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Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

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Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionTamera Lynn Kraft writes faith-filled historical novels for the adventurous heart. Getting to know Tamera is quite the treat.

Tamera is offering her novella, A Christmas Promise, in digital format as a giveaway to someone who joins our chat circle. So gather ’round and get to know this faith-filled author.

Tamera Lynn Kraft: In Her Own Words

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was born in Ohio. I married a wonderful, godly man 39 years ago. We celebrate our 40th anniversary in January. My pastor’s wife said this Sunday, there is nothing more sexy than a godly man who loves to worship. By those standards, my husband is very sexy.

My husband and I have two married children and three grandchildren. The oldest is 11 years, and the youngest is 3 months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was a children’s pastor for 20 years and have a traveling children’s ministry called Revival Fire for Kids where we do children’s revivals, teacher training, and children’s ministry consultations. One of my greatest honors was winning the 2003 NCLA Shepherd’s Cup for the advancement of children’s ministry.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Tamera Lynn Kraft: The Author

My first published book was through Pelican Press in 2013–a novella called A Christmas Promise. It was about Moravian missionaries in Schoenbrun, Ohio in 1773.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

It wasn’t the first novel I wrote.

I planned to be a writer from childhood and had children’s church curriculum and some articles published, but I didn’t write fiction for publication until 2007.

With two full length novels completed, I was on the third and even had an agent, but I wasn’t published until a wrote this Christmas story. A couple more novellas released, but it wasn’t until 2017, ten years after I started, that I had a full length novel published, and it wasn’t one of the first couple I wrote. 

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI always tell writers to be patient. A writing career takes a long time to establish.

Since that first novella, my other published works include Resurrection of Hope, Alice’s Notions, and Red Sky Over America, Ladies of Oberlin Book One.

What’s Up With Tamera Now?

Unfortunately, my publisher, Desert Breeze, closed her doors in August. It was a blow, but it propelled me to my next project. My friend and I have talked about starting a royalty paying Christian publishing company, and we decided to go for it. Mt Zion Ridge Press, Books off the Beaten Path, was born.

Red Sky Over America rereleased and will be available in audiobook in the next couple of months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Book 2 of the Ladies of Oberlin Series, Lost in the Storm, releases next year.

Also, I wrote Soldier’s Heartone of the stories in From the Lake to the Riveran anthology where all the stories are set in Ohio.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

I’m currently writing a Jamestown Brides Series novel and am looking for an agent to pitch it.

How to Find Tamera Lynn Kraft & Her Books

Red Sky Over America

A Christmas Promise

From the Lake to the River

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Lord, You are the Great I Am–ever present, always existing–the God for whom we Christian writers write, our inspiration, and our hope. We give You the praise for the stories, the words, the phrases. As readers, we offer You our thanksgiving for stories such as Tamera’s. Please bless every single word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

  1. Nice interview with Tamera Lynn Kraft and learn more about this great author and Christian. I thought I had already commented, but I do not need to be entered in the giveaway. I’ve read and reviewed A Christmas Promise and other books by Tamera.
    Blessings to you both.

  2. I loved reading about you and your family. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing and giving readers wonderful books to read.

  3. God evidently has a purpose for you. Over each hurtle and mountain you have preservered and delivered your message. The Christian publishing company is a grand idea and very much needed by Christian authors. Keep plugging away at your endeavors and surely you will be rewarded. Look forward to reading your works.

  4. As Thanksgiving approaches in a few hours, we Christian authors are so blessed to have each other for encouragement and education. I know I have learned much from my fellow storytellers, and hope to bless others along the way. Thank you, Tamera, for your presentation, and what is evident as a great sense of humor too.

  5. Lovely family pictures!! Almost 40 years together is amazing, what a blessed marriage you have 🙂 I loved getting to know you more Tamera & your books as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks Linda for featuring her.

    Happy blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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