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Welcome, Everyone! And Welcome, Allison!

Right up there among my top 5 people in the entire world sits Allison Pittman. I met Allison about ten years ago and have grown to love her more as the years go by. She’s a spectacular author who’s been honored more times than I have fingers on a single hand. (She’s gotten comfortable on the Christy Award stage 🙂 Believe me—you’re gonna love this week’s chat. (One thing I dearly love about Allison is she never—and I mean NEVER—is unable to find the time to help or listen or bounce things around with me.) Allison is a mentor extraordinaire! (And hilarious!)

CONGRATULATIONS, Pam W., winner of Allisons’ newest novel, Loving Luther! All Pam did was comment below, and her name was drawn from among the batch of commenters. 

Who Is Allison Pittman?

I’m not one of those people who can make a geographic claim to identity. My childhood and teen years were spent in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, and now I’m in Texas (San Antonio). So, while I have really strong opinions about what makes a good enchilada, I don’t see a singular influence on who I am today. (Click to Tweet!)

The constants in my life have been: Family and Faith. Really, my past is super boring—which is a blessing, I suppose, right? I have parents who continue to love each other to an embarrassing degree; I was a solid B student because I never wanted to work hard enough for A’s.

God knows I have absolutely no spunk whatsoever, no drive or persistence or tolerance for suffering, so He’s kept me at a good walking pace in the middle of a wide road. That doesn’t mean everything’s been perfect! I’ve experienced the loss of my beloved older brother, and I’ve seen my share of disappointment, but the sad points in life have made me so appreciative of every ordinary day. (Click to Tweet!) 

Allison’s Beginning as a Writer

My first novel was Ten Thousand Charms with Multnomah about ten years ago. I love that book—meaning I love it enough to wish I could go back and tweak it. I was at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference and had an appointment with the editor Rod Morris. He looked at my pages and declared my craft REALLY needed work, but that my characters were intriguing. I took a year away from writing and just studied everything I could find. Two years later, I saw him again at the same conference, and (long story short), he contracted the Crossroads of Grace series.

Allison Pittman’s Debut Experience

received the acceptance email and experienced an adrenaline rush like I’d never known before. Like, a visceral feeling. And then I cried uncontrollably for days. (literally, days) I don’t think I let myself really know how badly I wanted this.

Like I mentioned before, I’m not a driven, persistent person. It took me years to finish that first novel, and it wasn’t quite finished when Multnomah requested the full manuscript. I think I wanted to just brush it off and walk away if nobody wanted my story. It’s easier to handle disappointment if you never quite acknowledge desire. 

God has been so incredibly faithful, in that first contract and beyond. I’ve been steadily contracted since that first book, sometimes even with projects where I was approached by an editor with a story idea for me to write. God has led me in (and out) of teaching jobs so that I can continue to write. (Click to Tweet!) 

Allison’s Journey

I’ve been blessed with editors who have allowed me to write about my idiosyncratic passions. Historic baseball? OK! Three books there, including the Carol winner Stealing Home. (My mother’s favorite, by the way.) Flappers? Done!

When Tyndale approached me about possibly writing about the early Mormon church, they had no idea I grew up in Utah and my husband is an excommunicated Mormon.

So, yeah, I’ve been all over the place with my stories. Some authors can stay with Westerns, or—I don’t know—Oregon or something. I find stories everywhere. Rather, stories find me. 

What’s Up With Allison Now?

My new release Loving Luther takes me way out of my comfort zone—16th Century Germany, the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora.

This is another one of those stories brought to me by someone else…in this case, my agent, Bill Jensen. But I fell in love with both the story and the challenge. And, I really think readers will, too. It is such a different book for me, and I feel like I had to keep it a secret for so long! I actually finished the manuscript nearly 2 years ago, but we wanted to hold off and publish it to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. (Click to Tweet!) 

Now…here she is!

This is my first novel set outside of my usual Americana comfort zone, and I’m really hoping readers will follow me. Katharina’s story is still universally relevant—it’s very much a love story.

What’s Up Next?

My next historical takes us to the French Revolution by way of a Charles Dickens minor character. Y’all just put that on the back burner for a while. There might be a surprise in-between! 

Where to Find Allison Pittman

Readers can find me on facebook on my Allison Pittman Author Page, and at my website where I am an infrequent blogger. (seriously, infrequent) For fun, too, find me on Twitter and Instagram.

In the month leading up to the release of Loving Luther, I’ve been posting a daily pic of my Playmobil Little Luther figure, taking him everywhere with me.

Allison’s Give-Away Offer

I will absolutely do a give-away of Loving Luther, as well as a Little Luther Playmobil figure! Here’s a pic of my Little Luther with tacos. Combining my two very favorite things.

Books by Allison Pittman

Ten Thousand Charms









Speak Through the Wind









With Endless Sight









Stealing Home (Carol Award Winner)









The Bridegrooms








For Time & Eternity





Forsaking All Others








All for a Song








All for a Story








All for a Sister






On Shifting Sand









An Offering









Loving Luther








Oh my, Lord, how gracious You are! You walked with Allison when she was a girl, a teen, a young adult, and as a mother of three boys—twins + one. You’ve given her the desire of her heart—a successful writing career—all the while wrapping her and her family in the fleece of Your grace. You’ve blessed Allison for her faithfulness.
Bless every word Allison writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake















25 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Allison Pittman

  1. Paula Shreckhise

    I signed up! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for joining in, Paula!

  2. Pam W.

    For Time and Eternity was the first book I read by Allison Pittman, and one of my favorite books of all time. Excited to hear of her new release!

    1. I’m with you, Pam! One of my “Allison” favorites of all time. Thanks for stopping by and joining in. You’re entered!

    2. Allison Pittman

      Those books…they were life changing for me to write. Exhausting! But–I still get more reader feed back from them, even five years later, than anything else I’ve written. They have such an impact!

      1. Jennifer

        Oh I don’t understand For Time and Eternity?? It broke my heart! But maybe there is an explanation somewhere?

        I do appreciate that beyond the gray she knows it is blue and God is there. Definitely an emphasis on God’s sovereignty as more important than a love story which I appreciate.

        But I’m a little terrified to read the next one in the series?

        Can someone correct me?

  3. I love reading Allison’s books. She has written so many stories and I’ve read them all. Looking forward to reading this one.

    1. Welcome, Cathey! Great to have you in our circle. I’m like you. I’ve read and loved all of Allison’s books. She’s just plain gifted.

    2. Allison Pittman

      Thanks, Cathey! I love the idea of “Allison’s books…”
      Such a joy to have returning readers 🙂

  4. Hello, Allison! Nice to meet you. Linda, thank you so much for introducing me to another author. Allison will be a new addition to my TBR pile.

    1. Great to have you join our circle, Gail!

  5. Carol Moncado

    Hi Allison! I would love to read this!!!! I think I’ve read a couple but it’s been a while! Love your story of persistence!

    1. Hi, Carol. Welcome to our chat circle. Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation. You’re entered in the drawing!

    2. Allison Pittman

      Hey Carol! And I love (and secretly envy) your word counts! If I get 1,500 in a day I consider it a huge victory! 2K nearly kills me…

  6. Trixi

    I’ve not read anything by Allison. I really enjoyed the interview and seeing all her other books. I’ll have to see if I can borrow them from my library 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway chance Linda! Cute taco picture 🙂

    1. Hi, Trixi. Oh, you must read Allison. She’s truly gifted. I think Loving Luther is her best yet (and that’s saying a lot!). You’re entered in the drawing 🙂

    2. Allison Pittman

      For me, it’s just as exciting to see my books in a library as it is to see them in a bookstore. I am a huge library patron. The only downside is that I’m a super-slow reader, and my library fines bring shame to my husband who had a perfect record for turning books in on time before he married me! 🙂

  7. Allison is one of the best storytellers! A fantastic teacher and friend.

    1. Hi, Valerie. You and I both know what a fantastic teacher and friend Allison is–on top of being a gifted writer, too!

    2. Allison Pittman

      awww…thanks, Valerie! You’re pretty amazing, too!

  8. Evangeline

    I enjoyed your interview with Allison and love her books. I would be delighted to win one of them. Thanks for the chance to do so. 😊

    1. Hi, Evangeline! Good to see you here in our circle. You’re entered! 🙂

  9. Paula

    I’m a Lutheran and I already asked Allison where she got the idea for the novel. I hope you had an enjoyable time researching this book. So glad it could coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the interview! I have enjoyed other books by Allison, too. Blessings.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Paula. The release of Loving Luther coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation was no accident 🙂 What a fabulous plan! Please come back. Sign up with my newsletter and blog, and you’ll know the latest on other fantastic authors!

    2. Allison Pittman

      I was really blessed to be introduced to this story. It was a fascinating journey to research.


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Join Our Author Chat with Allison Pittman

stealing-homeToday we’re visiting with 3-time-Christy Award-finalist and Carol Award-winning author, Allison Pittman–not only a stupendously talented writer but one with a heart of pure gold. Hilarious, to boot. Anyone who hasn’t read Allison has missed something fantastic. Knowing Allison in a local writers’ group has been nothing short of a delight. I think you’ll agree, so gather ’round …


Anyone who comments will be entered into a drawing for a signed print copy of On Shifting Sand by Allison Pittman. (Tweet That!) This story is an authentic portrayal of how sin works itself into our lives one tiny grain at a time.

*Update: Tisha Martin is the winner of the drawing! Congratulations, Tisha! 

~ ~ ~

allisonWelcome, Allison! What an honor for you stop by for a chat. Thank you for providing one of your autographed books to one of our readers who comments below.

~ Tell us about your pre-Allison Pittman, Author life.

My life immediately pre-writing was pretty chaotic. Teaching high school, three pittman-fam_for-interviewlittle boys, fun-loving husband. Honestly, I just remember being tired. I have no idea what I did from moment to moment, other than fix supper and grade papers and go to baseball games. All of which I loved! (maybe not the supper, because I honestly have zero memories of ever cooking anything) think I felt a little lost in the midst of it. My “me” time was my Monday night writers group. Every Monday night, I left Mikey and the boys with a pizza and I went to my critique group. When my husband had night classes on Mondays, I fixed a supper and used the pizza money to pay a babysitter. We critiqued 12 pages a week, and I’ve always said that I wrote my first book 12 pages at a time. I had no idea what I was doing, or what I even wanted to do, but in a house full of boys and men, I’ve always had to carve out a bit for myself.

~ Tell us about your first book and your debut experience as Allison Pittman, Author

God’s hand is so clearly at work in my first novel. He designed me, and He knows I stelladon’t have the tiniest bit of perseverance. I sold the first novel I wrote, and I sold it before it was totally finished. I don’t think that would happen today—so, again, God’s timing is perfect! But that doesn’t mean it was a smooth road. My first time to talk to anybody about my novel was nothing more than meeting an editor at a conference and crying on the other side of the table for 15 minutes. So Awkward. And the day I got the email that Multnomah wanted to offer me a contract…I experienced this dump of adrenaline. I didn’t know how badly I wanted to succeed until that moment. (Tweet That!) It was like a blow to the center of my being, and I thought—this is going to happen. And I don’t feel like I’ve taken a steady breath since. 

~ Tell us anything you want about your writing and/or personal journey. Encouragement or advice?

I always hesitate to talk about my first publishing experience, because I know how tenthousandcharmsatypical it is. But, fellow and future authors—take heart! I’ve experienced all my rejection post-first-contract. I’ve published 13 novels, and have at least 9 rejected ideas. Wait…if I factor in my search for an agent for my secular YA project, the number of rejections pops up to 15. I’ve won awards, but lost more. I’ve had great reviews, but can quote the bad ones. I am not my own mother’s favorite author.

time-and-eternityBut in the world of writing, self-focus is a killer. I am a Christian author. As a Christian I cling to Colossians 3:23-24, Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. (ESV) As an author, I write with my readers in mind. (Tweet That!) This is a small, vibrant community, and writers need to invest in each other.

My advice to aspiring writers is to read the books written by the men and women who will be your peers. The best part about this job is getting to know all the fabulous writers out there, cheering them on, celebrating their successes and speaking Life.

~ ~ ~

Thank you, Allison, for stopping by. We love getting to know you better.

How to find Allison and her books:
Website: https://allisonkpittman.com/
Facebook: bit.ly/2dntQvO
Twitter: @allisonkpittman


13 thoughts on “Join Our Author Chat with Allison Pittman

  1. Loved the interview! Have yet to read Allison Pittman. I know. I know. I have a very long TBR pile!

    1. You won’t regret reading anything by Allison Pittman. Stealing Home won the Carol. And For Time and Eternity and Forsaking All Others and All for a Story were finals for the Christy.

      1. allison

        I need to make a plug here, too, for Lilies in Moonlight. I feel like if your read that book, you read my entire heart. Cullen is my favorite of my heroes, and Lily the most refreshing woman I’ve ever created.

  2. Barbara Rssco

    I won’t be offended by Mom’s comment!

    1. Her mother says Allison’s statement was incorrect! 🙂

      1. allison

        Hahaha…Barbara is my sister, and she is a beautiful writer! We are hoping to collaborate on a project later in the spring/summer.

        Love you, stister! And, Linda–thank you for understanding our little family drama 🙂

  3. Ann Burk

    I have not read any of your books but am anxious start one right now. God bless you

    1. Ann, I love everything Allison has written, but her Sister Wives books (For Time and Eternity and Forsaking All Others) are the most eye-opening. Her Stealing Home won the ACFW Carol Award, and she was a finalist for the Christy Award for All for a Story, Forsaking All Others, and For Time and Eternity. I read a critique once that described her writing as poetry wrapped in wisdom. I agree!

      1. allison

        Not gonna lie… I have always loved that poetry wrapped in wisdom line. Gives me a huge challenge with every new novel.

  4. How interesting! Thanks for the encouraging words.

  5. Darla Hapgood

    Allison is my most favorite author in the whole wide world.

    1. You’re among a long list in that assessment of Allison’s writing. Darla. I’m on that list too.

    2. allison

      thanks, mom. I love you!


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