Donna L.H. Smith Let’s Chat!

Welcome, everyone

Donna L.H. Smith, a dear author friend, is taking the blog reins today. You’ll not find a kinder person anywhere. I know you’ll be glad to get to know her. She’s giving away a digital copy of Rose’s Redemption to someone who joins the chat.

Donna L.H. Smith

Have you ever wanted to change your life? (Chuckle) Everyone wants to change something about their life from time to time. We want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, and make sure our spiritual life is on track by spending time with God.

Hello there. Donna L.H. Smith here, and I appreciate Linda giving me this opportunity to guest blog. Linda and I are former students of DiAnn Mills, through the Christian Writers’ Guild Craftsman program.

Donna L.H. Smith: My Life

I was born and raised in Kansas — and yes — my mother’s name was Dorothy! But she did not have a dog named Toto! Her dog was Tiger. I have two college degrees in mass communications, but I consider myself a lifelong student. Currently, I’m studying Christian healing through Global Awakening, concentrating on inner healing to help people mend from life’s hurts. My goal is to host inner healing retreats beginning next year.

Donna L.H. Smith

Donna L.H. Smith: Meghan’s Choice

My debut novel was Meghan’s Choice, available from Amazon. It made the semi-finals of the Operation 1stNovel that Linda’s first book won! (smile). It’s the first novel in the Known by Heart Series.

Donna L.H. Smith: Rose’s Redemption

Book number two is Rose’s Redemption. Here’s the back-cover blurb:

A Former Dance Hall Girl. A Handsome Young Doctor. Can Rose overcome her past? That’s Rose’s Redemption.

Rose Rhodes changed not only her name after the tornado; sheDonna L.H. Smith changed her outward appearance. No more was she Rosalie O’Roarke, former dance hall girl. She loves her new work as a nurse-in-training to handsome Doctor Scott Allison.

As Scott and Rose’s relationship begins to change from professional to personal, they must deal with figures from Rose’s past who make life anything but easy. Rose is concerned that the town will discover her dance hall girl past, especially when Jake Thomas, the man who viciously beat her, asks all over town where Rosalie O’Roarke went. But both Rose and Scott are in for surprise encounters with Christ that will change their lives forever and help them see His plan for them. In fact, they will see God at work all over New Boston.

Pre-published, Rose’s Redemption won second place in the 2017 Golden Leaf Award at the Advanced Novelist Retreat and was a finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Phoenix Rattler Contest. Published in connection with Hartline Literary Agency, serving the Christian book community.

You can purchase Rose’s Redemption from Amazon. Links for both books are below.


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TWITTER: @donnalhsmith

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PINTEREST: Donna L.H. Smith. Boards: The World of Meghan’s Choice & The World of Rose’s Redemption

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13 thoughts on “Donna L.H. Smith Let’s Chat!

  1. One more thing y’all probably didn’t know about Rose’s Redemption: she got 3rd place in Western Fiction at this year’s BRMCWC Selah Awards! We’re happy about that!
    Blessings, Donna

  2. Aw Clarice & Linda – you guys are so sweet! Well, you know, there are “online” critique groups. I have a partner, another Craftsman that DiAnn put together with me … but you two, even though your styles are different …
    Anyway, good to see you Clarice! Blessings!

  3. So pleased to see your success, Donna. Wish you, Linda, and I lived closer to one another. What a critique group we could have!

    1. How I wish that too, Clarice!

  4. So nice to read about you and your successful books. Christian literature is always so uplifting to read. Change is good although the road is sometimes tough to follow. Through God all things are possible. I look forward to reading your books.

    1. Hi, Jane. Great to see you. I’m glad you’ve gotten to know a bit about Donna. She is such a dear! And so are you.

    2. Hi Jane.

      Thank you! I may not be a bestselling author, but the awards actually mean more! Book #3 is at the publishers and should come out later this year!

  5. Marilyn R

    Nice to learn more about Donna here on your blog, Linda. I recently read Meghan’s Choice, thus I’m happy to see there will be a continuation of Rose’s life in Rose’s Redemption. Thank you God can set free and change each of us with inner healing. Donna, blessings as you pursue your training to be able to host retreats for inner healing. Linda, blessings to you as you continue to write and host this blog.

    1. Hi, Marilyn. Thank you for your support of this blog and for your encouraging comments. You’re a blessing.

    2. Hi Marilyn,
      Thank you! I’m so glad you read Meghan’s Choice. Would you consider leaving a review on Amazon? And yes, Rose’s Redemption takes Rose places that are uncomfortable. There’s a bit of my history in there, too. I say so. And, I’m going to enter seminary next year for more training etc. for inner healing retreats. God is so good!
      Blessings! Donna

  6. Alicia,
    I was so shy growing up that my Aunt Juanita didn’t know I could talk until I was five, because I would hide behind my mother’s skirts.
    In school, I was harshly teased because of being sensitive, something I now understand was due to a root of rejection I’d had since before birth.
    But God is very good, and He has healed and delivered me, so I just want to help others in that way!
    Thank you for commenting!

  7. Alicia Haney

    Hi Donna, so nice to meet you on this blog, I enjoyed reading your interview, and yes, there are some things that I would like to change, so all I have to do is start with the steps to changing that. I know one thing I cannot change is I wish I would have been more outspoken when I was young and in school, I mostly kept to myself, but I guess that’s how I was meant to be, lots of other things can be changed , so all I have to do now is concentrate on those things. I know I tell my grandchildren and i have told my kiddos to not be too shy to speak their minds, I have told them that I wish I hadn’t been a shy person. Your books sound like very good reads and the covers are Beautiful. That is so very nice of you and your studying of Christian Healing, as there are too, too many hurting and in the need of healing. God Bless you my friend.

    1. It’s wonderful to see you in the circle, Alicia. God bless.


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Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

Welcome, Everyone!

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionTamera Lynn Kraft writes faith-filled historical novels for the adventurous heart. Getting to know Tamera is quite the treat.

Tamera is offering her novella, A Christmas Promise, in digital format as a giveaway to someone who joins our chat circle. So gather ’round and get to know this faith-filled author.

Tamera Lynn Kraft: In Her Own Words

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was born in Ohio. I married a wonderful, godly man 39 years ago. We celebrate our 40th anniversary in January. My pastor’s wife said this Sunday, there is nothing more sexy than a godly man who loves to worship. By those standards, my husband is very sexy.

My husband and I have two married children and three grandchildren. The oldest is 11 years, and the youngest is 3 months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was a children’s pastor for 20 years and have a traveling children’s ministry called Revival Fire for Kids where we do children’s revivals, teacher training, and children’s ministry consultations. One of my greatest honors was winning the 2003 NCLA Shepherd’s Cup for the advancement of children’s ministry.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Tamera Lynn Kraft: The Author

My first published book was through Pelican Press in 2013–a novella called A Christmas Promise. It was about Moravian missionaries in Schoenbrun, Ohio in 1773.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

It wasn’t the first novel I wrote.

I planned to be a writer from childhood and had children’s church curriculum and some articles published, but I didn’t write fiction for publication until 2007.

With two full length novels completed, I was on the third and even had an agent, but I wasn’t published until a wrote this Christmas story. A couple more novellas released, but it wasn’t until 2017, ten years after I started, that I had a full length novel published, and it wasn’t one of the first couple I wrote. 

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI always tell writers to be patient. A writing career takes a long time to establish.

Since that first novella, my other published works include Resurrection of Hope, Alice’s Notions, and Red Sky Over America, Ladies of Oberlin Book One.

What’s Up With Tamera Now?

Unfortunately, my publisher, Desert Breeze, closed her doors in August. It was a blow, but it propelled me to my next project. My friend and I have talked about starting a royalty paying Christian publishing company, and we decided to go for it. Mt Zion Ridge Press, Books off the Beaten Path, was born.

Red Sky Over America rereleased and will be available in audiobook in the next couple of months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Book 2 of the Ladies of Oberlin Series, Lost in the Storm, releases next year.

Also, I wrote Soldier’s Heartone of the stories in From the Lake to the Riveran anthology where all the stories are set in Ohio.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

I’m currently writing a Jamestown Brides Series novel and am looking for an agent to pitch it.

How to Find Tamera Lynn Kraft & Her Books

Red Sky Over America

A Christmas Promise

From the Lake to the River

Newsletter Sign-up:

~ ~ ~

Lord, You are the Great I Am–ever present, always existing–the God for whom we Christian writers write, our inspiration, and our hope. We give You the praise for the stories, the words, the phrases. As readers, we offer You our thanksgiving for stories such as Tamera’s. Please bless every single word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

  1. Marilyn R

    Nice interview with Tamera Lynn Kraft and learn more about this great author and Christian. I thought I had already commented, but I do not need to be entered in the giveaway. I’ve read and reviewed A Christmas Promise and other books by Tamera.
    Blessings to you both.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Marilyn!

  2. Deana Dick

    I loved reading about you and your family. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing and giving readers wonderful books to read.

    1. Thank you for joining us, Deana. Have a beautiful season of Christmas preparations. 🙂

  3. God evidently has a purpose for you. Over each hurtle and mountain you have preservered and delivered your message. The Christian publishing company is a grand idea and very much needed by Christian authors. Keep plugging away at your endeavors and surely you will be rewarded. Look forward to reading your works.

    1. Hi, Jane! Isn’t it wonderful to get to know Christian authors like Tamera? I’m thankful for Christian readers, authors, and publishers. And movie makers too. God uses us all.


    As Thanksgiving approaches in a few hours, we Christian authors are so blessed to have each other for encouragement and education. I know I have learned much from my fellow storytellers, and hope to bless others along the way. Thank you, Tamera, for your presentation, and what is evident as a great sense of humor too.

    1. Yes, Jane! Doesn’t Tamera look like fun personified? I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and your coming days of Christmas preparations go smoothly and bring you lots of joy and love.

  5. Trixi

    Lovely family pictures!! Almost 40 years together is amazing, what a blessed marriage you have 🙂 I loved getting to know you more Tamera & your books as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks Linda for featuring her.

    Happy blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. I’m with you in affirming Tamera and husband on 40 years. What a blessing – and an example. I think A Christmas Promise looks so good. And its Moravian angle is intriguing.


    Such a great Author Thank you Tamera and Linda for this wonderful chat 2 great Authors and Ladies!

    1. I’m so thankful for authors like Tamera and readers and followers of this blog like you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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