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Chloe FlanaganChloe S. Flanagan is our honored guest this week. Chloe, a young author with wisdom beyond her years, writes Christian Romantic Suspense.

Chloe is offering BOTH her books in digital format. Is that an offer or what!

Here’s Chloe in her own words.

Chloe S. Flanagan: Before Authorship

First of all, I’m a hopeless bookworm and have been for most of my life. When I was growing up, my family lived in several different places, including Oklahoma, Texas, Atlanta, the Gulf Coast, and Hawaii. All that moving provided some wonderful experiences, and yet it could also be lonely at times. But books were the friends I had with me no matter where I went.

Chloe Flanagan
t’s probably not a surprise, then, that when I first went to college at New York University, I wanted to study English and one day write fiction. But a bad economy at the time prompted me to switch to a major I thought would be more practical. Not long afterwards, though, multiple family crises required me to leave school for several years.

A Time to Listen

Chloe S. FlanaganIn the wake of these crises, I went through a period of depression. I stopped reading, and my writer’s voice fell silent because I didn’t believe I had anything worthwhile to say.

During this season, I spent a lot of time struggling to figure out what God was doing in my life and what He wanted me to do. That was a question that, sadly, I hadn’t asked as much as I should have.

A Time to Explore

At one of the gloomiest points of my struggle, I discovered a number of Christian fiction authors that I had never read before. One of the first of these was Jamie Langston Turner. Her books impressed me so much, that I decided to write her an email to express my appreciation. I was thrilled when she actually responded to my message. She thanked me and told me a little bit more about her books. She closed her note by telling me that my email was so well written, that I could be an author myself.

Ms. Turner’s response touched and humbled me, of course, but her kind words also stunned me. Reading them was like receiving a visit from an old dream—a dream that I thought had died.

A Time to Write

Chloe S. FlanaganNot long after that email exchange, God began pulling me back into writing. I was finally in college again, researching and composing papers. Next, I received numerous freelance writing opportunities that led to me getting a job as a technical writer in the aerospace industry.

Now that I was back in the habit of writing, I decided to document some of the struggles and joys of my faith journey by starting my own blog, The Candid Corinthian. The blog brought a wonderful opportunity to connect with other believers for honest, loving conversations about God and the faith community.

Chloe S. Flanagan, Author

Chloe Flanagan
inally, around eighteen months ago, I began work on my first novel, a Christian Romantic Suspense novel called Forward to What Lies Ahead. I self-published it in November 2017 and released its sequel, A Time For Every Matter, in August of 2018. These two books, along with a third that I’m currently working on, form the “An Offer of Grace Series.” Each story features characters that accept a unique opportunity that causes them to encounter God’s grace in a new way. Consequently, my characters learn, as I have learned, that God has a loving purpose for all of us, and He often reveals it in life’s darkest moments.

Chloe Flanagan

Looking Ahead

Once I’ve completed my current series, I have several contemporary and historical fiction projects on the horizon. In the meantime, Lord willing, I will continue to share thoughts and dialogue on The Candid Corinthian blog.

Chloe S. Flanagan

A Gift from Chloe

I want to thank you, Linda, for creating a space for other Christian authors to discuss their writing journey. I’m so grateful to be included. To show my appreciation, I’d like to offer one commenter a digital copy of both of my books, Forward to What Lies Ahead and A Time For Every Matter.

How to Find Chloe and Her Books

Here are my websites:



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Lord, we come to you in gratitude and praise for Your kind hand of blessing. We thank You for calling writers like Chloe to create stories that bring honor to You name. Thank You for readers who are looking for stories such as these. Bless each word readers of Christian fiction store in their hearts. And bless each word Chloe writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

14 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Chloe S. Flanagan

  1. Arletta

    What a powerful testimony! Do you need to read the books in order for the third to make sense?

    1. Chloe Flanagan

      Great question!

      You will be able to read the third book as a stand-alone. Characters from the first two books will figure prominently in this one but you won’t need to know their stories to understand this one.



    It is very humbling for me to admit, Chloe, how your story moves my heart. In a small space we cannot include everything about ourselves that we might like to tell. You succeed in uplifting others of us who’ve had some disappointments. Self-published like you, it has been difficult for me to get further into my storytelling. Apparently, you’ve written some studies as well, and I have one coming, “Under the Cover of His Word”. Hoping for God’s lifting you up richly in times to come…

    1. Jane,

      We face so many challenges as writers, including some unique ones when we’re self-published. It’s so easy to be discouraged. But I’m glad we can support and lift one another up on this road.

      Your study sounds interesting. I like the title. I haven’t published any of my reflections except in blog format, but I have that in mind as a future project.

      I pray God blesses and encourages you on your future work.

    2. Thank you for your kind words to Chloe, Jane. You’re a blessing to this blog, friend.

  3. Candace West Posey

    I loved reading your personal story, Chloe. I already have both of your books, and I’m looking forward to reading the third one. May the Lord continue to bless your writing journey!

    1. Thanks for reading, Candace! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work too.

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Candace. Come back now.

  4. Chloe, it’s cool to hear how your conversation with another author encouraged you to pursue your dream of writing again. I think we often underestimate how much our words mean to each other. May God bless your journey as you continue along the paths He has for you. : )

    1. Thanks, Given.

      You’re right! Our words are so powerful, and we can use them for harm or for good. I try to use the encouragement I’ve received as a reminder to be positive and uplifting in what I say to others (although I’m sure I slip up sometimes).


  5. Lorel Kline

    I was very touched by all that Chloe shared. I know that God takes all of our experiences and what we go through and uses them if we will let Him. I am sure that is what He is doing through her books, her love of reading and reignited love for writing. Continue to be all that He calls you to and we will all benefit from through your books.

    1. Thanks for chatting with us, Lorel. You’ve encouraged Chloe and me both. Please come back.

    2. Lorel, (that’s such a lovely name)
      Thank you for your kind words.
      It seems odd to say now, but when I was younger, I loved reading and daydreaming stories so much but I never thought of how God had placed that passion in my heart. I just looked at it as a quirk! haha. That’s why I’m very grateful for creative and faithful role models:mentors who help show me the truth about His calling.

      Have a blessed day!

    3. Woo Hoo, Lorel! You win Chloe’s two books! (She’ll email you.) Thanks for joining our circle and encouraging us. Please come back!


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