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Welcome, everyone!

Oh my. Here’s another Featured Favorite author you’ll absolutely fall in love with. Allison Pittman and I have shared several levels of relationship for a decade or so now. Mentor/mentee. Friend/friend. Accomplished author/beginning author, Comedienne/adoring fan. And even sharers of the same table at book signing events. 

No matter the venue or prop, one thing remains true: I adore this uniquely talented, unabashedly outspoken, unselfishly available author/editor/teacher/mentor. She’s my “person” in the writing world. And the one I continually return to for what she does best–evaluate my creations with just the right amount of tough-love encouragement.

Visit with Allison below, and you’re entered in the drawing for one of her books.

Allison Pittman: in Her Words

Once, years ago, I went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel with a dear friend. When I paid my bill, the cashier looked at the name on my credit card. “Allison Pittman? That’s the name of one of my favorite authors!”

I about collapsed into the Raggedy Ann display. With three books published at the time, and in a moment of which I am not proud, I asked her to name one of my books just to be sure she was talking about me. I told my friend, Jennifer C–, that she’d have to stay my friend forever if only to verify this moment.

Allison and Charlie

Last week, my husband and youngest son and I went to that same Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It was my first time in that restaurant since that miraculous moment (the actual restaurant is two towns over, but I had a gift card…), and I told the story to my son as we meandered through the gift shop on the way to our table.

“Does she still work here?” my son, Charlie, asked.

“I don’t know.” I craned my neck, looking around, as if I’d remember. “It was a long time ago. She’s probably moved on to another job.”

“Yeah,” Charlie said. “Probably moved on to another favorite author, too.”

My, don’t our children have a way of keeping us humble?

By-Gone Days

can’t imagine what it must have been like being a writer in the days before social media. How in the world did they know if they were successful or not? I’m trying to imagine Harper Lee checking her Amazon ranking, or Danielle Steel hosting a Facebook live chat with a give-away of Fine Things(Although that would be fabulous.)

Think of what witty tweets we’d get from Erma Bombeck, the great memes from Mark Twain, the Pinterest board of Julia Child. How many Goodreads reviews would be two-star because The Thornbirds was too long?

How in the world did any author, ever, summon the courage to roll another piece of paper into the typewriter and start another novel without the confidence of knowing they’d reached the friend limit on their personal facebook?

nder what power could they tie up that bundle of pages with twine and mail it off in a manuscript box without posting it on Instagram? #amwriting #THEEND #400pages #blessed.

Try to picture Emily Bronte, hacking into a handkerchief, her ink-stained fingers penning her Tuesday morning blog.

I think we writers lose something by the sheer awareness of our place in the lives of readers. Don’t get me wrong—I love my readers! I love the messages and the emails and the tweets and the #bookstagram posts and the Goodreads reviews and the Amazon stars—all of it. But for every five-star, there’s a one-star, and I can quote lines from both camps. A brand-new author can send her very first manuscript to a publisher only to be met with questions about her social media presence. How many followers? How many subscribers?

My first novel

en Thousand Charms
(Multnomah) came out in 2006, in the early stages of this social media phenomenon. I had a My Space page. It was terrible. It sold the way all first novels sold: word of mouth and placement in bookstores. 

My latest novel

he Seamstress
(Tyndale) had a massive blog tour and social media blitz that resulted in a number of tweets and retweets numbering in the tens of thousands. As much as I love that little ten-thousand circle, I still know this: Ten Thousand Charms remains one of my most successful books. And The Seamstress will only find the same success through the same channels. Bookstores are almost gone, but books will always depend on one reader saying to another, “You have to read this …”

The Seamstress is my fourteenth novel, and yet I see over and over in social media that it is the “first” for many readers. I get just as excited seeing the phrase “This is my first Allison Pittman book” as I did when I got notes and post cards from people who loved the first Allison Pittman book. That’s the kind of encouragement that makes me brave enough to face a blank computer screen and start the next work.

ne of the most rewarding aspects of being an author is that you are constantly given the opportunity to be something new. So, with every novel, I feel this huge responsibility: to be as good as the last one, and to be an impacting first one. I’m so glad I have a Savior whose mercies are new every morning. Every day. Every midnight-to-2:00 am creative burst.

In my next releases . . .

Even greater opportunites to be “new” again are waiting around the corner.

Thanksgiving 2019

’ll have a novella in a collection with a bunch of fabulous authors—my first time to be in a novella collection, and a chance to meet a whole new audience.

Summer 2020

I’ll be releasing my first YA novelPudge and Prejudice which takes the iconic Jane Austen story and sets it in a small town Texas high school . . . in 1984.

Christmas 2020

y first devotional book—Keeping Christmas, will take readers through the reclamation of Ebenezer Scrooge throughout the season of Advent.

My first collection, my first YA, my first devotional . . .

Closing Thoughts

I honestly hope I never become so much of a favorite that I don’t cherish the opportunities to be new. Still, when I am an old, old woman, I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair in a porch somewhere. Meanwhile, the poor old person rocking next to me will have to hear one more time about the lunch I had in Cracker Barrel when the cashier knew my name.

In the meantime…come find me!

Facebook: Allison Pittman Author Page

Twitter: @allisonkpittman

Instagram @allisonkpittman

My website (where I blog super infrequently):

A video by Allison about The Seamstress: 

~ ~ ~

Lord, we readers thank You for the joy words bring us. Above all, Your Word. We thank You for calling Your writers to create worlds on paper in which You are magnified. And I thank You for the beauty of the ideas and words you give Allison and also for her friendship. Please bless each word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

20 thoughts on “Allison Pittman. Let’s Chat! Featured Favorite

  1. Alison Boss

    I enjoyed reading about Allison Pittman’s writing journey. The Cracker Barrel story made me chuckle 🙂 What a great memory! I am excited to hear about her newest book, The Seamstress, and look forward to reading it.

    1. Welcome, Alison! I hope you get to read Allison. She’s awesome.

  2. Elizabeth Lamb

    Great piece. As a friend of Allison’s before she became a world famous author, I am thrilled to watch each time she launches one of her books. I know each one has a piece of her heart, which is a tremendous heart indeed. ♥️

    1. Wow. How moving. Thank you, Elizabeth Lamb.

  3. Judi Marshall

    I loved reading about you, in everything you spoke about I can visualize in my brain. Now whenever I go to a Crackle Barrel I will think about you and the waitress.

    1. Allison is full of funny stories and witty comments. She’s s gifted author too. I hope you can read her books. Thanks for stopping by, Judi. God bless.

    2. Yay! And have a biscuit (or two…) for me!

  4. Chloe Flanagan

    What a great post! I’ll probably be thinking about what all
    my favorite classic authors would say on social media for the rest of the day now. (Specifically, I’m thinking of how cool Agatha Christie’s Twitter feed would be.)
    Sadly, I haven’t read any of Allison’s books yet, but I definitely want to check them out now.

    1. Yes, Chloe! Check out Allison’s books. Her sister-wives series were Christy nominees, and Stealing Home won the Carol. I think she received ACFW’s mentoring award once upon a time too, but I may be wrong. If she didn’t, she deserves it.

      1. I did win a mentoring award. But working with writers is my favorite thing to do. I love playing with potential!!

  5. Alicia Haney

    What a nice interview, I learned a lot about you and what an Awesome person you are, your books sound really good, I have never read any of your books, but they sound like good reads. God Bless you. I’m hoping to read some of your books soon.

    1. Hi, Alicia. So good to have you in our circle. I’d advise you to start with Allison’s books at the beginning—Ten Thousand Charms and read all three. Then the two Sister-Wives which were runner ups for Christie’s. And then Stealing Home which won the Carol Award. Loving Luther is incredible. The Seamstress is next for me. Allison is a super fun person to know too.

      1. Alicia Haney

        Thank you, I will. 🙂

  6. Perrianne Askew

    I don’t think I’ve read an Allison Pittman book yet, but eventually that will change. I love her humility and the fun post about being famous in the Cracker Barrel.

    1. Besides being a gifted author, she’s a wonderful mentor and super fun to know. Thanks for stopping by, Perrianne!

  7. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    Hi, Allison. You are a new author to me, but I started following on Goodreads and Facebook. I added your books to my want to read list on Goodreads. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You won’t regret a single minute you spend reading Allison Pittman, Lucy. She’s truly gifted. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. This was fun to read. I absolutely loved The Seamstress (and reviewed it). Dickens would be proud. I also really liked your novel All For a Song. We are sharing a same “first”, btw. I’m also in a novella collection coming out in November: “The Highlanders”. At least I think that’s what it’s called. Ha! My story, A Tender Siege, is set during Pontiac’s War. But anyway, I look forward to reading and recommending more of your books!

    1. Hi, Naomi. Allison is truly gifted. So glad you stopped by. Bless you.

    2. Congratulations, Naomi! Welcome to the family!!


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Ann Tatlock. Let’s Chat!

Welcome, everyone!

Ann Tatlock
is my current Featured Favorite. Her novels’ genres: General Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Speculative Fiction. But mainly, she’s a writer who grabs a reader’s heart and refuses to let go.

You’ll find Ann’s books at the bottom of this page. Someone who joins in the chat will receive a print copy of one of Ann’s books. Winner announced on the 20th. 

I’m tickled pink to present some of Ann’s thoughts and take a peak at her exquisite writing. I discovered her a decade ago and have been nothing short of awestruck with her inspirational premises, captivating characters, and brilliant prose.

Another famous author—Lucy Montgomery—created an unforgettable character who was often heard explaining the spelling of her name: “That’s Anne—with an e.” 

Now here’s our Ann—minus an e—in her own words, Ann Tatlock:

Introducing Ann (minus the e)

I like to tell people I went to school in a barn—which is true, but needs some explaining. While a seventh grader in the public school system, I was what people today would call “bullied.” The other kids teased me for being a “goody-goody.” I have to admit they were right—I was a good kid and wanted to be. I felt God’s eyes on me, not because he was waiting to punish me if I did something wrong, but because he was watching over me with love. Even as a child, I felt safe in him.

Ann Tatlock

Ann: the Schoolgirl

Still, I shed a lot of tears that year, until my parents finally decided to send me to a private school. That was when God turned the bullying into blessing. Without the taunting of the other kids, I never would have been sent to Sanford. This school, in Hockessin, Delaware, was a private boarding school (I was a day student) but it defied all snobby prep-school stereotypes. At this school, I wasn’t bullied but was built up by the other students who became my life-long friends, and by the teachers who truly cared about me.

Ann Tatlock
he campus was comprised of classroom buildings, gymnasiums and dormitories on 81 acres that had originally been farmland. The old, three-story farmhouse was at the center of campus and now housed the dining room and the music rooms. The barn had been transformed into a classroom building, the silo becoming the bathrooms. This is where I took the English classes that would define the rest of my life.

Ann: the Reader 

Ann Tatlock

It was at Sanford that my love of reading and writing was nurtured. Many an English class remains clear in my memory, and I can vividly recall the books and poems we read and studied. Too, both of my Upper School English teachers applauded my efforts at writing and cheered me on. I knew there was a wordsmith somewhere deep inside of me, though I didn’t yet think of writing as a career.

On graduation day when awards were given out, I received the school’s literary award. I didn’t understand it fully at the time, but the course of my life had been set. Today, I thank God for the tears that landed me in a whole new life, where I read poetry and literature in a barn and decided the written word is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Ann Tatlock: the Writer

I eventually decided I wanted to be a journalist and write for a Christian magazine. And that’s what I did, working as an assistant editor for Billy Graham’s Decision magazine from 1987-1993. At the same time, in my 20s, I went through a series of losses, including the death of my mother. To deal with my grief, I turned to something I never thought I’d do: fiction writing. I discovered it to be not only cathartic, but a wonderful way to promote ideas, faith, truth. Before long, I set my sights on becoming a novelist.

Ann Tatlock www.anntatlock.comNever having taken a creative writing course, I simply started to create worlds and characters based on what I knew from years of reading. I wrote seven novels and put each one aside. Finally, I wrote one that I felt was ready for publication. I secured an agent who got me a contract. A Room of My Own was published in 1998. Between the writing of my first novel and seeing my first book in print lay a span of 13 years. It was certainly not an overnight journey.

Ann Tatlock: the Blogger, Author, Editor, Lover of God

 I am currently working on a novel, but I’ve also veered back toward non-fiction writing. The Lord nudged me to start a blog called “Living a Love Story.” Over the years of my writing career, the Lord let me know that he didn’t create me so that my life could be a success story, but so that it could be a love story with him. If I were wildly successful as a novelist (which I wasn’t!) but not in love with him, then I was missing the whole point of my existence. Even if I had failed at my profession, ultimately it wouldn’t matter, because it’s his love that makes me what I am meant to be.

So I use the blog to share my thoughts on loving God, as well as to allow others to tell their stories of how God has revealed his love to them, especially in the darkest times of their lives.

I find great satisfaction in writing about the love of God, because the same love that surrounded me in childhood has remained with me faithfully right up to the present day.

Ann’s Beautiful Books

Ann Tatlock
Excellence in Media “Silver Angel Award”
Ann Tatlock
Library Journal: Best of Genre, Christian Fiction

Ann Tatlock
Midwest Independent Publishers Association, Winner-Adult Fiction The Christy Award Winner, Contemporary Fiction Book List: “Top 10 Christian Novels”
Winner, Midwest Independent Publishers Association, First Place-General Fiction: Best of Genre – Christian Fiction: Library Journal; Crossings Book Club Selection; Best of Genre: Library Journal
Ann Tatlock
Christy Award Winner; Booklist Magazine: Top Ten Historical Novels of the
Ann Tatlock
Selah Award Finalist
Ann Tatlock
Booklists: Ten 10 Christian Novels
Ann Tatlock
A Crossing Books Selection
Ann Tatlock
Selah Award Winner; Christy Award Finalist;
Ann Tatlock
Library Journal: Best of Genre, Christian Fiction

Ann Tatlock
Christy Award Winner: Selah Award Finalist
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock
Ann Tatlock

Where to Find Ann Tatlock 





~ ~ ~

Lord, You display Your glorious love all around us–in nature, relationships, human hearts, and in Your gifting of Your children. Nowhere is Your love more on display than when Your children use their gifts for the purposes You intend. We thank You for Ann, her books, and the way they touch our hearts with Your love.
Please bless every word Ann writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake

22 thoughts on “Ann Tatlock. Let’s Chat!

  1. Marilyn R

    A beautiful testimony from Ann in how God was watching her and setting the stage in her life. Thank you for sharing–it’s always nice to learn behind the scenes from authors. Blessings on both of you as write for His glory.

    1. I love that “always watching” line too, Marilyn. I’m trying to remember it throughout my days. Thanks for joining us!

  2. I love getting a peek into the personal lives of authors, especially their upbringing. We all have stories behind the stories we write. Thanks, Ann, for sharing yours.

    1. Hi, Clarice. Great to see you in our circle. You’re right about our personal stories behind what we right. I laugh just imagining what personal stories lie behind the stories YOU write.

  3. I so enjoyed hearing Ann’s story. It is always amazing to look back on our lives and see how God was guiding our paths to the places in which we find ourselves today. Inspiring!

    1. Ann Tatlock

      Our lives are the stories that God himself is writing and he is a master plotter! Thanks for joining us here on Linda’s blog, Naomi. Blessings to you!

    2. Hi, Naomi. So good to see your lovely face in our circle. I agree. God’s guidance along our paths is amazing. I love having “met” you through this blog, Naomi. Blessings on you and your family.

  4. Marylou Gartner

    Ann’s books are wonderful. I highly recommend every one of them!
    Thank you for sharing your heart, Ann!

    1. Ann Tatlock

      Hi MaryLou! So happy to see you here on Linda’s blog! Thanks for joining us and reading my post. You’re a dear friend….and undoubtedly one of my best PR people. 😉 Sending you big hugs!

    2. Welcome, Marylou. You and I are of the same mind regarding Ann’s books. Thank you for joining our circle. You encourage us all. You’re invite to return anytime. God bless you.


    Amen! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing book!

    1. Hi, Sarah. You’re entered in the drawing, my friend. So glad you could stop by.

      1. Ann Tatlock

        Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting with us, and I’ll be delighted if you win the book! Many blessings to you, Ann

  6. Melissa Andres

    What a sweet, beautiful testimony of God’s grace and guidance! I’ll definitely have to check out your books!

    1. Hi, Melissa. Ann can present a powerful testimony without raising her voice a single notch. I heard her present a devotion at a writers’ conference once upon a time and knew this woman has spiritual depth. I became a bit in awe of her and devoured everything she wrote. I count myself blessed to be first-name friendly with her.

      1. Ann Tatlock

        Thank you, Melissa! I’m glad you stopped by Linda’s blog and I hope you’ll enjoy some of my books. The Lord has indeed been merciful in guiding my life, even weaving my mistakes into the fabric of His perfect plans.
        Thanks to you too, Linda, for all your kind words. I’m so glad you were at that writers conference and we were able to connect. I’m the one who’s blessed to know you!

  7. Faith Creech

    I have read some of your books and really enjoyed them. They are so though provoking.

    1. Hi, Faith. Glad to know you’re familiar with Ann Tatlock. She’s truly one-of-a-kind and her books are unforgettable. I love Ann’s slightly quirky slant on some things. 🙂

      1. Ann Tatlock

        Faith, I’m delighted to know you’ve enjoyed some of my books! Thanks for stopping by here and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!

  8. Athena

    I feel like God is always watching me too, from toddler on, I could always remember saying my forgive me prayers to him as I knew he saw me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Hi, Athena. I’m tickled to get to share Ann Tatlock with friends like you. I felt the same way as a child–always whispering “Forgive me” …

      1. Ann Tatlock

        It’s a wonderful blessing, isn’t it, Athena, when God chooses to reveal himself to us at an early age. I love that I was able to grow up knowing him and feeling surrounded by his love. It’s a gift I cherish, and I know you do too. Thanks for visiting with us here on Linda’s blog!


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