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Claire O’Sullivan on Let’s Chat

Welcome to Let’s Chat, everyone!

Claire O'SullivanClaire O’Sullivan, author of Christian romantic suspense, joins us in the Let’s Chat circle this week. Welcome, Claire!

Claire, who loves the Lord first and foremost, is married to a wonderful guy, Pat. She’s a mom to three grown, fantastic kids and grandmother to four. Claire and Pat live in rural Southern Oregon in the attached apartment of their son and daughter-in-law’s home. They love that and looking at their mountains.

Claire’s books are character then plot driven, and her military thriller is plot more than character driven. She loves coffee, and although she claims the label “introvert,” she loves going out with  friends for lunch or coffee. 

Claire O’Sullivan in her own words

Hi, and thank you for this opportunity to share my Christian romantic suspense novel about an unrepentant thief in a rural town (not unlike my own) called Whiskey River

The first three folks to sign up and comment on this post or posts at my WordPress, The Question – Claire O’Sullivan ( will receive a free an ePub or .mobi file copy of Romance Under Wraps

Catherine Cade Has a Problem

She’s an identity thief with partial amnesia impersonating a nurse practitioner—trying to go straight. When one of her patients dies a mysterious death, she is faced with an agonizing decision. When evidence points to murder, she must overcome her fear of prison for the truth. Her biggest problem is the cop who caught her.

Rick Calhoun is a homicide detective who knows more about Cade than she does. When he finds a murder scene and catches up with Cade, the chase begins.

She tries to keep her lies straight, and it’s a job while tending patients and opening a bakery. He has to keep the investigation quiet, tend to his homicide cases, and keep Cade out of trouble.

Cade’s biggest worry is the detective who found her. He’s onto her, and she‘s stuck. Calhoun’s biggest problem, he is in love with her and will sacrifice anything to give her safe passage.

Love means never having to hear your Miranda Rights …

Romance Under Wraps: the Backstory

I started this novel in 2012 during a NanoWrimo contest and worked on rewrites and edits until 2019, when it was accepted by Elk Lake Publishing. The novel began as a Pollyanna, perfect story, but as time and life progressed, I saw the flaws in me that God was pointing out. Big difference in my main character. After that, I recognized that the Lord was leading me to share the Gospel without preaching to choir for those readers who’ve backslidden and for those who’ve never heard the Gospel.

The process of publishing took quite some time (of course), and I went through a lot of agencies and publishing houses, and rejections before I purchased Steve Laube’s (pronounce lobbey’s) Christian Writers Market Guide that is published yearly.

On December 9th, 2018, I’d gone through enough agencies/publishers and it was up to God if He wanted me to have this book published. So I prayed that prayer, sent my last queries off to a handful of agents and publishers, prepared to print up the novel, and put it to bed and wait for God’s leading if He wanted me to send it—ever. In January of 2019, Elk Lake Publishing sent me a note telling me they wanted more and would like me to sign a 1099 form for tax purposes and a contract. Almost a month to the day. The book was released October 29th, 2020. So see? Some good stuff happened during the toilet paper year.

A few links? I have a zillion!

@authorclaire1 on Twitter,, Gab, Social Cross, Facebook, and my website,

I also have WordPress: The Question – Claire O’Sullivan ( You can also go directly to my website and find that link.

The link to Amazon directly is Romance Under Wraps – Kindle edition by O’Sullivan, Claire. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Romance Under Wraps is available in Kindle, KU, and paperback.

My next projects include a cozy mystery and a military thriller, and I am working on both, right now! I have several other crime/forensic/cozies, and the characters are chomping on the bit. Some will include the sleuths of Whiskey River, the small town in Romance Under Wraps

Thank you so much for inviting me to share my work.

~ ~ ~

Lord, please bless each word Claire writes for you.
~ For Jesus’ sake ~

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