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Let’s Chat! Author Karen Campbell Prough

Welcome, Readers! And welcome, Karen Prough!

I‘m delighted to introduce award-winning author Karen Campbell Prough. Karen writes southern historical fiction with threads of romance and mystery. Seven of her short stories have appeared in magazines, and she’s won awards for both short stories and novels.

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Welcome, Karen Campbell Prough!

Tell us about yourself, Karen. Where were you reared? How did you come to be an author? What have you learned as a writer and do you have some tips for aspiring authors?

Karen’s Childhood

I spent the first years of my life on a farm in Cheboygan, Michigan, where my love of stories was born. Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and siblings told stories at the supper table, the highlight of the day. Sometimes, aunts, uncles, and cousins lived with us, which added to the mix. After supper, stories continued. Or older cousins read to us. I often could be found upstairs in the “junk” room, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a huge bookcase

I quickly outgrew storybooks and devoured adult books written by authors like James Oliver Curwood, Gene Stratton Porter, and Zane Grey. Their writing reflected my love of details.

hen my father took a job as an illustrator at the Quarter Master Museum at Fort Lee, Virginia, we moved, leaving my grandparents’ farm, our newly-built country home, and many relatives. But the mountains of Virginia fueled my wild imagination. (Tweet That!) 

Karen Campbell Prough, Writer

College, marriage, and eventually a son and daughter curtailed my writing for a time, but I wrote at night and submitted short stories. Two were published, and one captured a first-place award.

ventually I wrote a very long book about a girl named Ella Dessa in the mountains of Georgia. I poured my heart into it and sent out letters of inquiry. One agency kept it a whole year, said they loved it, but returned it.

My book was too long, so I divided it into two books and presented them at writer’s conferences. But I often was told my writing was too realistic for Christian romances. People die, life isn’t always wonderful, and harsh events turn the tables on characters.

Eva Marie Everson agreed to edit my book. She was great to work with, and she kept saying she loved my writing, but the years still tiptoed by. I grew discouraged, but I didn’t stop writing. I attended conferences and eventually signed a contact with Hartline Literary Agency. Linda Glaz agreed to be my editor.

That first book expanded into three books.
 The first, The Girl Called Ella Dessa, released in 2015, but it was years in the making. Now the following two books are published realities: Within the Candle’s Glow and With This Peace.

With the learning curve, editing, and chopping words from pages of text, it’s been a wild couple years. The striving to keep up with the schedule for publication can seem daunting.

Have I been a perfect writer for the agency or publishing house? No, probably not! I have to laugh as I type this. I think I have given them a bushel-basket-full of headaches.

Advice from Karen Campbell Prough

Don’t give up. Don’t let fear hold you back! Follow advice from editors or publishing houses. Don’t settle for the first publishing house to show interest. Check out what other writers say about them. Be ready to follow new suggestions about edits, book length, and word count. Have someone read your manuscript and compare their thoughts with other remarks before presenting to the publisher.

Write short stories. Check out magazines known for short stories and send them!

Write magazine articles. Get information on magazine articles. Write what is in your heart; don’t try to write someone else’s story.

Don’t let your hands drop into your lap. Even when discouraged, write what is in your heart and thoughts. Don’t copy someone. Put your voice in lines of type.

Adapt to changes in the publishing world. Find something new and acceptable to write about.

Attend writers’ conferences and ask questions.

Write to fulfill what is in your heart because the act of putting your words down on “paper” shows the world you are serious. It says you are a writer who is not going to throw away the oldest form of communication … the telling of stories. 

Where you can find Karen Campbell Prough

Barnes & Noble
Twitter: @KCampbellPrough


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Thank you for stopping by, Karen. The visit was just delightful. Please come again. We’ll be looking for your books in the meantime!

~ ~ ~

Lord, the world You created declares Your goodness. Thank You for making us so that we can see and hear and smell Your creation–even through books. We pray Your blessings on Karen as she writes. May her stories–like Your creation–declare Your goodness.
~ For Jesus’ sake.



12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Karen Campbell Prough

  1. Karen it is nice to find a new author of historical romance, that is my favorite genre. I hope you write more stories for us readers to enjoy.

    1. I have failed so bad on this chat! Life got in the way, and I was putting out fires and jumping on FB and back off. Thank you, Wilma for joining in. While reading my books, I hope you find many scenes that will touch your heart. I have started another book connected with my series, because people keep asking me to continue to let them know what is happening to the main characters in previous books! That’s a good thing!

    1. Charlene, love your name. My mother once had a best friend with that name. She would talk about her. Plugging along is what I do! Life kept me turning in circles this past week, and did not leave much time to write or think about it. But Sunday afternoon, I spent time with my Mother and two brothers. My youngest brother is trying to write a book, and I had to let him know that sometimes it isn’t fun. Life has a way of pushing us away from things we enjoy, and sometimes our stories just seem to have a mind of their own and won’t behave! 🙂 It’s like raising a child, we have to keep correcting them!!! Ha.

    1. Jennifer, thanks for joining Linda’s chat about my books and what I do! I am ashamed to admit I got way too busy to even think straight this past week, etc. We had graduations, birthdays, church events, and then Mother’s Day! So, I didn’t do my duty with this chat. I hope you will read my books and really enjoy them. I put hard times and good times in my books, because that is the way life goes. But with God’s grace, we can walk paths of uncertainty and stay calm.

    1. Linda, yes … a few people have mentioned things like that. I seem to be someone people will open up and talk to when they got a problem. But I sure don’t always have the answers! Animals like me! 🙂 Raising a baby squirrel right now, and he’s so sweet. It will be hard to tell him “so long”! Little kids like me. I use to have a lot of them running around the house! Grandkids, that is. 🙂 The second oldest graduated this weekend. And it’s like stair steps from this point on–for a few years! We will be attending many graduations! Youngest is now ten, but there is five ahead of him. Oops! I’m writing a book! Thanks for presenting my books to the readers.

  2. These are wonderful books! Someone will be very lucky to win them. I already own a set in Kindle format and paperback.
    Karen is an amazing storyteller. She can create such love amid the most disastrous settings. I can’t wait for what ever she writes next.

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