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Linda Brooks DavisLinda Brooks Davis was born and reared on a farm in Raymondville, a Rio Grande Valley community in the southernmost tip of Texas.

Linda earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology from Abilene Christian University and a Master’s Degree from Houston Baptist University. She retired in 2008 after 40 years as a special educator and administrator.

The Women of Rock Creek series

~Book 1: The Calling of Ella McFarland

Linda’s debut novel, The Calling of Ella McFarland, is set in 1905 Indian Territory prior to Oklahoma statehood. It won the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel Award and the 2016 American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award.

Ella McFarland stands on the verge of reaching her dream: a teaching position at Worthington School for Girls. But scandal clouds her family name and may limit her to a life of  grueling farm labor in Indian Territory. Her fate lies in the hands of the Worthington board where one strikingly handsome man has a vote. Will they overlook the illegitimate son recently borne by Ella’s sister, Viola?

1905 brings hope of Oklahoma statehood and the woman’s suffrage and temperance debates are raging, forcing Ella to make decisions about her faith, family, and aspirations. When she comes to the rescue of a young, abused sharecropper’s daughter, her calling takes shape in ways she never imagined and her eyes are opened to needs of women with no voice in their governance. Her independent spirit leads her in directions she never dreamed. Education is Ella’s passion, but a new love is budding in her heart. How will she manage to give voice to the voiceless without losing her own in her male-dominated world? Can she find God’s will amidst the tumultuous storm that surrounds her? Or will fear and pride have their way?

Ella McFarland must decide.

~The Women of Rock Creek Christmas Novellas

     (1) The sequel to The Calling of Ella McFarland is a novella set in 1908  
              Oklahoma, A Christmas to Remember,
 which released in December, 2016.

       (2) A Christmas Measure of Lovethe 1910 prequel to Book 2: The Mending of
       Lillian Cathleen.

        (3) The two novellas are paired in A Rock Creek Christmas Novella Collection.

~Book 2: The Mending of Lillian Cathleen

It’s 1914, and American women are demanding the vote. The first flames of the Great War are igniting Europe. But a battle of a different sort rages in Oklahoma. The thermometer registers one hundred six degrees, an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence, even for the twenty-eighth day of July.

But this is no ordinary day. A murder trial has concluded, and the jury has reached a verdict.

The star witness for the prosecution fidgets in the old church pew. She’s lost enough, given more than her share. Hasn’t she? The answer rests in the hands of twelve men. Not a single woman sits among the jurors.

Lily eyes the judge. And the courtroom holds its breath.

~Book 3: The Awakening of Miss Adelaide

Orphaned as an infant, Oklahoma heiress Adelaide Fitzgerald has enjoyed every advantage. She possesses a unique gift for music and has excelled on the opera stage in Italy. As a philanthropist, she’s adored from America to Europe.

But Miss Adelaide is about to awaken in a 1918 nightmare.

When the “Great War” and the “Great Influenza” knock, Adelaide finds her uninvited guests more than unwelcome. They threaten her life and alter her identity and purpose.

Snatched from a quiet life in an Italian villa, Miss Adelaide is thrust into conflicts others have created. What battle scars will she sustain? And where will love lead her?

In The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, war and peace, laughter and heartache, love and loss come together to ignite a fresh fire that reveals one woman’s hidden needs and potentials.

What will gaining a fresh understanding of herself require of the Angel of the Opera?

~A Final Word

Linda and her beloved husband Al worship and minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio and dote on six grandchildren, three of whom are triplets.

Readers may contact Linda through her website, www.lindabrooksdavis.com  or via the social media sites below.

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