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Welcome, Everyone! And welcome, Historical Romance/Suspense Writer, J Carol Nemeth! 

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writer
J Carol Nemeth

This week we chat with J Carol Nemeth, an inspirational writer of historical romances with some suspense thrown in. Carol tells a fascinating life story, so let’s circle up and make a new friend.

Carol is offering one of her books as a give-away, so be sure to comment below to be included in the drawing.

The winner of one of Carol’s books—Dedication to Love—is Diana Corsiber!! Congratulations, Diana. Thanks for participating in the chat. Please come again.

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writer
Great Smoky Mountains

Pre-Author Life of J Carol Nemeth

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writerA North Carolinian through and through, I was born in Burlington to the best parents in the world. My father pastored a country Baptist church, so I was raised in church and at the age of six I came to know Christ as my savior. I have an older sister and a younger brother and, as a family, we traveled around the southeastern United States, camping wherever we went. That’s where I acquired my love of camping and the outdoors.

J Carol Nemeth’s College and Early Career

After graduating from Centerville Christian School in South Boston, VA, I attended Bob Jones University and studied art. Although it wasn’t the Lord’s will for me to continue in that field, He opened different doors.

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writerAs a Park Aide for the National Park Service in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I worked at Twentymile Ranger Station and at the Deep Creek Campground and Ranger Station. I absolutely loved my job. My favorite duty was horse patrol and caring for my tall four-legged friends, Billy Boy, Blackie and Fargo.

A Change of Path for J Carol Nemeth
J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writer
Livorno, Italy

Once again, the Lord changed my path. I joined the US Army. Trained in communications, I worked in the COMM center at Camp Darby, Livorno, on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, a few miles from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I traveled to thirteen countries while stationed in Europe. I planned to return to college for a degree in Parks and Recreation and return to the Park Service.

However, God planned otherwise, and I’m so thankful He did. I met my husband, Mark, while stationed in Italy; he was also active Army. I resigned from the Army, and Mark and I married. He’s the love of my life and my best friend and we’ve been married for almost thirty-two years. (Tweet That!)

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writer
Yorkshire, England
Family Life of J Carol Nemeth

We lived in various locations, including North Yorkshire, England, where our daughter was born. We now live in West Virginia, where, in our spare time, we enjoy camping and sight-seeing. Mark and I are very active in our church and we love spending time with our two grown children Matthew and Jennifer and our son-in-law Flint, and spoiling our three grandchildren Martin, Ava and Gage.

J Carol Nemeth’s Debut Author Experience 

First, my writing career began in junior high school but would take a long time to come to fruition. I started many books but never fully completed any.

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writerThen, after the birth of my daughter in 1990, I wrote a novel set in North Yorkshire, England where we lived. I submitted it to various publishing companies but, after receiving many encouraging words, still no one wanted to publish this new author. I found out just how difficult it is to pitch a story to a publisher and that it is far easier to write the story.

Thereafter, I tried to get an agent, but no one was interested. Discouraged, I questioned if writing was truly my calling as I’d thought. I rewrote and revised several times but no one wanted to take a chance. I continued writing other stories, while waiting, but found it difficult to finish them. What was the point if no one would publish them?

But in March of 2016, I read a book written by an author friend of mine. I noticed a web address for Forget Me Not Romances. Having never heard of them before, I decided to look into it further. I sent my proposal to Cynthia Hickey, the editor, and within three days had an offer to publish my first novel, Yorkshire Lass. (Click to Tweet!) She was willing to take a chance on me, and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. It was a long twenty-three year road to publication, but our time is not God’s time and His timing is perfect.

What’s Up With Carol Nemeth Now?

J Carol Nemeth, historical romance writerIn February, I published the novella Dedication to Love as a stand-alone book. It’s a historical novella set in 1940 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is now part of a historical collection entitled A National Park Romance by Forget Me Not Romances that released earlier this month.

Currently, I’m working on my Faith in the Parks series, four full-length suspense/romance novels set in different National Parks

Where Can Readers Find J Carol Nemeth?

Facebook: @J.CarolNemeth

Amazon Purchase Links:
Dedication to Love
Yorkshire Lass

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Lord, we continue to be awed by Your providential ways. In particular, we applaud Carol’s inspirational writing that points the way to You. Bless Carol’s every effort for You. ~ For Jesus’ sake
















6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author J Carol Nemeth

  1. Marilyn R

    Hello Carol so nice to meet a new author. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genre to read and your book and novella along with the National Park Collection series sound like great ones to read. Your travels has taken you many places. I was in West Virginia for a wedding a couple years ago (friend was from Illinois who was getting married) and she loves living in WV now. Beautiful country with the scenery. I’ll look forward to reading your books–my TBR list keeps growing.

    1. Isn’t that right, Marilyn? TBR pile keeps growing! So glad you stopped by. You’re entered. 😊

    2. J. Carol Nemeth

      Hi Marilyn. We’ve lived in WV for 18 years and love it. It truly is a beautiful state. I’m originally from NC and that’s where my heart will always be, but WV comes in a close second because I love the mountains. They remind me of my favorite Smoky Mountains. I do hope you get a chance to read my books and enjoy them. The novella and the first of the Park series are set in the Smokies. Book one is finished & I’m working on book two. I don’t have a release date yet, but keep watching for it. When it’s ready for release, I’ll announce on Facebook first. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you!

  2. Diana C

    Great interview! I love getting to know more about authors!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Diana! You’re entered!

    2. J Carol Nemeth

      Hi, Diana! So glad you stopped by. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them. I enjoy meeting fellow book lovers!


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