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A Grandmother’s Love

A Grandmother’s Love: The Long & Short

What is it about a grandmother’s love? And a mother’s? 

Not long ago, I said I love you with all my heart to each of six grandchildren in a single day. Can I really love six grandchildren with all of my heart? How is that possible?


How ’bout a love pizza?

Does each child get a sixth of my affection all the time, as if I were doling out slices of pizza? “Oh dear, what’s one-sixth of a 20-inch love pizza? Anybody got a calculator?”


Or do my grandchildren receive all they want but one at a time, as at a drinking fountain? “Whose turn is it for a drink of love today?” 

Perhaps it’s like serving punch: all of them get what they want, but mixed  with everyone else’s in something akin to pond water?

sea-dawn-twilight-lake-medium“I have Daniel grape/Braden apple/Davis chocolate milk/Ella plain milk/Ethan water/McKenna tutty-fruity love today! Come and get it!”

By God’s miraculous design, my affection for one child isn’t diminished because it’s extended to five others. It’s not exclusive to one child at a time. Nor is it a conglomeration of six loves that satisfies no one–not because love is unique to me but because God IS love, and His unity in plurality nature is present in the love in every beating heart … for all time.

Such a love is impossible to divide. It is undiminished when shared, and it is distinct though the same.

Sounds like the Trinity


Ever try to wrap your mind around the Trinity?

I’ve tried and failed. Often. 

But having grandchildren has given me a peek into how the Trinity can exist: three persons in one.

This is the kind of love that’s shared by the McFarlands in The Calling of Ella McFarland

What stories can you tell about a mother’s or grandmother’s love?

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. II Corinthians 13:14

2 thoughts on “A Grandmother’s Love

  1. Very true Linda. Just when we think we’ve learned it all and loved all we can God sends us Grandkids and we realize we’ve only just begun to live and love.

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