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Leslie L. McKee | Let’s Chat | Hope Amid Pain

Welcome, everyone. And welcome, Leslie L. McKee

Leslie McKeeLeslie L. McKee stops by for a visit today. Leslie is an editor, author, and reviewer, but editing, writing, and reviewing are not merely jobs—they are her passions. She is an avid reader with an eye for detail.

Leslie has been a chronic pain warrior for more than twenty years, so she is familiar with the peaks and valleys associated with living with a chronic illness. She has felt God come alongside her through His Word and remind her that the battle is His and she’s not alone.

A member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and The Christian PEN, Leslie L. McKee has had devotionals published in Ellie Claire/Worthy Publishing compilation books. She’s also published flash fiction stories. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys reading, playing piano, crocheting, spending time with family and friends (and her turtle!), and rooting for the NY Giants.

Leslie is giving away an ebook to someone who joins our conversation below.

Leslie L. McKee: Her Story Behind Hope Amid the Pain

My book is a 60-day devotional journal that will remind women it is possible to hang on to positive expectations and cling to the hope that can only be found in the Lord … even while living with chronic pain and illness.

Friends had told me for years how I should share my story, how it could encourage others, etc. I resisted, as I didn’t want others to view me differently because of my chronic pain/illness. However, a few years ago, I felt a nudge from the Lord. I tried to ignore it, but it didn’t work. In fact, it became a bit more insistent. I, reluctantly at first, began jotting down some notes and verses that were meaningful to me and helpful on the flare-up days. That later turned into the devotions in this book.

Hope Amid the Pain by Leslie L. McKee

Leslie McKeeWhy me? Is God punishing me? Is my faith not strong enough for God to heal me? How can I achieve my dreams? What’s my purpose?

If you’re someone living with a chronic illness or chronic pain, these are just a few of the questions you’ve likely asked on more than one occasion. You may feel overlooked or even resentful. You try to stay positive, but some days it’s hard. It’s natural to feel this way and grieve, but it’s still possible to have a hope-filled life. God has a purpose for the pain.

Christians aren’t immune from pain and illness, but we don’t have to go through it alone.

Jesus promised that He would “never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV).

Millions of women suffering from chronic pain and illness want the reassurance they’re not alone. The devotions in HOPE Amid the Pain are written by a chronic pain warrior with over twenty-five years’ experience will point them to hope and encouragement. It’s possible to Hang On to Positive Expectations (HOPE) even amid the pain.

Leslie L. McKeeWe all want to know that we are seen, that we are heard, that we are not alone, and that we belong. I pray my book reminds women that God sees them. He is with them and hears them. He loves them and knows their pain. 

I pray that my book will remind women living with chronic pain and illness that it’s possible to live a hope-filled life with Jesus by their side. Hope can always be found in Him, and He has a purpose for their life, even amid the pain.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 
Romans 8:37 NIV

The Meaning Behind the Cover

Leslie L. McKeePurple is related to fibromyalgia, as is the butterfly, which is one of the diagnoses I have. Butterflies are also key to the chronic pain/illness world, in general, as well as being linked to hope.

The turtle is for the slow and steady pace someone living this journey must have to navigate daily life. On a related note, I have a turtle, and he is mentioned a couple times in the book. And I’ve learned helpful lessons from him over the years. He may be slow, but he is determined. When he wants to do something, it may take him a few tries, but he keeps plugging away, and eventually, he succeeds. Slow and easy. Steady but cautious. I try to embrace my inner turtle. 😊

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Dear Lord, please bless each word Leslie writes for You.
For Jesus’ sake

4 thoughts on “Leslie L. McKee | Let’s Chat | Hope Amid Pain

  1. I so enjoyed reading this article today as I too have chronic pain(which hasn’t been diagnosed yet). Also, I have many family members whom have daily chronic pain issues as well. With the holidays coming up, this devotional would make a wonderful gift to so many of the women in my life. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Stephanie, I’m so sorry to hear that you (and other women in your life) are familiar with chronic pain. It’s a struggle, for sure, but it does help to remember that nothing in life happens without a reason … even if we don’t know what that reason is at the time. Sending prayers to you and yours.

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