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Tasha Hackett on Let’s Chat

Welcome, everyone!

Tasha HackettTasha Hackett is our honored guest this week. Tasha is the author of the Hearts of the Midwest series that begins with her debut novel, Bluebird on the Prairie, a witty historical romance set in Nebraska in 1879.

Tasha Hackett is fueled by sunshine or homemade chocolate, whichever is more readily available. She proudly sings every word of the Wee Sing Silly Songs and often pretends to be a ballerina while unloading the dishwasher. But she favors writing to entertain and encourage women. She devotes most of her time with four chatty children and an incredibly supportive husband. They give her the kind of love people write books about.

Please welcome Tasha Hackett and join in the chat below.

Welcome, Tasha Hackett

Tasha Hackett here! Author of Bluebird on the Prairie. What a treat to be where I am today. And yes, I’m talking about the chance to sit in the chilly basement guest-bedroom. My husband is wrangling the kids and dinner while I bust out a few thousands words on my laptop. Can anyone else raise a hallelujah to that?

I’m fueled by sunshine or hot chocolate, whichever is more readily available. Though I proudly sing every word of the Wee Sing Silly Songs and often pretend to be a ballerina while unloading the dishwasher, my favorite thing is writing to entertain and encourage women. Most of my time is spent with four chatty children and an incredibly supportive husband. They give me the kind of love people write books about. 

Writing books I want to read is my main game. For the most part, I want to read happily-ever-afters and I want to laugh and I want to cry a little, and I want to be reminded there’s a God in heaven who loves us more than an earthly father ever could. 

Twelve-year-old Tasha totally saw this coming.

Tasha HackettIn truth, Twelve-year-old me would not be surprised to see my name on the cover of a book. She’d say, “Well, sure! That’s what writers do. They write books. Duh.” Probably she’d roll her eyes, too. I was such a sassy twelve-year-old.

Somewhere between twelve and thirty the rest of my life happened and my author vision was lost.

But one evening, with 34 prom dresses to be altered and the kids asleep for the night, I sat near a pile of red satin, carefully trimming four layers of tulle. Then my husband asked, “If you wrote a book, what would it be about?” From there we launched into an enthralling conversation about what he would write about: A zombie apocalypse. No thanks to the zombies, I was inspired.

Only three and a half years later, I completed my first manuscript: Bluebird on the Prairie. Sadly for him, my story completely lacks zombies, science, sci-fi or sports. I set out to create a witty romance while exploring themes of hope and grief and finding love again.

Tasha Hackett: I almost quit writing.

After finishing my first novel, I made the decision to wait a good, long time before tackling another one. I wasn’t even convinced of seeking publication. Motherhood is more important… and being a homemaker is more important… I just couldn’t do it all. It’s true! If I had to choose, I would and I could.

Then my husband said, I think you should keep writing.” 

You guys!!! My heart filled to bursting. This feeling in my chest was an honest-to-goodness physical response. Like an opening in my heart that grew and spread and filled up with all the happiness it could hold. It bubbled up and pushed out a few tears.

He told me in six words that he doesn’t mind doing his own laundry.

Tasha HackettNow we’re finally here, launching my debut novel. Bluebird on the Prairie is a witty historical romance set in Nebraska in 1879.

From the back: Haunted by nightmares of her husband’s death, Eloise Davidson struggles to find peace. Obviously, God messed up. When she meets a clumsy traveler who tumbles down a creek bank at her feet, she is more than willing to forget the whole embarrassing thing ever happened. Eloise worries about enough without entertaining silly daydreams. But when Zeke threatens the safety net she’s built around herself, she’s not prepared for how her world will change.

Ezekiel “Zeke” James is on the adventure of a lifetime—riding horseback all the way to California. Orphaned at 12 years old, he’s used to making his own way. What he’s not used to is the urge to stay put, especially when the object of his distraction is off-limits. The memory of Mrs. Davidson dressed only in a wet chemise in the creek proves difficult to ignore though. Amid their awkward first—and second—meetings, false assumptions, and a salty soup, Zeke’s plans to venture west begin to unravel.

Will Eloise and Zeke find their happily ever after or will their own plans and limited understanding of one another’s past tear them apart?

More about Bluebird on the Prairie by Tasha Hackett here! 

The clumsy antics of the hero, huge misunderstandings, and a humorous brother/sister relationship will keep you smiling, but you may need a tissue as the heroine works through her grief. Thankfully, word on the street is the story has a happily-ever-after. If I’ve promised you chocolate cake, I will give you chocolate cake. Lastly, for those of you wondering, “Okay, but is he going to kiss her already???” Well… you really ought to just read it for yourself and find out. 

Tasha Hackett: Hearing from my readers is my favorite thing.

Can we be friends? It helps me feel less like a nerd who hangs out with imaginary friends all day. I would love to connect with you at While you are there, be sure to sign up for my newsletter where I send out short stories and author updates.

 ~ ~ ~

Dear Lord, please bless each word Tasha writes for you.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~


5 thoughts on “Tasha Hackett on Let’s Chat

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh as I read the statement, “And yes, I’m talking about the chance to sit in the chilly basement guest-bedroom.” You see, I also have a chill basement guest-bedroom that I go to sometime to just sit and think, or write, or read! In the winter months I just put on a sweater and head to the basement. Your book sounds like it would make a good read in my “go-to room.” Blessings to you. I pray your success.

  2. Your book sounds like a great read and I love your book cover ! Wow, what a very supportive husband you have. Thank you for sharing about your book and for this interview. Lot’s and lot’s of good wishes in your writing. God bless you and your family.

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