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Welcome, everyone!

Naomi Miller

Naomi Miller is our honored guest blogger this go-round.

This author mixes up a batch of intrigue sprinkled with Amish, Mennonite, English & Irish characters (so far) and adds pinches of mystery and romance.

Naomi focuses on writing, editing, and blogging about her experiences. When she’s not working diligently to finish the next book in her Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series, Amish Sweet Shop Romance series, Windy Gap Amish Romance series, and Amish Suspense series, she enjoys traveling with her family.

She also tries to make time for attending writer events, workshops and conferences. One of her favorite joys is meeting her readers. She’s traveled from Tennessee to South Carolina, across to Alabama and Mississippi, up to St. Louis, then to Indiana, Illinois, and finally over to Ohio to meet readers and make new friends. She’s looking forward to making a trip to Pennsylvania next year.

Naomi MillerNaomi also enjoys singing inspirational/gospel music, taking daily walks, and witnessing to others of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. She’s giving away Blueberry Cupcake Mystery to 3 blessed individuals who join our chat circle.

Now, here’s Naomi Miller in her own words. (You’re in for a treat!)

~ ~ ~

Years ago I wrote a suspense novel. It started out as a cute little Amish story with a sweet romance. I had an idea. A plan. And a course. 

I wrote the story. And halfway through, my course was derailed. My plan was wrecked. 

A New Course for Naomi Miller

But I kept writing. 

Naomi MillerI followed the new course, curious as to where it would lead me. Then I finished it and put it away. Even though I had succeeded in writing something I never intended to write, it was not at all what I wanted to write at that time.

What I wanted to write was something sweet. I could not let go of the sweet story line that I had originally planned, the story that would let someone read through it and afterwards be left feeling happy, free, calm, relaxed. I felt very strongly that what our world needed at that moment (and probably still does) were more sweet stories.

Naomi Miller
So, I wrote a sweet cozy mystery… and another… and another… until I had six books in the series. Six stories about hope, love, family, and forgiveness. My daughter calls them Comfort Food Cozies. 

Naomi MillerI didn’t plan to write six stories, but each time I finished one and it was published, just days later, readers were contacting me or posting on Facebook, asking when the next book would be out. Clearly I was doing something right–something readers wanted (and hopefully needed). By the time the third book was released, readers began asking me when I was going to release a cookbook containing the recipes in the books.

Naomi Miller Cooks up a New Idea

Each time I immersed myself in Katie’s little world, I thought about the idea of a cookbook. To me, it felt like a wonderful idea, but I admit I could not understand how anyone would really want to buy a cookbook from me. (If you’d like a copy of The Abbott Creek Cookbook, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon.)

Truthfully, I always feel shocked and somewhat amazed when people buy my books… read my books… enjoy my books… and ask for more.

Naomi MillerI can only believe that this is all a part of God’s plan. It’s the only thing that makes sense, the only way I can understand how so many people enjoy reading sweet, cute, short novels from a grandma who only started having her books published at an age when most people are thinking about retirement.

I‘m also working on a new story… an Amish romance with our favorite characters from Abbott Creek, and there are more stories to be written about the wonderful community of Abbott Creek.

Naomi Miller Naomi Miller Naomi Miller  
Naomi Miller Naomi Miller Naomi Miller  

So stick around… there’s more to come.

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Website:  Family Friendly Fiction Filled with Grace, Faith, and Forgiveness


Twitter: AuthorNaomi Amish cozy mysteries

My relationship with my Savior is the most important part of my life! If there is one thing in my life I would like to do better, it’s to be able to witness of how awesome God is working in my life. Jesus makes all things possible! He makes life worth living! He’s everything to me!  
~ Naomi Miller

14 thoughts on “Naomi Miller: Let’s Chat

  1. Roxanne Cruz

    This sounds like a fun series with the right mixture of faith, mystery and sweetness. Thank you for introducing me to a new author. Best wishes and blessings on you both.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Roxanne!

    2. Thanks, Roxanne. I hope you’ll check them out… and be blessed by them.

  2. Thanks Linda, for featuring me (and my books) on your blog. You are a blessing to me!
    God bless you,
    Naomi Miller

    1. It has been my honor to feature you, Naomi.

  3. Your titles bring a multitude of mind pleasing thoughts to my brain. Food has always inspired the human being. I am no exception. I am intrigued with the cookbook. I always associate the Amish Friendship bread with the Amish people. I received my first batch when I was a very young public school teacher. May God continue to bless you with inspiring stories.

    1. Hi, Jane. Thanks for your encouraging words.

    2. Thanks, Jane. We worked hard to make the cookbook interesting as well as beautiful. I’m hoping it makes a thoughtful gift, too.

  4. Beverly Knudsen

    I love Amish Country stories!! I also sometimes enjoy suspense and adventure from a Christian world view. I am very intrigued by your Cozies!!

    1. Welcome, Beverly! Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Thanks, Beverly. I hope you’ll give them a try.

  5. Lorel Kline

    Reading what you wrote was such and encouragement. How I long to have that kind or relationship with my Lord and know that it is only me that is standing in the way. Your books sound delightful. Thanks so much for sharing. May God continue to use you to encourage and delight your readers for a long time.

    1. You encourage us also, Lorel. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Lorel,
      I am honored by your reply; you (and readers like you) are the reason I write!
      God bless you,


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Let’s Chat! Author Becky Melby

Welcome, Everyone!

Becky MelbyThis week Becky Melby is treating us with a visit. Becky writes cozy mysteries, and I just know you’re going to love her. 

Becky is offering a print copy of Family Secrets to the winner of this week’s drawing** (U.S. resident), so join the chat below to enter.

**Congrats, Lucy Reynolds, this week’s winner!

Becky Melby’s Roots

I’m a Midwest girl–born in Minneapolis. I’ve lived in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. I married my high school sweetheart 46 years ago. We just celebrated 50 years since our first date! We have four sons, all married, and fifteen grandchildren.

Becky Melby
y writing career began at the age of eight when I started writing stories on anything I could get my hands on. In fifth grade, when my teacher put my bunny poem (with a red “A+ Very Good!” on it), on the bulletin board, I knew I wanted to grow up to be an author. In high school I had a poem published in the local newspaper. That was a huge moment.

I was married with three kids by the time my first short story was published. I still remember dancing around my kitchen like a crazy lady with the acceptance letter in my hand.

A Debut for Becky Melby 

Twenty-seven years ago I was a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. In the midst of the busyness of raising four boys, my writing dream was a fuzzy, distant memory. Then one day my friend Cathy Wienke called and told me she’d just literally thrown a book at the wall because of its trite dialogue and predictable plot. “We should write our own,” she said. And so we did.

A Surprising Turn of Events

Becky MelbyNine months from that conversation, we had a finished manuscript. This was back in the old days before the internet and email. We used Writer’s Market to find publishers that accepted unsolicited manuscripts and started sending out proposals.

Then, after a few rejections, we received a positive response from Barbour Publishing. They were interested in our story for their Heartsong Presents line. There was just one small problem: Their word count limit was 50,000 and our manuscript was 75,000! We faced the bird-in-the-hand dilemma. After a few days of prayer, we decided to go ahead and start slashing. As it turned out, what we thought would feel like lopping off body parts without anesthesia became a hilarious time of “Why did we write that?”

What’s Up With Becky Melby Now?

Becky MelbyCathy and I wrote eight other Heartsong titles and a novella together. I have also written a full-length three-book series called the Lost Sanctuary Series. (Out of print now, but watch for the series re-release later this summer.) I have two novellas in collections with Cynthia Ruchti, Rachael Phillips, and Eileen Key. A Door County Christmas and Cedar Creek Seasons are both set in my home state of Wisconsin.

Family Secrets by Becky Melby

Becky MelbyFamily Secrets, my recent release is the first in a series of Guideposts cozy mysteries called Secrets of Wayfarers Inn. In the series, three retired school teachers find an old warehouse that had once been an inn and hope to restore it to its former glory as a B&B and soup café.

In Family Secrets, someone (or something!) is out to stop them. The inn was once a stop on the Underground Railroad and each of the books in the series will contain a contemporary mystery as well as a glimpse into the life of Prudence Willard, a former slave who became a conductor on the UR and hid people escaping to freedom in the inn’s secret rooms. I am one of eight authors working on this series. One will be released every month. I just finished the manuscript for Book 9 which will come out in February.

Insight from Becky Melby

Tess, LuAnn, and Janice, the three main characters in Secrets of Wayfarers Inn have become my good buddies after all the time we’ve spent together. I love “watching” how they strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus while sleuthing around the beautiful riverside town of Marietta, OH.

Becky Melby
look back at the editing required for that first book as the greatest editing lesson I’ve ever had. Cathy and I basked in the joy of holding that first book baby in our hands. Back then, our readers sent actual handwritten snail mail. To know that our story was touching someone enough to motivate them to sit down and bless us with a letter was such a humbling experience.

Where to Find Becky Melby

Family Secrets can be purchased from Guideposts

You may reach me on my website is

I’m also on Facebook at and my author page,

~ ~ ~

Lord, what a privilege and blessing it is as authors to realize our words encourage others and bring them closer to You, the Word. From all points in our great country and across the world readers are finding Your messages of hope and encouragement in stories you’ve given authors like Becky Melby. Please bless every word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ Sake

11 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Becky Melby

  1. Terri Buchholz

    Hi Becky. I am really excited to eventually read your new series. I read between 2 to 5 Christian fiction books a week. Sometimes I read so long into the night I start seeing double (then I just close one eye and keep on !) Historical fiction is my favorite ,, I collect those I like, loaning them out with subtle threats if not returned. I’m also blessed by a good mystery that is not gory. Bless you and thanks!

  2. Marilyn

    Hi Becky, nice to meet you here on Linda’s blog. I’m in Illinois and heat index is over 100 today.
    Your books are ones I know I’ll enjoy so they are going on My that never ending TBR list. Blessings as you continue to write.
    Linda, thank you for introducing new authors who write Christian genres right here in your blog. Hugs and blessings.

    1. Introducing authors to readers is so much fun! PS: You’re feeling south Texas heat, girl!

  3. Perrianne Askew

    Thank you for the chat. It’s always good to know an authors roots. I would love to be where you are right now, it’s just so HOT here in central Texas. And it’s too soon in the summer to be this hot. Stay cool!

    1. I’m visiting my son and family in central Illinois where it’s 93 today, but I imagine you are in three digit weather in central Texas, Perrianne!

  4. Faith Creech

    I lived in Wisconsin as a very young girl. Thanks for the chat and also a chance at the giveaway!

    1. Happy to meet a former Wisconsinite, Faith!

    2. Hi, Faith. So good to see you in our circle this week. This South Texas girl would love to visit Wisconsin. Thank you for supporting this blog—and Becky. God bless you!

  5. We are about an hour and a half south of Oostburg, Lucy. Beautiful area up there.

  6. Lucy Reynolds

    Loved reading this. Exciting journey. I lived in central WI for twenty years and am in Oostburg now visiting my daughter and family. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Lucy. I love these connections among writers and readers of faith-based fiction. Thank you for your faithful support of this blog and Becky. Bless you!


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