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Joan C Benson: Let’s Chat


Welcome, Joan C Benson and Readers 

Joan C Benson grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Kansas University with a B.S. in Education. She taught a few years before becoming a parent, and while her youngest child was in elementary school, she earned a Master’s degree.

When she was eight years old, Joan wrote her first story. Imagine that! I’m eager to get to know Joan. Comment below to qualify for her giveaway.

Welcome, Joan C Benson

At a young age, I began writing stories and poetry. There was one memorable story called, “The Golden Keys of Life,” which revealed the importance of my relationship with God. I was about eight years old and was eager to share it with my family and anyone who would listen. That was my first experience with a book launch; I was so excited that I wanted everyone to read my book. That seed of inspirational writing began my later multi-faceted career of teaching and writing.

In my educational career as a reading specialist, I had responsibilities for mentoring both teachers and students in the craft of reading and writing. I honed my writing skills in the field of educational publishing through contract writing, developing leveled reading books, teachers’ guides, and ancillary reading materials for students (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry). When teaching middle schoolers using young adult literature, I noticed how few contemporary books represented wholesome virtues and values. My love for sharing God’s truth had matured, and I could see my aspirations merging. I felt compelled to write young adult novels embedded with inspirational and Biblical concepts, to teach and nurture faith.

His Gift by Joan C Benson

Naomi Musch

His Gift is the first solo book I have written that is not a part of an educational publisher’s collection used as a curriculum. I have authored several leveled books for use in reading instruction from elementary to middle school ages: The Power of Sunlight, The Savage Stinger (a jellyfish), and Shaq the Giant.

I first pitched His Gift at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers’ Conference a couple of years ago. There I met a very kind agent, David Fessenden with WordWise Media, who showed interest, and ultimately said he would work with me. Soon after I had everything ready, Elk Lake offered to publish the book, much to my excitement. A teacher’s guide for the use of homeschool or Christian School use will be available to help teachers and parents take advantage of its historical context while developing reading skills.

Metamorphosis of a Novel: Joan C Benson

Joan C. Benson

My first draft of this debut Young Adult novel, His Gift, was written with embedded Christian values, with hopes it would be admissible in public education. Then, upon prayer and conviction, I realized that His Gift contains a true spiritual conflict, which should be openly addressed. Thus, the rewrite of His Gift created a metamorphosis of the original plot plan. His Gift is a historical fiction novel, based on a true conflict in my mother’s life.

His Gift by Joan C Benson

On the cusp of the stock market crash of 1929, seventeen-year-old Molly has big dreams for a professional career in music after high school. Her challenge is to find peace and purpose when her world shifts in unimaginable ways, similar to people today during the pandemic. His Gift has a classic theme for all who have experienced unfulfilled dreams and a consequent crisis of faith. Though the message of His Gift is delivered through a girl’s musical aspirations, the conflict is universal. Anyone who has ever dared to dream may encounter a test of faith when the dream isn’t fulfilled the way they imagine. The reader will discover with Molly the hope and peace in a life yielded to the Giver of all gifts.

I began writing His Gift in honor and memory of my mother, Mildred M. Isle, after she passed away. She was a gifted pianist and this is her story. Her talent was recognized early on, which led to permission to study at the Royal Oak Conservatory of Music. She received permission for early release from her afternoon high school classes. Every fall, the Detroit Symphony held a student audition to select one outstanding student to perform with the symphony during the season. In October of 1929, my mother won the privilege of playing a Rachmaninoff Concerto at the Detroit Orchestra Hall the following January. She had once dreamed of becoming a concert pianist.

Interruptions to Dreams

Molly, the fictional character portraying my mother, had worked very hard to use her talent well. She believed the concert was her breakthrough moment which would lead to a career launch after high school. She single-mindedly focused on this, her ambition. The market crash of 1929 occurred shortly after Molly won the audition. Readers will need to check out the story to see how Molly wrestled with God over the interruptions to her hopes and dreams. How will she resolve this crisis of faith?

Joan C Benson: Blogger

I also am a blogger where you can find me: Find my website using “Joan C. Benson,” the same as my Author Facebook page. (My website is currently under construction.) I am linked to a women’s speaking group called Women Victorious—Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.  Find us on Facebook under that name and a website coming soon. My book released at the end of July 2020 and is available on Amazon. I will be offering a giveaway. You can visit me at my website,

Joan C Benson: Looking Ahead

Going forward, I am excited to be writing a new contemporary fiction novel with the working title of Eva’s Choice. It is based on my experiences working in a pregnancy resource clinic as a volunteer; I am hopeful that it will reveal the truth about a difficult issue in our day and its impact on the lives of our young women.

~ ~ ~

Lord, please bless each word Joan C. Benson writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

19 thoughts on “Joan C Benson: Let’s Chat

  1. It was very interesting hearing your background, Joan, and how you are using your writing talent to reach people for the Lord. Would love to read this story, The Gift, as the storyline is very intriguing. I’m also a musician (harpist), and love piano music, so this book appeals to me. Would truly love to win a print copy! Thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! Email: krautter62520AToutlookDOTcom To learn more about me, and to “Like” my Western art, go to:

  2. Hi Linda and Joan,
    Thank you, Linda, for hosting Joan.
    Joan, what a versatile writer you sound to be! How wonderful to have written books as part of a school curriculum. I was a ghostwriter for awhile and worked with a gentleman who had penned three children’s book. My job was to polish them. I loved those tasks! The Gift is sure to be a hit! What a lovely tribute to your mom. I write memoir so am really interested in the stories of others, adapted or true! I will be looking forward to reading it!!

  3. What a fabulous tribute to your Mom. It is wonderful that her story will live forever. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m with you on that, Debra. It was my family’s stories that inspired me to document them in novels. Thanks much for following Let’s Chat. You encourage me and the other authors. Bless you.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book. I love reading young adult fiction, and will definitely check this out.

    1. Welcome to Let’s Chat, Linda. It’s wonderful to “meet” readers like you. I hope you’ll sign up for the blog (on this site’s home page) where you’ll “meet” authors regularly. God bless you and yours!

  5. This book sounds very inspirational and very intriguing , it sounds like a must read! Thank you so much for sharing about this book and it’s Awesome author. It sounds like it will help and be a big encouragement to the people who read it. Have a Great week and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.

    1. Thanks to all these wonderful readers: Linda, Alicia, Jean, Deb, and Stacy! I do hope you read His Gift, and share with others who love to experience inspiration from history. Because of the research and its embedded facts in the fiction, I believe it will help people understand how others handled their trials from The Great Depression through faith in God.
      God bless,
      Joan Benson

  6. I am looking forward to reading this book! What a talented yet humble woman. I can easily see how God works through you and honoring your Mom in this way is priceless. I love to read books God can speak to me personally through, historical fiction, anything with a musical theme and it’s always special to have one set, even in part in my home state! I am a Michigander. 🙂 I look forward to checking out your blog as well.
    There are more books coming out all the time that focus on different ways to deal with the world as it is today but I don’t see nearly enough of them that focus on the ways God is showing Himself through this time or ways we, as His children, need to ask Him to work through us! I have been happy to see the spotlight being put on the good in people by secular media but how much more should we long to see and better yet show our amazing Father and His tremendous capabilities! The one thing I see most often in the hurdles I face daily is how utterly hopeless and helpless I am on my own. I have known this intellectually for so long but I can see proof that I need to truly believe it. God has been forcing me to trust Him, even if that means laying me flat on my back! I always have learned the hard way! What precious gifts and blessings He showers us with over and over in spite of how stubborn we are through the learning process!
    Thank you for the introduction to a wonderful sister in Christ, her book and look into her life’s work!

    1. Hi, Deb. Wow! What an encouraging posting. Thank you for your transparency. I can definitely relate. Understanding “trust” in my head, even in my will, is one thing, but making its home in my heart so that it’s as natural as breathing is something else altogether. We’re both thankful for Joan Benson and her service to the Lord through writing.

      1. I spent most of my adult life turned against the Lord ‘knowing’ better all along. I have so many lifelong consequences yet still have that “me” streak going strong! Books are a huge part of my life now and while I can enjoy many fictional there are too few that speak to me heart & soul! Those that do get me excited for many things but learning about the author is such a blessing!

  7. What a wonderful interview, it’s always a pleasure to get to know an author through these kinds of mediums. Congratulations, Joan on your novel, it sounds wonderful. Blessings to you, Linda and Joan.

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