Let’s Chat! Author Elaine Manders

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Elaine Manders delights readers with her historical romances. This week Elaine tells us about her latest release, Revealed, Book 3 in her Intrigue Under Western Skies series. Be sure to check out her giveaway offer below

**Congratulations to Cheryl Baranski, winner of Elaine’s giveaway this past week—a $10 Amazon gift card!** 

Revealed by Author Elaine Manders

Elaine MandersI wrote Revealed to answer an unresolved mystery from Books 1 and 2. What happened to Rhyan Cason’s mother? And to give Colt Holliman (Rhyan’s friend) a love interest. The spiritual themes are judgment and forgiveness.

As with most of my stories, unseen enemies, physical and spiritual, hound the protagonists, but they aren’t revealed until the end.

The Story Begins

Elaine MandersThe story opens in Charleston, South Carolina, where Katherine Levinson has led the idealistic life of a post-civil war Southern belle until her father dies unexpectedly.

Katherine and her gravely ill mother lose their home, and, behind her mother’s back, she contacts the brother she’s never met, Rhyan Cason, the famous cattle baron.

The Story Unfolds

Elaine MandersWhen they move to Nebraska and Rhyan’s sprawling ranch, Sollano, questions arise over Katherine’s legal status as an heiress to the Cason estate. Old sins are uncovered, turning the townfolk against Katherine and her mother.

Elaine MandersNo one understands Katherine’s resentment and confusion except Colt. His modest horse ranch, the Double Bar H, appeals to her more than Sollano’s opulence.

Love and Faith Bloom

Elaine MandersTheir attraction grows, and Colt finds himself spiritually conflicted. He has promised to wait for another woman to finish her contract with the Wild West Show to announce their engagement. Following his heart would require him to break that commitment, but a sense of honor holds him back. In time, he realizes withholding his true feelings is a form of dishonesty that leads to dire consequences.

I can’t go any further into Revealed or I might give the plot away. I will say, Colt and Katherine are drawn together and face an unexpected danger that tests their love and their faith in God, and a prairie fire is a part of that danger.

Insights From Elaine Manders

One of the greatest joys of writing a new book is discovering a new spiritual truth—something that jumps out at me unexpectedly. This is the lesson I found in Revealed. Katherine is explaining to her friend, Maggie, why she won’t judge others, even those misjudging her. “We don’t have the ability to judge others, Maggie. When we do, we’re playing God, and that’s a dangerous thing to do.”

Elaine MandersThat was a real eye-opener for me. Yes, I’d always known it was wrong to judge others, even though we have to consider their fruit, but I never asked, “why?” It’s obvious, isn’t it? We can’t see into a person’s heart. We don’t know their background—and more important—we don’t know God’s purpose for them. In other words, we can’t play God. And it is dangerous, because the Bible says we’ll be judged by the same measure we use to judge others.

A Giveaway from Elaine Manders

Join our conversation below, and you’ll be entered in Elaine’s drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. We’re looking forward to your comments!

How to Find Elaine Manders

Twitter  @ehmanders

Elaine Manders
Book 1: Intrigue Under Western Skies series by Elaine Manders
Book 2: Intrigue Under Western Skies series by Elaine Manders









~ ~ ~

Father God, You are the Creator, the Sustainer, and the only wise Judge. We confess we often attempt to act as judge in Your place. For this we ask Your forgiveness. We’re thankful for Elaine’s novel, Revealed, which entertains, enlightens, and convicts. Please bless every single word she writes for You. 
~ For Jesus’ sake

15 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Elaine Manders

  1. Elaine Manders

    Thanks everyone for your comments. And thank you, Linda for sharing my thoughts and book. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Cheryl Baranski

    This is something that I need reminding of from time to time.

    1. So true for all of us, Cheryl. Thanks for joining our gathering. Please come back.

  3. Perrianne Askew

    It’s a good reminder to ourselves about judgement. It’s best that we not judge his creation…no matter where they stand and whatever their circumstances. If we thought about it that way maybe we would be more careful about judging….especially since we’re not mind readers either.

    1. Ditto, Perianne. Thanks so much for visiting with us.

  4. Lucy Reynolds

    I always say walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them as we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

    1. Amen, Lucy. (Walk a mile in their house slippers 🙂

  5. Love this quote. “One of the greatest joys of writing a new book is discovering a new spiritual truth—something that jumps out at me unexpectedly.”
    It’s an amazing moment!
    Great interview, ladies!

    1. Amen, Gail.

  6. Marilyn R

    Hello Linda and Elaine, I have read Elaine’s books and look forward to reading Revealed. Readers will enjoy the research she does prior to writing and the spiritual lessons that can be obtained. Blessings to you both for an amazing week. God bless.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn.

  7. Elaine Manders

    Thanks for hosting me, Linda. I love your blog posts.

    1. It’s my honor and privilege, Elaine.

  8. Faith Creech

    I agree. I always remember the Bible verses in James that tell us not to judge others. That is a hard one for me for I find myself judging others in my heart. I always have to confess that sin!
    Your books look very interesting! Thanks for a chance to win!

    1. Amen, Faith. I do too.


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Let’s Chat! Author Elaine Manders

Welcome, Readers! And Welcome, Elaine Manders!

Elaine Manders

This week independent author Elaine Manders, who writes Christian romance novels laced with suspense, history, and adventure, treats us with a visit to our chat circle.

Elaine is offering a give-away to someone who comments below, so read to the bottom to get the scoop! Join the conversation, ya’ll.

Congratulations to blog reader Paula Shreckhise! You’re the winner of Elaine’s Regency novel, The Duke’s Dilemma!

Readers, comment on the interview each week, and a book may be coming your way too. 🙂 

Who Is Elaine Manders?

I was born in rural South Georgia and grew up in a one-traffic-light town. If you ever watched Mayberry RFD, you know the type. A place of community spirit, Christian values, and strong family ties.

After college, I became a government accountant at a huge AF base about fifty miles away. I married and divorced. My life was as busy as any single mother building a career can be. All during this time, it never occurred to me that I should write down the stories percolating in my mind. But when my mother passed away, and my daughter went off to college, I found myself alone and at a turning point. (Click to Tweet!) 

Learning to Write, Elaine Manders Style

After completing a two-year correspondence fiction writing course, I joined a local writer’s group and began work on my first novel, a saga set in Austria during the Napoleonic Wars. This book, still unpublished, showed me what real romance was. Not a series of relationships, which is all I’d pursued since my divorce, but a meeting of the hearts where two become one. I began to pray that God would bring a hero into my life.

Without that book I would never have met my soul-mate. As I was doing research into the Lipizzaner horses mentioned in my novel, I heard that a Lipizzaner horse show was coming to a nearby town. Trouble was, I hate driving in a city and none of my friends cared for horseshows. Then I remembered an acquaintance of a friend had mentioned he liked horses. We’d been out on a couple of casual dates, and I had his phone number. I called him about going to the show with me.

A Love of Her Own

He was fascinated with my writing and specifically the romance I was working on. Six months later, I married the answer to my prayers. We were blessed with 23 years of happiness. He inspired and encouraged my stories and became my best salesman.

I lost my partner, my hero, my sweetheart last year, but the memories live on in my heart and in my writing.

Debut and Beyond for Elaine Manders

When Amazon opened markets for independent publishers, I jumped at the chance to put my books on the fast-track. The formula-type books traditional publishers want from new authors didn’t suit me.

My first published works were a trilogy of mail-order bride novellas, In the Annex Mail-Order Brides, which were a prequel series to my Intrigue under Western Skies series, four friends become among the first women to attend Harvard College. Three of them travel west for husbands, the mail-order bride series. The full length novel series that follows is the fourth woman’s story.

Two of the Intrigue books have been published to date, and I’m currently working on the third, due to be released in October.

What’s Up With Elaine Manders Now?

This year I began a new novel series, the Wolf Deceivers, with two books published so far. My latest release is The Duke’s Dilemma. If I have time this fall, I hope to release a second Christmas novella.

Next year I’ll begin a new series entitled Women in Peril, two historicals and two contemporary novels about women in dangerous situations, and the men who rescue them.

Each of my stories follows a different Christian theme, and all have suspense elements as well as the romance. The first goal of my writing is to bring glory to the Lord, after that I hope to inspire and entertain my readers. (Click to Tweet!) 

I‘m offering an ebook copy of The Duke’s Dilemma to anyone in the world. Or a print copy to anyone in the United States. 

Where to Find Elaine


Links to Elaine’s Books:

Annex Mail-Order Brides Boxset 




The Perfect Gift






Cloaked in Love 


















The Chieftain’s Choice 






The Duke’s Dilemma 






Oh, Lord, how marvelous are Your ways—far beyond telling. We praise You for walking alongside us, Your lowly creatures, and throwing petals of blessings along our path. You’ve done this for Elaine, and we thank You. Please bless every word Elaine writes for You. 
~ For Jesus’ sake













16 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Elaine Manders

  1. Paula

    Thanks for my winning the book! Blessings.

    1. Thank YOU for enriching the conversation!

  2. Elaine Manders

    Thank you, Linda, for this beautiful post and the opportunity to meet some of your followers. You blog is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Elaine. The author interviews are one of my joys. Thank you for being a part of it. You’ve blessed me and the readers, many of whom don’t comment but are still blessed.

  3. Trixi

    Wow Elaine, what a real life story! I’m so glad you found the love of your life and was able to spend some wonderful years together. I’m also sorry to hear of his passing! I can’t imagine losing a spouse, or the heartache that goes with it. I pray you have found peace and comfort in our Lord.

    I really enjoy Christian historical romance stories with suspense threads…now that’s a mouthful! I’ve not had the pleasure of reading anything by you, but “The Dukes Dilemma” sounds really good. That cover is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Blessings to you dear one!

    1. Elaine Manders

      Hi Trixi, thanks so much. I had trouble fitting my stories into the typical genres. There’s not a category for historical suspense, much less romantic historical suspense, but hopefully they’ll recognize it before long because I can’t write a plot without some suspense, and the ending always surprises me, which makes the writing fun.

    2. Welcome to our chat circle, Trixi. Your comments buoy both Elaine and me. Please visit against. God be with you.

  4. Marilyn R

    A wonderful interview with Elaine Manders. I’ve gained some new tidbits about this amazing talented author. I have read several of her books and have been captured into each story that shows the glory of God’s love and faithfulness.

    1. Elaine Manders

      Thank you Marilyn. You are such a wonderful encourager.

    2. I’m tickled to see you in our chat circle, Marilyn. You encourage both Elaine and me. Thank you! You’re entered 😊

  5. Ann Ellison

    Enjoyed the interview. Elaine is a new to me author and her books sound like good ones.

    1. Elaine Manders

      Hi Ann, I’m happy to meet you. Bringing enjoyment and inspiration to my readers is my greatest pleasure.

    2. Oh, Ann, how wonderful to see you join our circle of friends. What an encouragement you are!

  6. Paula

    I would love to win a print copy of the book. Thanks for the informative interview. Sorry you list your husband but I’m glad you had a wonderful marriage. Blessings!

    1. Elaine Manders

      Thank you, Paula. It’s been a tough year and a half. I’m so glad my sweet husband was Christian, as I am, because we’ll see each other again someday.

    2. Greetings in the name of the Lord, Paula. I love having you join the chat. You’re entered!


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