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Welcome to Let’s Chat, Everyone!

This week we encircle author Jaycee Weaver who writes Christian contemporary romance novels. She and her husband live in Albuquerque and have three daughters and a crazy shih-tzu. 

A substitute teacher, PTA board member, and most other jobs your average WAHM home CEO does, Jaycee might have a few too many shows waiting in her Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon queues. And she tries to make time for the gym. She considers herself a recovering perfectionist and sometimes hot mess. She does her best to live her faith in action, being open, honest, and real and letting God be Lord over the good, the bad, and the ugly even when it’s hard.

You’ll find Jaycee totally delightful, so join in the conversation. She’s offering a giveaway, so be sure to check it out below. (And she’s a doll, to boot!)

**Congratulations to Marilyn Ridgway, this week’s winner of Jaycee’s What Could Be!**

Accepting our invitation to this chat party and contributing to the conversation encourages both Jaycee and me. So thank you ahead of time!

“Life” for Jaycee Weaver

Jaycee Weaver with Brindle
Brindle (AKA Anxiety Banisher)

Originally born in Henderson, NV, I’ve lived in Albuquerque, NM since I was 14. I met my wonderful husband while attending UNM (Go Lobos!) and we now have three daughters, a shih-tzu named Oscar, and a dwarf lop named Brindle.

Jaycee Weaver reader
First, writers were readers.

When I’m not writing, I have more hobbies than any ten people I know put together (Click to Tweet!) and that’s only a mild exaggeration.  I especially love floral and landscape photography, singing, reading (way, way too much), cooking and baking fresh, whole foods from scratch, crafting of all kinds, and basically anything having to do with my kids. I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur and have worked from home doing one thing or another for the past thirteen years or so.

Jaycee Weaver’s Debut Experience

Jaycee Weaver debut Weaver_Jaycee_WhatCouldBe_51oX45BKUqL._SX322_BO1204203200_.jpgWhat Could Be is my first full length novel and the first in the Everyday Love Series. (Click to Tweet!) It originally released last October, but this March I revised it completely and released the second edition. In between, I wrote my second book in the series, Whatever Comes Our Way, and I’ve grown and changed so much in figuring out my style that I felt it was important to revisit that first manuscript.

The debut experience was a lot of fun, and a ton of learning. I’m still new at it all but the independent Christian fiction writing community is absolutely incredible. I’ve been so blessed getting to know other Christian authors in the past year and seeing the way they uplift one another is encouraging beyond words.

Insight From Jaycee Weaver

Jaycee WeaverI’ve prayed over my writing from the very beginning, and while I would like to make this a real thing, my vision is more aligned with telling the stories He places in my heart. (Click to Tweet!) Marketing comes secondary. If I’m never an award-winning best-seller, I’ll live. But if I hear testimonies on how the Lord spoke to someone through my books? That’s everything, and it’s already happened a couple of times!

One reader was going through a particularly overwhelming time and she spoke of how God showed her the need to slow down and take in the beauty of the world around her. She also felt the Lord convicting her of her need, like my main character, Brynn, to plan everything to the letter and control her circumstances. Reading Brynn’s journey encouraged her to try harder to stay in the present—enjoy the potential of what could be instead of constantly forcing things into her idea of what should be. It was such a blessing!

Jaycee Weaver Author

Jaycee Weaver Today

Currently, I’m editing my second book, Whatever Comes Our Way, and plan to release it in mid-April. (Click to Tweet!) I had major surgery recently and recovery is a little slower than I’d hoped, so I may have to delay it a bit. I’m also working on a novella that I plan to offer free to newsletter subscribers soon!

Jaycee WeaverWhile writing the follow up book in my Everyday Love series, the Lord spoke to my heart about body image issues and trusting Him no matter the circumstances. (Click to Tweet!) Gina is a very complex character and it’s so strange feeling like I’ve gotten to know a dear friend while writing her.

As for the novella, I’m using a working title No Longer Adrift. I woke in the middle of the night with a fully developed introduction. And a whole list of traits about a woman who’s been widowed and is tired of treading water in her life. She’s ready to move forward but doesn’t quite know where to begin. (Click to Tweet!) 

How to Find Jaycee Weaver

What Could Be is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback! (Click to Tweet!)

You can find more information on my books on my website www.jayceeweaver.com. (Click to Tweet!)

Jaycee Weaver, author What Could BeI absolutely love getting to know fellow readers. Stay in touch with me on my Facebook fan page, Twitter @weaverjaycee, Pinterest, Goodreads. And Amazon Author Central. (Click to Tweet!) 

Join my Facebook street team, The Jaycee League. And sign up for my mailing list. (Click to Tweet!)

Jaycee Weaver Offers a Giveaway!

I love doing a giveaway of What Could Be in paperback or e-book version, winner’s choice. 

~ ~ ~

Dear Lord and Father, we come to You as Your children praising You as the Great Author of Eternal Life, the Storyteller Above All Storytellers. We’re humbled that You would use us to tell Your story. Jaycee is listening for Your direction.
Please bless each word she writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake







12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Jaycee Weaver

  1. Ann Ellison

    Wonderful interview and her books sound like good ones.

    1. I agree, Ann. Jaycee’s a keeper! It’s wonderful to have you in our circle as always, friend.

    2. Jaycee Weaver

      Thank you so much, Ann! I’d love to have the chance to get to know you! If you don’t win Linda’s drawing, head over to The Jaycee League on Facebook. I’m doing a members-only giveaway later this week!

  2. Rose Blackard

    Awesome interview, I love when authors glorify God through their writing. Thank you!

    1. Ditto, ditto, ditto, Rose! Thank you for joining our chat. You’re entered in the drawing 🙂

    2. Jaycee Weaver

      Thank YOU for leaving your comment! I feel exactly the same way about the authors I read.

  3. Marilyn

    Lovely interview with Jaycee Weaver. Congratulations on your books, Jaycee. Trusting God with your writing will reap the benefits of testimonies from readers connecting with the characters.
    What Could Be sounds like a wonderful story. One I want to read.

    1. Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for stopping by and joining the chat. I agree with you 100%. Jaycee has chosen a beautiful path.

    2. Jaycee Weaver

      Thank you so very, very much! I do hope you’ll pick up a copy! Good luck in Linda’s drawing, but if not then I hope you’ll head over to The Jaycee League on Facebook for my members-only drawing! You can also read it for FREE on Amazon with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I definitely want my readers to connect with my characters, and for the Father to work out what He’d like to do in their hearts.

  4. Lucy Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing. Would love to read. Blessings

    1. Hope you get to. Thanks for stopping by, Lucy!

    2. Jaycee Weaver

      Thank you! I do hope you’ll read it. Good luck with the drawing!


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Let’s Chat! Author Tammy James Hesler

Welcome, Readers! And Welcome, Tammy James Hesler!

Tammy James HeslerI‘m honored to introduce Tammy James Hesler, author of Christian romances.

Knowing how beginner status feels, I delight in opening the curtain on Christian authors who are just beginning, like Tammy.  

But I’ve also made wonderful friends along this road called Publishing—successful, award-winning, multi-published, even best-selling authors–whose experiences and wisdom are valuable to the rest of us.

Hence, this blog. And this week, Tammy James Hesler in her own words.

PS: Tammy’s offering a digital copy of Mountains of Love to someone who comments below!

**Congratulations to Becky Smith, winner of a digital copy of Mountains of Love

Who Is Tammy James Hesler?

Tammy James Hesler
was born in Miami, Florida. We lived aboard a sailboat that my father built, so I was thereby fortunate to have spent much of my childhood sailing the southern waters. 
I later moved to Central Florida and met my husband of 32 years

Tammy James Hesler: A Woman of Many Talents

Tammy James HeslerI started out early on working as a hairdresser.  When I got a lucky break and landed a job working as a radio announcer in 1986, I settled into a career as a Southern Gospel DJ, which was extremely rewarding. 

In 1993 after my son was born I studied art and began painting.  I worked as an artist for the following eight years. You may view my artwork on Facebook.

Life Throws Tammy James Hesler a Curve Ball

Tammy James HeslerEight years later I became seriously sick with a mystery illness. I visited over 80 doctors throughout the country before finally being accurately diagnosed with Lupus. During this time my health began to deteriorate to the point where I became blind and bedridden. At this time before my diagnosis of Lupus, I can see now that God was working in my life. The solitude and isolation led to my first book, Adventures in Rainbow City.   (Click to Tweet!)

eing blind meant that I required a significant amount of help typing the manuscript. (Click to Tweet!) My son who was eight years old at the time did much of the typing. (He coincidentally became one of the fastest male typists I’ve ever seen). My saintly mother would then come in and make any editing and corrections. Overall it was quite a long process. 

Tammy James Hesler Keeps Her Focus on the Ball                                  

However, I stumbled upon something very helpful. Since I was not able to read what I had written, I had someone read everything back to me out loud. (Click to Tweet!) This technique in writing is something I still use to this day.  I have since found out that many successful writers recommend this particular method, to help ensure your book has a smooth, natural rhythm and flow.

Thanks to the Books for the Blind talking-book program, I was able to listen to hundreds and hundreds of books. (Click to Tweet!) I, like many women, had a particular soft spot for romance novels. However, I certainly did not care for the graphic sexual scenes in many of today’s novels.

Tammy James Hesler Finds New Vision

I began to dream of creating good, wholesome characters and exciting, clean books. My vision returned four years ago, and I have since had a great time giving my fantasy characters exciting adventures. 

Mountains of Love, A Story of Faith, Redemption, and Timeless Love by Tammy James Hesler

Welcome to Dove Valley, located in the heart of the Montana Mountains. (Click to Tweet!) This warm, friendly, welcoming town was founded by the Bartlett family of the end of more than 100 years ago.

Ezekiel Bartlett, a shining rodeo star that calls big sky country home. This fun-lovinghttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B078XM7MVV/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb cowboy has always lived big. But this time, his rough and rowdy lifestyle has nearly cost him everything.  Now with God’s help, he’s working on becoming a better, humbler version of his former self.

 Emily Thomas is a successful botanist and a beautiful, warm, loving woman. But, there was a time when she spent her days playing baseball, riding horses and loving Zeke Bartlett from afar.  The handsome man of her dreams has finally noticed her.  But given his rocky relationship with her best friend and brother Joey Thomas is it too late?  She is forced to choose between the only family member she has left and the man she loves.

The springtime Montana Mountains hold an enormous amount of beauty as well as danger. (Click to Tweet!) Will the couple survive a near-death experience, only to find out it is too late for them to spend the rest of their lives together? 

What’s Tammy James Hesler up to Now?

I‘m currently working on Mountains of Dreams, Dove Valley Series Book 2.

Finding Tammy and Her Products

https://www.facebook.com/showstoppingart/Tammy James Hesler on Facebook or email

I also love to paint. Check out my artwork on Facebook

~ ~ ~

Lord, Your ways amaze us. Sometimes You take us along rocky paths; other times, up steep mountainsides; and still others, through quiet valleys. Keep us trusting in Your abiding Presence, for Your ways aren’t our ways; Your mind is beyond our understanding. Use us for Your Purposes.
And please bless each word Tammy writes for You.
~ For Jesus’ sake













6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Tammy James Hesler

  1. Becky Smith

    Wow! What a testimony! I loved this interview, and was not familiar with Tammy! Some of the words are Greek to me. LOL!

    1. Becky Smith

      I did google the words to understand them.

      1. Becky, I didn’t know what you meant by some words being Greek to you. But Tammy tells me she sees the same thing—German, I think—when she uses her Google search engine but not when she uses Foxfire. I’ll ask the website developer about this. Super weird.

    2. Yes, Becky! Tammy’s story is sooooo inspiring. Spread the word to your contacts so they can read about it too. Thanks so much for joining our circle. You’ve encouraged Tammy and me both.

    3. Hi Becky nice to meet you.. I was so excited to receive if friends request from you this morning.. Just found your blog page. It looks like you have lots of wonderful and inspiring fellowship going on..How exciting!!. I also noticed part of the interview was in another language. Although, I thought it was a problem with my Google Chrome.. Linda will be checking on that

      1. Yes. I did check with my website developer. He said it was the font I had used for part of the text that appeared in what he thinks is Greek. Funny how it came out as Greek when Becky had said it was “all Greek” to her 🙂 He fixed it though. Yay!


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