Let’s Chat! Author Louise Looney

Meet Louise Looney

Louise Looney. Meet her and never forget her. Louise refers in her interview below to Hidden Manna, a Christian Retreat Center she managed for fifteen years. I first met Louise, first sat at her feet, and first gained from her wisdom at Hidden Manna.

I know you’ll be glad you met her. And you won’t forget her either.

**The winner of one of Louise’s books is Judy Goshy! All Judy did to enter the drawing was comment below.** 

Who Is Louise Looney?

I entered the world in one of the worst of times, the Great Depression, the eighth child, and with a misshaped head. But my parents loved me anyway. And throughout the years, in spite of my misshapen life, my Heavenly Father loved and blessed me anyway.

Athough poor, my family stressed the need for education. I graduated from Abilene Christian University. I earned my master’s degree from the University of Wyoming and did Post Graduate work at East Texas State University. I never studied journalism or creative writing because I didn’t dream I’d become a writer.

Louise Looney, Teacher

I taught all levels of education, in the prison system and on four occasions in a Bible training program in China. Adult students arrived from all over the country and stayed in hiding—in tiny places where they slept on the floor and weren’t allowed even to go out for a walk–for three months to do an in-depth study of the Bible

I enjoyed the wonderful experience of managing a Christian Retreat center, Hidden Manna, for fifteen years. When I turned seventy-five, I stepped away from cooking, mowing, cleaning, etc.

Louise Looney, Writer

I wrote my first book at age 79. (Tweet That!) My computer crashed, my printer acted up and I stepped on the flash drive that contained the backup for the book. Though I had hard copies of some of the chapters, I still had to redo much of the book. I was almost in tears when I called a friend to ask for prayer.

She failed to answer her phone, and I left a message, asking her to pray for me. A few hours later, she stopped by the house. I thanked her for responding to my call, but she said, “I never got a call.” That night, a young man phoned me. “My name is not Bette,” he said, “but I want you to know I got your message this morning and I’ve been praying for you all day.”

I moved to a retirement community, where I saw many people who complained about the aging process. And the Lord nudged me to write a book looking at this season of life from His perspective.

olomon’s description of aging is dismal, but God whispered, “Solomon wrote about the outer man. Look at the inner man.” My first book, Hidden Treasures for the Golden Years, addressed this issue and won the “Best Book on Christian Living,” 2011.

The second book came as the result of taking the yellowed notes my deceased psychologist husband had written over 35 years before. I struggled with the skeleton of this book for a year, attempting to resurrect his dream. Ultimately, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Use your voice, not his.” Then, ideas began to flow. This book is entitled Splashes of Living Water.

Marvels and Mysteries, is about the wonders of God’s creation, the intricate details of human organs and attributes of animals and their migration habits.

Louise Looney, Encourager

As an encouragement to seniors, I decided devotionals with humorous and heart-warming stories of encouragement would be a welcomed message. Over the Hill, Onto the Mountaintop, contains stories of hope for those growing older.

The Lord encouraged me to use our five senses like rungs of a ladder to climb out of the pit of depression. My latest book, Out of Darkness, Into His Marvelous Light, provides exercises at the end of each chapter. 

Three of my books served in fellowship groups: Hidden Treasures for Golden Years, Splashes of Living Water, and Out of Darkness, Into His Marvelous Light.

Louise Looney, Speaker

Currently, I write short humorous You-tube videos called “Looney Tidbits” that end with a spiritual message. They’re published each Friday on social media. I pray even non-believers will watch them for their humor, but grow curious about Christianity and check it out to find answers to life.

I speak to groups frequently and delivered a keynote address at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in May. Recently, I participated in interviews on two television programs, two radio programs and am scheduled to appear on another television and radio show this next week.

My heart’s desire is to encourage those who live in the autumn and winter seasons of life. And assure God’s older children that He has a purpose for each of us until we take our last breath. (Click to Tweet!)

Louise Looney, Survivor and Thriver

Other of my experiences—the death of my son by suicide; my husband’s brief unfaithfulness; nights when my family—including a two-year-old, a one-year-old, and a third child on the way—slept on the floor of a church building because we had no place to stay and no money; the dark days when my husband fought and lost the battle with cancer in the prime of his life; a five-year period when I was faced with the death of five members of my family; my daughter’s battle with cancer; and the death of a newborn grandson—I leave to another interview, another time.

Louise Looney, Award Winner

Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference honored me as “Writer of the Year” in May for Out of Darkness, Into His Marvelous Light.

Find me at my website, www.louisellooney.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter. 

~ ~ ~

Oh, Lord, our Unchanging God, Jehovah, You set Your hand on Louise Looney. You walk alongside her through valleys and on mountaintops. You smile as she ministers to so many in Jesus’ name. Through her You convey messages hope and encouragement for others in the autumn and winter of their lives. Bless Louise’s every word for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake.

































13 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Louise Looney

  1. Anthea Kotlan

    What a wealth of encouragement this lady has to offer. Thank you for sharing your chat with Louise, Linda. Her legacy is amazing as I can testify to the life saving intervention her son gave to my father-in-law a number of years ago. I needed to read this tonight as a reminder of what God can do with a willing vessel.

    1. You used the perfect words to describe Louise, Anthea: “what God can do with a willing vessel.” (She lives in your area, by the way, and she loves to speak to groups.) Paul and Teri have done so much for the Lord’s kingdom in ways few know about. They are an amazing family.

  2. Marilyn R

    Wow, God never ceases to amaze me when individuals allow Him to lead them. I enjoyed the legacy and testimony Louis Looney shared here. Her books sounds amazing and I’m going to have to check them out. Thank you for the introduction. Each day is a blessing no matter the age, as I tell my friends who complain about a big 0 birthday. Live each one to the fullest as some never reached that 60, 70 or 80 milestone.

  3. Judy Goshy

    I met you at your son’s (Paul) relationship conference in early 2014. Later that year, my husband had a stroke. This summer, I turned 65 and although I don’t feel older, I see the number and know my time is limited to leave a positive legacy. My dad died in the spring of 2014 but he was always positive about growing older. The only downer he ever said about aging was “The first 80 years are easy. After that, it’s harder.”
    I look forward to reading your words of encouragement.

    1. What a wonderful connection, Judy. Like Louise, no one can ever forget Paul. So happy you stopped by. You’re entered!

    2. What a blessing to get back in touch with those whose paths have crossed. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. Bonnie Mae Evans

    Dearest Louise,
    I just love that you wrote your first book at 70! That proves that as long as we are willing to let God use us He will! That statement alone gave me a much encouragement today!
    Bless you as you seek to serve Him more!

    1. Bonnie, I was actually 79, but the amazing thins is that
      God often chooses unlikely people at unlikely times to prove He had to be involved. Your comment was a blessing.

    2. So glad you stopped by to chat a bit, Bonnie. You’re entered in the drawing! 🙂

  5. Ann Ellison

    I new to me author. I enjoyed the interview and her books sounds like good ones.

    1. Louise is a one-of-a-kind, Ann. So glad you joined us today. You’re entered in the drawing!

      1. Thanks for adding the reply. I wrote one, but somehow it didn’t show up. Perhaps I’m to put my name and address below (?)

        1. You’ve done exactly what you need to, Louise. You’re not at all “technology challenged.” Love you!


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Worrywart Confesses All

woman-918623_1920Chalk it up to old-fashioned anxiety. Fear of the unknown. Or learning from the World’s Greatest Worrier—my mother. Whatever tag you slap on it, I morphed into a worrywart years ago.

Worried About Worry

Worry is plain-ol’ sin. I know.

It’s lack of trust in our trustworthy God.

storm-730653_1280Fear elbowing out faith. 

Doubt doubling down.

And pride pushing aside praise. 

Do the Saved Worry?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m saved by the blood of Jesus. Bound for the Promised Land. A daughter of the King of Heaven. And I’m one of those victors at the back of the Book.

But may I get dreadfully honest? I’ve wrestled for years with a wily enemy. He scoped me out when I was girl, spied on me at playtime. At school. On the bus. And at slumber parties. 

Not that he was particularly astute, mind you. I was easy to read.

The Worry-lessness of Childhood

Linda Jane Brooks_circa 1951I shrugged off others’ stories of misery. Bad things happened to other people. Not a Brooks. God wouldn’t let it.

Now let’s go play.

Worrywart-hood didn’t happen when my brother drove his small car under a parked 18-wheeler and clung to life, comatose, for a month. My thirteen-year-old assumptions were called into question, I admit. Butch was accident prone. That was all.

1969_12-20_smith_wilsonlee_raymondvillecemeteryIt didn’t happen the day my firstborn, a son, came into the world. And died.


Nor a year later when my daughter was born and I checked her breathing–her chest rising and falling–at midnight … three a.m. … and again at four.

Lane_1975Or when my second son was born, and the doctor walked into the room with news: “Your baby will have to remain in the hospital.” 

No, I had learned how to worry long before.

Learning to Worry

Early one morning when I was fourteen, I awoke with my mother sitting on my bed, crying. 

wilson-freeman-brooks_circa-1955“What is it?”

“It’s Daddy.”

“What about him?”

“He’s sick.”

I tried in the silence to imagine Daddy abed with a thermometer in his mouth, but the image wouldn’t stay put. Daddy wasn’t sick … ever. But then again, he could be….  Couldn’t he?

Daddy wasn’t Jesus Himself. Granted. But he was mighty close. So … OK. Daddy’s sick. 

But why in the world would that steal a moment of Mother’s sleep? 

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Muscular dystrophy. Doc says he has two years.”

The Effects of Worry

kaleidoscope_mandala-1248169_1280You know how a kaleidoscope takes the same array of colored shapes and rearranges them into different designs? That’s what happened to my world. The pieces shifted.

But the colors faded to gray.

They gathered into a great boulder that followed me around, waiting to drop atop the house Daddy built. 

worried-girl-413690_960_720All these years later (and that’s a lot of years, folks), I still remember: The colors faded and fear set in. Suddenly it didn’t pay to be a Brooks.

As it turned out, muscular dystrophy wasn’t the culprit. Nor was ALS. Or muscular sclerosis. Physicians couldn’t put a label on it. But I could. 

It was a ten-year knot in my stomach. A twinge when the phone rang. A bible-1245795_1280pang when I hugged Daddy, bony and frail. It was a stab in my heart at the sight of my hero, wheelchair bound, bent over at the table to reach his plate.

And it was battling to defend one thin line of hope. Daddy taught a Bible class from his electric wheelchair, his body and head braced straight. Somehow he would keep breathing. I just knew he would. (Tweet That)

Until he couldn’t.

And didn’t.

Satan’s Foothold

You see, Satan got a foothold that day in my girlhood when Mother sobbed at woman-tearmy bedside. I’ve been shoving him out ever since. Just when I think I’ve kicked in his boot toe for good, he smashes the door wide open. And here we go again.

Thankfully I don’t have to call out my own sullied name. At the name of Jesus even the demons tremble. My only defense is the Holy Spirit. At the sight of Him, the devil flees. No weapon or armor can stand against the Lord God Almighty.

But–oh–how my flesh craves the delusion of strength, the power of my will. How foolish.

Jesus’ Three-Part Solution

There’s one way and one way alone to abide in peace, and that’s to abide in Jesus. In Him I am fed. In Him I am fulfilled. And in Him I am satisfied. 

Man shall not live on bread alone. Luke 4:4

Worship the Lord your God and serve him only. Luke 4:8

Do not put the Lord your God to the test. Luke 4:12

fotolia_1190698_XS_traveltips.usatoday.comDoes this sound familiar, anyone? As we look forward to the bounty of Thanksgiving Day, let’s pray for one another.

Dear Lord, you promised your children peace–not as the world gives, but as only you can provide. Peace is among the fruits of the Spirit. So why do your children war? Why do we battle and struggle and fear? On Thanksgiving Day and everyday, help us make room for the Spirit of Peace–in our minds and hearts and homes. Make us childlike in our trust of You. Hollow us out so we can receive more of you, the Prince of Peace. ~ For Jesus’ sake

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27


2 thoughts on “Worrywart Confesses All

  1. Thanks, Linda, for sharing with transparency from your heart. I, too, have struggled with worry. When I finally realized the Lord was not at the root of it, I began to pray through it. And it works!

    1. That’s a unique perspective–reminding yourself the Lord isn’t at the root of worry. We won’t find him in worry. Love it. Thank you, Clarice.


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