can’t wait to read it & soon too!

    1. Intriguing is a good descriptive word for Riven. The way the plot plays out all the way to the climax is amazing. Most unusual.

  3. Alicia Haney

    Your book sounds intriguing and awesome! God is Good all of the time! Congratulations and God Bless you.

    1. Hi, Alicia! Riven is a very surprising book, especially if you’ve read other Jerry Jenkins books. It becomes astounding as it nears the end. I hope you get to read it.


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Let’s Chat! Psychological Suspense Author J.A. Marx!

Welcome, Readers! And Welcome, J.A. Marx!

This week J.A. Marx, a great Texas author, honors us with a visit. 

Join the conversation by commenting below, and you just might win one of her books: Destiny Defied (psychological suspense) or her quirky, psychological “romance” novella, Mirror, Mirror, in ebook format

Congratulations to Marilyn Ridgway, winner of this week’s drawing!

Take it away, J.A. Marx!

Who Is J.A. Marx?

I grew up in the mountains and graduated from college (CSU) in Colorado—God’s country. Living in the heart of the Rockies, I adored my childhood playground: the side of a forested mountain, facing Longs Peak. Even though I had no real clue what “church” was until I met Jesus at age 18, I know God communicated with me while I climbed trees and built forts. (Tweet That!) Certainly, He created this playground with my childlike heart in mind.

Presently, I live in Texas—also God’s country.

What’s an Adventure to J.A. Marx?

In college, I smuggled Bibles into China—the greatest culture shock of my life and my most courageous adventure. (Tweet That!) Some of the most satisfying years of my life, however, were spent homeschooling my children and introducing them to different cultures and beautiful people and places. 3 grandchildren bless my life.

J.A. Marx
How Was J.A. Marx, the Writer, Born?

First, Fank Peretti’s books inspired me to let loose the reservoir of stories running through my mind. I wrote my first novel in 1990. Now it is safely tucked away in some obscure file on my computer. (Tweet That!)

But in 2001, a picture crossed my mind: a girl washing up on a beach. I had to do something with her, and thus The Destiny Series was born. I wrote all 6 books in this psychological suspense series between 2001-2003. They were terribly written because I had never studied the craft. Thank goodness, my first book in the series (traditionally published) did not hit the shelves until 2014.

Jerry Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild changed everything. I learned the craft through his group of top-notch authors/teachers–the best, people like Doc Hensley, DiAnn Mills, to name a few.

What Is Author J.A. Marx Involved in Currently?

While I’m traditionally published in psychological romantic suspense, I’m also gearing up to self-publish book 4 in my psychological suspense series this year (the one featuring the girl who washed up on the beach).

Any Lessons Learned or Advice from J.A. Marx?

hat do I tell new writers? Writing is a serious business, and it should stem from a passion for story. Words carry the power to build up or tear down, to deceive or to deliver truth. (Tweet That!)

Julie’s Suggestions

First, spend lots of time in the presence of the I AM, Who created words; and don’t stop pressing in until Jesus returns.

Then write, join a critique group, write, study the craft, take classes, network at conferences, and keep writing. God opens doors that we cannot open. He connects us with people (even agents/editors) that we might otherwise not meet.

More importantly, what we surrender to His lordship and allow Him to build, He will also sustain (Tweet That!); what we strain to make happen on our own, we will also strain to maintain on our own. 

Living a surrendered-writer’s life translates into the successful life of an author. (Tweet That!)

~ ~ ~

Thank you, Julie. I loved this interview. We appreciate your opening yourself to strangers who now can claim you as something akin to a friend. You can bet I’ll be reading what you’ve written, girl!

Readers, you can find J.A. Marx at and

You can find her books on Amazon:

Destiny Defied: Book One
Destiny Delivered: Book Two
Destiny Defended: Book Three

Family Lies Deadly Ties

Mirror, Mirror (a quirky novella in ebook format)

~ ~ ~

Lord, You are the Word. Your every utterance is flawless. We writers beg you to make our puny words flawless in their effect for You. We readers beg You to lead us to the writers You have chosen to speak words of truth and encouragement into our hearts. ~ For Jesus’ sake



















7 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Psychological Suspense Author J.A. Marx!

  1. I loved Family Ties, Deadly Lies. I enjoyed this interview immensely and am excited to hear more books will be coming out by J.A. very soon. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Stacy. Yes, and I appreciated your review of FTDL so much! Good seeing you here.

  2. Marilyn

    Psychological Suspense books are intense reading. J. A. Marx is a new author to this avid reader. I do remember reading Frank Peretti’s books when they were first released. Keeping our focus on God is best for all. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I’m looking forward to J.A.’s books! Thanks so much for stopping by, Marilyn, my friend.

    2. Hi Marilyn. Yes, psychological fiction can be intense as they dig deeper into a character’s psychological issues and how they face those issues and how God redeems. Thanks for commenting.

  3. So appreciate Julie’s suggestions to new writers–which apply to all writers. Everything works so much better when we surrender our will, our work, our time, and our expectations to the Lord!

    1. So right, Clarice. God makes life run smoothly for us, and we make it difficult.


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