Let’s Chat! Author David Todd

Welcome, Everyone! And Welcome, Author David A. Todd! 

We welcome David Todd to our chat circle this week. David tells an interesting life story. I’m honored to present the latest on David Todd, a prolific author of a wide array of works.

David is offering one of his books in print or ebook format to someone who comments at the end of the interview! Winner may choose from Doctor Luke’s Assistant, Preserve The Revelation, The Gutter Chronicles, The Candy Store GenerationDocumenting America, Documenting America: Civil War Edition Daddy-Daughter Day, and In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People

Congratulations to Evangeline Gober, winner of David’s In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People!

David Todd: Roots

Born and raised in Rhode Island, I attended public schools, including University of Rhode Island, where I earned a bachelor degree in civil engineering.

My Christian upbringing was in the liturgical church (I was a good altar boy), having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Learning true Christianity through a girlfriend, a Billy Graham crusade, and the witness of some Navigators, I prayed for salvation alone in my room on Easter Sunday, 1974. Since then my walk with God has been unbroken—though imperfect.

My mother died from an awful, debilitating illness when I was 13, a formative life event. Dad worked nights, and we three kids were latch-key teens. I played high school football and ran track, so he had left for work when I got home at 6:00 p.m. and was asleep when I left for school at 7:30 a.m. And so it went, day after day. I wouldn”t see him from Monday morning till Saturday noon when he got up.  We could have gone bad, but we grew up to be responsible citizens. (Click to Tweet!) Looking back, even though we didn’t know God, I believe his hand of protection and guidance was upon us—and on the parents who raised us.

David Todd: Adult Life
David Todd
Real men rock babies.

Upon graduation from URI, I moved to Kansas City to work. My wife and I married, and we welcomed our two children in Kansas. I earned my masters in civil engineering from the University of Missouri.

Then we relocated to Saudi Arabia, to North Carolina, then to Kuwait, where we lived until Sadaam Hussein kicked us out. Our bunch landed in NW Arkansas to be near family in 1991 and now call the area home.

My work as a civil engineer necessitated all those moves. I wouldn’t have missed all the adventure for anything (even smuggling Bibles into China, the basis for my novel, Operation Lotus Sunday) but I’ve had enough. It’s the good ole USA for me from now on.

The Writer, David A. Todd

Forty-three years later, with many engineering projects, engineering and construction articles, and conference presentations under my belt, I anticipate devoting more time to writing in just one year, five months, and a few days.

David Todd’s Debut Experience

The writing bug bit me in 1998 and was diagnosed incurable in 2000. (Click to Tweet!) I have been at it with considerable seriousness and regularity ever since.

My first novel, Doctor Luke’s Assistant, a fictional account of the writing of Luke’s gospel told from the point of view of a Jewish assistant, debuted in 2012. Laboring over it more than two years, I learned publishing was virtually impossible. After attending writers conferences and learning the ropes, I shelved the first novel and kept on writing. I knocked on several doors for the first and subsequent books, but they seemed closed shut tight. No one answered from the other side.

Finally, in 2011, I self-published via Amazon and Smashwords. To test the waters I put up a short story about my mom’s death. Wanting to publish a full-length work, I pulled together some of my newspaper op-eds, expanded them, and published it as Documenting America: Lessons From the United States’ Historical Documents, a non-fiction, historical-political work I intend to expand into a series.

I finally published Doctor Luke’s Assistant in early 2012. Preserve The Revelation, the sequel to Doctor Luke’s Assistant, debuted this year. This novel tells the story of Luke’s assistant who helped Apostle John write his Gospel of John and the Revelation. He and his sons encounter many adventures in their travels.

What’s up with David Todd Now?

I now have twenty-four items for sale at Amazon, and most of them at Smashwords. They are: five novels, one novella, five non-fiction books, eleven short stories, one professional essay, and one book of poetry.

That book of poetry, Daddy-Daughter Day, is really a novella in verse. It’s the story of a Saturday a dad promised to spend with his daughter. She wakes him at the crack of dawn, but he sends her away. Later he thinks better of it and follows through with his promise. Their special day blesses him more than his daughter. A paperback told in 30-odd poems of different styles, most of them formal verse, it hasn’t sold well, but I hope someday it will catch on.

Most of my books are for the general market, not the Christian market. I underpin each of them with a Christian worldview, however. My two baseball novels, In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People, and its sequel Headshots, follow this pattern.

David ToddIn Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People tells the story of a Christian young man who breaks into the Major Leagues, only to see his life manipulated by Mafia Dons who bet on games. The first book emphasizes the Cubs winning the pennant and World Series. It deals with the Mafia, professional baseball, and the sometimes-seedy side of life without resorting to swearing, explicit sex scenes, etc.

At present, my writing project is the next book in the Documenting America series, due out in August.

Future Plans 

After that, I plan to write the next in my eleven-book church history novel series, a prequel to Doctor Luke’s Assistant

I plan a series of cozy mysteries based on a man who researches his genealogy and finds skeletons in his closet. And, there are more short stories in my series about an unconventional CIA female agent. I put her in the many places my travels took me around the world.

How We Can Find David Todd and His Books

David’s Dungeon

My website is davidatodd.com. I blog on Mondays and Fridays about my writing life, plans, and achievements, with a few other topics along the way, including author interviews.

Facebook author page

Amazon author page

Smashwords author page  

I also have author pages at the sellers Smashwords distributes to, which includes Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

~ ~ ~

Lord, You are the Author of Truth. How refreshing to learn of Your work through David Todd’s unspeakable loss as a teen and in lands opposed to Jesus. Bless him in the final months of his career and bring him success as a writer beyond his dreams. Show Yourself through David’s words.
~ For Jesus’ sake































18 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author David Todd

  1. Katie Buser

    Dave, I repeat the prayer–perfect for you! You are a remarkable man in so many ways. Thanks for all you do for the family, and best of luck with your writing! Keep Joy in the journey!

    1. Hi Katie: Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  2. Evangeline

    David is a new author to me, and I would love to win one of his books. WOW! What an eventful life he has had. I wish him the best in the remaining time in his writing career. Blessings on you, David!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Evangeline. Just back from a long weekend trip and saw your comment.

    2. Great to see you in our chat circle, Evangeline! Please come again.

  3. Marilyn R

    David Todd is a new author to me, but wow amazing travel to get where he is today. Thank you for the nice interview and sharing all of Todd’s books. The best to him in the coming years of writing and publishing.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. Yes, it has been an interesting, circuitous route to this point. I think, if I ever write an autobiography, I’m going to title it “The Journey Was A Joy”.

    2. Thanks for joining the chat, Marilyn!

  4. Gary

    You can’t find a more authentic and reliable guy than Dave, a good friend since our high school days. He’s a pretty good writer too.

    1. Thanks so much for joining in, Gary. Come visit with us again!

    2. Gary: Thanks for stopping by and commenting, even though it’s not RIID or NBIPD (we’ll let others wonder about those). Off to The Dungeon now.

  5. Excellent interview! Completely Dave in every descriptive word.
    I agree wholeheartedly, “Bless him in the final months of his career and bring him success as a writer beyond his dreams.”

    1. Thanks for stopping by and joining the chat, Susan. I know David appreciates it too. Please come again!

    2. Hi Susan: Thanks for the comment, and the prayer. For other readers, I must make full disclosure: Suz is my cousin, a writer in her own right.

  6. Even though I’ve known Dave since meeting him at a 2011 writing conference, I learned new things here. I’ve enjoyed his books on his teen years and his “Candy Store” book too. He’s an excellent writer, and I’m anxious to learn more about those upcoming cozy mysteries …

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Susan. I’m sure David appreciates it too. Please stop by again. God bless you’

    2. Hi Susan. Thanks for dropping by and commenting, and for plugging “The Candy Store Generation” and the Danny Tompkins short stories. You see I’ve been hiding things from you! The cozy mysteries will happen some day, as long as I’m able to write into my 70s. This day job sure gets in the way of writing.

      1. From the looks of all your books, your day job hasn’t scratched the surface of your productivity. Bravo, David!


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Author Chat: Clarice G. James

All the believers were together and had everything in common.
Acts 2:44

One of the blessings of authorship is sharing with other authors. People I never would have met I now count among my friends. Take, for example, Clarice G. James, who was the 2nd place winner in the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel contest. Join us as we chat about her debut novel Double Header.

Hi, Clarice. Thank you for joining us today. 


You learned at the Writer to Writer Conference last January that you were the 2nd place winner in the Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel contest. How did you feel when you heard your name called? How and with whom did you first share the news?

Christy Brunke (3rd place winner), Clarice James (2nd place), and Jerry B. Jenkins, NY TIMES best-selling author and sponsor of Operation First Novel

Numb is the word that best describes how I felt–mainly because I’d been sick the whole weekend and had not slept much at all! The first chance I got, I called my husband–my biggest supporter.

What’s the story behind your award-winning novel? And when did the idea begin percolating?

A rising Boston sports columnist (who shares a by-line with her double-headerbrother) fears losing the unblemished memories of her late father when she learns she has a half brother no one knew existed. In her search to identify this walking threat to her father’s reputation, she learns God’s playbook is less about her well-ordered plans and more about His.

The idea flowed from my first book entitled Party of One, which is the prequel to Double Header. Although a stand-alone novel, the protagonist in Double Header is the daughter of the protagonist in Party of One. I entered my first book in the Operation First Novel contest twice. I was a semi-finalist, then a finalist. The third time, I entered Double Header hoping for better results. It worked!

Reviewers have labeled Double Header as “a mystery of the heart,” a humorous women’s contemporary, a “breezy romp,” and a “refreshing change from the usual chick-lit.” Which of these descriptors comes closest to your own?

Definitely not a breezy romp. It does have humor and a bit of mystery, but I think a “refreshing change from the usual chick-lit” is a more apt description.

cj-02056On your website you quip, “First I change your name. Then I put you in my book. What happens to you next depends on whether I’ve had my coffee.” (Tweet That!) Are there people in your life or past who might recognize themselves in Double Header?

My daughter and three of my friends have all said the protagonist, Casey Gallagher, reminds them of themselves–all for different reasons. I definitely utilized my daughter’s work ethic, athletic interests, and relationship with me to develop Casey. I also incorporated my two sons’ back and forth humor and wisecracking. But some of Casey’s control issues are more me than anyone else.

I smiled and sometimes chuckled as I read your bio on your website. One reviewer referred to the “snappy repartee” between characters Casey and Griffin; another, to their “humorous bantering.” Have you always viewed the world through a lens of humor?

Yes, my brain automatically goes there–even when it’s not totally appreciated or appropriate. If I can make someone laugh, we both feel better. (Tweet That!) 

Clarice on a research trip to Boston

Tell us about baseball’s connection to your life. Are you a lifelong fan of baseball or sports in general? Did you interview professional baseball players for Double Header? What other connections exist between your life and this story line?

As a child, the only person I knew who liked to watch baseball on TV was my paternal grandfather. And since he always fell asleep during the game, I assumed it was boring. Any connection to or interest I have in baseball or any other sport came much later through my husband and children who are avid fans. I didn’t interview professional baseball players, but I read a lot of blogs, did a lot of online research, and then ran my “facts” by those I knew would correct me if I was wrong.

I grew up on Cape Cod, and my daughter lives in Plymouth, so I know the area. When I was a teenager, my sister and I would go to the Cape Cod Minor League Games, more to see the cute college boys than to follow the game.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Where can readers learn more about you and your special brand of fiction?

Clarice in her office. I wanna visit!

Find me on my website, www.claricejames.com. I blog from there weekly, too. You can also catch me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and GoodReads. Thanks for the opportunity, Linda! I look forward to reading the 1st place winner: The Calling of Ella McFarland.

Readers, next week I’ll interview the 3rd place winner of Operation First Novel, Christy Brunke, author of Snow Out of Season. Subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss it!

Lord, we pause to thank You for the gift of sharing. Where would we be without it? In poverty of spirit. Lonely. Discouraged. And afraid. Teach us to share better tomorrow than we did today. For Jesus’ sake. Amen



One thought on “Author Chat: Clarice G. James

  1. Great interview, Linda and Clarice!!! I’m really looking forward to reading Double Header. Sounds funny, engaging, and thought-provoking.


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