Life’s a Blast: Baxter Lesson #4

Life’s a blast! So let the wind flap your ears back. [photography by Michael Garza]

People loved pets in 1905, the year in which The Calling of Ella McFarland is set. And we love them today. 

Take my Cavapoo puppy Baxter, for example. I learn from him every single day.

Life’s a blast! So let the wind flap your ears back! (Tweet That!) so says Baxter, who’s claimed more than one spot in our home and hearts … our life.

Granted, Baxter gets strong-armed more times than he’d like. And denied IMG_3798fun “toys” like the tassels on the afghan. He’s banished to the kennel for “making bad choices” and forced to eat from his bowl, not the table, “for his own good”. He can’t always venture into sofa-armterritory that interests him or chew on what strikes his fancy. Still, life’s IMG_3799a blast.

All’s forgiven and forgotten when Papa turns the key to the front door … when Mama D tosses the squeaky toy across the room … or Papa slides onto the floor for a tussle.

Life’s a blast. It’s packed with blessings to exult in. Like a soft red blanket to sleep on and six kids to run with. A bell that jangles and a bowl of water that never runs dry. A big porch with a scrap of an old blanket for “doing business” when it’s raining out. And a couple of oversized laps and pairs of arms to hold him in the storm.

Today I’ll take a cue from Baxter. I’ll trust God’s oversized lap and strong arms. (Tweet That!) And I’ll say a prayer of thanksgiving for chew bones and soft beds. And let the wind flap my ears back. 

‘Cause life’s a blast!

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Psalm 100:1

3 thoughts on “Life’s a Blast: Baxter Lesson #4

  1. Linda Davis

    I just love this! You are SO descriptive. YOU are a blast!

  2. I’m amazed that Baxter forgets all about the “consequence” he received. Acts as if it never happened. Hmm. Sounds like another blog posting. Thanks for commenting, Teresa!

  3. Teresa Brooks

    Love this and the lessons we learn from our 4-legged loves who go through life loving unconditionally!


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