Let’s Chat! Marilyn Turk

Welcome, everyone!

Marilyn TurkMarilyn Turk honors us with a visit this week. She authors historical romantic suspense. If you enjoy stories set in the past, romance, and suspense-filled story line. Marilyn’s your gal.

Marilyn is offering an ebook giveaway of any of her books–winner’s choice. You can’t beat that! Join the conversation below, and you name’s in the hat! (LSU tiger fans, heads up!) 

Marilyn Turk Before Writing

I was born and raised in Louisiana, not in the swamp, but close enough to know what a Cajun is and how good food tastes, like example Jambalaya, shrimp creole, crawfish etouffe, gumbo, etc.

Marilyn Turk
graduated from Louisiana State University (where else?) with a degree in journalism, but don’t let that fool you. Although I had no intention of being a journalist, I wanted to major in advertising and it was in the school of journalism. However, those required journalism courses have helped a little with my writing, such as learning to be on deadline.

I tried my hand in advertising for a few years before I moved to a big city (Atlanta) and went to work for a Fortune 500 company in sales. It was a “good” job that God gave me. During my 25 years with the company, I married and had three sons.

Marilyn Turk
hen my company was sold, I was laid off (Reduction in Force, they call it). I eventually had to relocate and ended up in Florida. God’s hand? Divorced with a mortgage and three sons in college, I realized God wanted me to move. Four years later I met and married my current husband. God had forced that move so we would meet.

Marilyn Turk, the Writer

Marilyn TurkRebel Light was my first novel, self-published after a contract with a publisher fell through because he was unable to keep his commitment. When my agent didn’t find another publisher for it, I self-published it. The book was to be the first in a four-book series that another editor had suggested. I completed the book, but that editor was no longer with the same publisher. So I wrote the second book and started the third with the intention of self-publishing them, but then my agent said a publisher was looking for a southern gothic story.

More Books for Marilyn Turk

Marilyn TurkI didn’t know what that was, but I brainstormed a story with my husband and I pitched the story to another editor. The story, The Gilded Curse, is set in 1942 on Jekyll Island, GA, and was published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in 2016.

Many who read it asked what happened to the characters afterwards. So I thought about it and wrote the sequel, Shadowed by a Spy, also set in 1942 New York. Lighthouse published it in July 2018.

Marilyn TurkAlso, Forget Me Not Romances contracted me for my series. They republished Rebel Light in May 2018 and published  Revealing Light  in June and Redeeming Light in September. The next in the series is Rekindled Light which will be out at the end of 2018. The series is set in Florida from 1861 to 1883.

As you can tell, they all have the word “light.” When I first began writing, I started a lighthouse blog and posted Marilyn Turkfaithfully on it for five years, once a week. My books feature a lighthouse either as the setting or as a mention in the book, kind of like a “Where’s Waldo?” but with lighthouses. Fittingly, my novella, “The Wrong Survivor,” is part of Barbour’s Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides collection that released November 2018.

What’s up with Marilyn Turk now?

I have another book contracted by Forget Me Not. And another book, a split-time novel contracted by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

Marilyn TurkThree years ago, God led me to host a small writers conference for our area. The Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat debuted in 2017. Intended to be a small, quality, affordable conference that was as much a spiritual retreat as a writers conference, it surpassed my exceptions. Response was great. So in 2018, the Blue Lake CWR was held again. The retreat was exactly as I’d hoped. God delivered over and above what I asked, and it blessed all who Marilyn Turkattended, including faculty. The 2019 retreat will be March 27-30. The website for the retreat is  http://bluelakecwr.com/

I also wrote a book of devotions called Lighthouse Devotions. I plan to update it and re-release it next year.

How can we find Marilyn Turk?

Blog: http://pathwayheart.com,

Website: marilynturk.com 


Twitter: @MarilynTurk


~ ~ ~

Lord, we honor You as our only true love. We thank You for revealing Yourself as Love in the face of Jesus. We pray You’ll shine a light on Yourself
through Christian fiction such as Marilyn’s books.
Please bless each word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

25 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Marilyn Turk

  1. Shonda

    I’ve not read any of your books but they look good! Thank you for a chance to win one. I love reading about the different books you have written. I like that they have the word light in the titles.

    1. Hi Shonda,
      Thanks for your comment! I hope you get to read my books. Let me know how you like them!

  2. I love to meet new authors and your books sounds very intriguing… !

    1. Hi,Tanja! I’m smiling big at seeing you here with us. Thanks for stopping by. You’re entered in the drawing, friend! (Hug your family for me.)

    2. Hi Tanja,
      Thanks for your comment! Hope you get to read my books!

      1. Marilyn, Tanja and I “met” via my website contact form–all the way from Switzerland, her home. And then we met face to face at ACFW in DFW. What a delight!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Looks like the website is letting me in now. Thank you for having me on your site and thank you to everyone who commented!

  4. Your books sound so intriguing. I married a Louisiana Cajun man myself. Lived there three years before we returned back to Texas. Your mention of Cajun foods makes me want to get busy cooking an etouffe or gumbo. The subject matter of the Germans following a woman to New York captivates my interest level…makes me imagine what the outcome will be. Sounds like you found the purpose God had for you.
    May you continue to be blessed with your writing.

    1. Hi Jane! Where else would someone named Theriot be from but Louisiana! Hope you cooked up some good gumbo or etoufee! I look forward to hearing how you liked my books.

  5. Perrianne Askew

    Your writing has been quite a journey! I did enjoy your novella in The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides collection.

    1. Hi, Perrianne! It’s great to see you. We’re really blessed by Marilyn’s visit.

    2. Hi Perianne,
      So glad you enjoyed The Wrong Survivor in the Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides collection. Hope you get to read some of my other books.

  6. Hey Everybody! Waving here. Thanks for commenting. Sorry the site won’t accept my comments. That’s never happened before! Hope y’all enjoy my books!

  7. Hi, all! Unfortunately, Marilyn has been unable to reply to your comments so far for no reason of her own. It has to do with some “techy” issue between her/me/this site. My site creator/maintainer hasn’t been able to replicate the problem Marilyn is having. So I told her I’d let you know she’s reading your comments and appreciates them and you!

  8. Susan Wallace

    Wow! These books sound intriguing. Thanks for info.

    1. Yes! Marilyn is a great writer. Come by, Cuz!

    2. Hi Susan, Hope you get to read them! Thanks for your comment.

  9. Faith Creech

    Thanks for the conversation and getting to know you. Would love to read your books!

    1. Hi, Faith. It’s great to see you in our midst this week. You’re entered in the drawing!

  10. Paula Shreckhise

    I won Rebel Light . I just haven’t started to read it yet. The book about the Gilded Curse and Jekyll Island looks great! Thanks for your story. It was so interesting.

    1. Hi, Paula. Welcome! You’re entered in the drawing 🙂

  11. Marilyn R

    Hello Linda and Marilyn, I enjoyed reading more about Marilyn Turk’s upcoming books. I have read and reviewed all of her books to date, so I do not need to be included in the giveaway.

    Have a blessed week. Keep letting “the light shine for Jesus” as you both write.

    1. Hi, Marilyn. Welcome! You have a blessed weekend.

  12. Brandi

    Wow! What a journey. Thank you for sharing your story and remaining open to the Spirit’s movement and guidance.

    1. Hi, Brandi. Welcome! It’s great to have you in our circle. I hope you’ll return. 🙂


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Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

Welcome, Everyone!

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionTamera Lynn Kraft writes faith-filled historical novels for the adventurous heart. Getting to know Tamera is quite the treat.

Tamera is offering her novella, A Christmas Promise, in digital format as a giveaway to someone who joins our chat circle. So gather ’round and get to know this faith-filled author.

Tamera Lynn Kraft: In Her Own Words

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was born in Ohio. I married a wonderful, godly man 39 years ago. We celebrate our 40th anniversary in January. My pastor’s wife said this Sunday, there is nothing more sexy than a godly man who loves to worship. By those standards, my husband is very sexy.

My husband and I have two married children and three grandchildren. The oldest is 11 years, and the youngest is 3 months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI was a children’s pastor for 20 years and have a traveling children’s ministry called Revival Fire for Kids where we do children’s revivals, teacher training, and children’s ministry consultations. One of my greatest honors was winning the 2003 NCLA Shepherd’s Cup for the advancement of children’s ministry.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Tamera Lynn Kraft: The Author

My first published book was through Pelican Press in 2013–a novella called A Christmas Promise. It was about Moravian missionaries in Schoenbrun, Ohio in 1773.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

It wasn’t the first novel I wrote.

I planned to be a writer from childhood and had children’s church curriculum and some articles published, but I didn’t write fiction for publication until 2007.

With two full length novels completed, I was on the third and even had an agent, but I wasn’t published until a wrote this Christmas story. A couple more novellas released, but it wasn’t until 2017, ten years after I started, that I had a full length novel published, and it wasn’t one of the first couple I wrote. 

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fictionI always tell writers to be patient. A writing career takes a long time to establish.

Since that first novella, my other published works include Resurrection of Hope, Alice’s Notions, and Red Sky Over America, Ladies of Oberlin Book One.

What’s Up With Tamera Now?

Unfortunately, my publisher, Desert Breeze, closed her doors in August. It was a blow, but it propelled me to my next project. My friend and I have talked about starting a royalty paying Christian publishing company, and we decided to go for it. Mt Zion Ridge Press, Books off the Beaten Path, was born.

Red Sky Over America rereleased and will be available in audiobook in the next couple of months.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

Book 2 of the Ladies of Oberlin Series, Lost in the Storm, releases next year.

Also, I wrote Soldier’s Heartone of the stories in From the Lake to the Riveran anthology where all the stories are set in Ohio.

Tamera Lynn Kraft_faith-filled historical fiction

I’m currently writing a Jamestown Brides Series novel and am looking for an agent to pitch it.

How to Find Tamera Lynn Kraft & Her Books

Red Sky Over America

A Christmas Promise

From the Lake to the River




Newsletter Sign-up: http://eepurl.com/cdybpb

~ ~ ~

Lord, You are the Great I Am–ever present, always existing–the God for whom we Christian writers write, our inspiration, and our hope. We give You the praise for the stories, the words, the phrases. As readers, we offer You our thanksgiving for stories such as Tamera’s. Please bless every single word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Tamera Lynn Kraft

  1. Marilyn R

    Nice interview with Tamera Lynn Kraft and learn more about this great author and Christian. I thought I had already commented, but I do not need to be entered in the giveaway. I’ve read and reviewed A Christmas Promise and other books by Tamera.
    Blessings to you both.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Marilyn!

  2. Deana Dick

    I loved reading about you and your family. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing and giving readers wonderful books to read.

    1. Thank you for joining us, Deana. Have a beautiful season of Christmas preparations. 🙂

  3. God evidently has a purpose for you. Over each hurtle and mountain you have preservered and delivered your message. The Christian publishing company is a grand idea and very much needed by Christian authors. Keep plugging away at your endeavors and surely you will be rewarded. Look forward to reading your works.

    1. Hi, Jane! Isn’t it wonderful to get to know Christian authors like Tamera? I’m thankful for Christian readers, authors, and publishers. And movie makers too. God uses us all.


    As Thanksgiving approaches in a few hours, we Christian authors are so blessed to have each other for encouragement and education. I know I have learned much from my fellow storytellers, and hope to bless others along the way. Thank you, Tamera, for your presentation, and what is evident as a great sense of humor too.

    1. Yes, Jane! Doesn’t Tamera look like fun personified? I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and your coming days of Christmas preparations go smoothly and bring you lots of joy and love.

  5. Trixi

    Lovely family pictures!! Almost 40 years together is amazing, what a blessed marriage you have 🙂 I loved getting to know you more Tamera & your books as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks Linda for featuring her.

    Happy blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. I’m with you in affirming Tamera and husband on 40 years. What a blessing – and an example. I think A Christmas Promise looks so good. And its Moravian angle is intriguing.


    Such a great Author Thank you Tamera and Linda for this wonderful chat 2 great Authors and Ladies!

    1. I’m so thankful for authors like Tamera and readers and followers of this blog like you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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