Let’s Chat! Author Kathleen Friesen

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This week we head north to Canada to visit with Kathleen Friesen.

Grab a cup. Gather ’round. And comment below. Kathleen’s offering two ebooks (Melody’s Song and Nila’s Hope).

Winners of Kathleen’s books, Melody’s Song, Nila’s Hope, and Redemption’s Whisper are Bunny Bassett and Marilyn Ridgway. Congratulations, readers!

Welcome, Kathleen

We’re so glad you joined us this week, Kathleen. A writer who hails from Canada has our undivided attention. 🙂

Tell us about your pre-author life, a bit about your journey thus far, and any advice and encouragement you may have.

Pre-Author Life of Kathleen Friesen

My childhood was spent in the lush green that is Washington and Oregon, but God nudged me to follow high school graduation with Bible school at a tiny place in Saskatchewan, Canada. “Where’s that?” I asked. “Are You sure?”

But I headed to Canada, and when I arrived in Saskatchewan, the flat, bare landscape and strong winds made the Canadian prairie seem like an alien planet. But God was there, waiting. In His love, He brought an intriguing, handsome young man to Millar Memorial Bible Institute that year. In spite of a no-dating rule, we quickly fell in love and were married the following winter.

More than forty-four years later, I am proud to be fully Canadian just like my husband, children, and grandchildren. I am so thankful for that initial God-nudge.

Another Kathleen Friesen God Nudge

God nudged me again when our three children were grown, this time to do something about the desire to write. Fear had kept me from daring to share what lay in my heart, but my husband encouraged me, and I signed up for an online writing course. This changed my life–a cliché, I know–but it’s true. Through lessons, critiques and constant encouragement from my mentor, that long-held dream came true. God is good!

A Debut for Kathleen Friesen

vanity press published my first novel, Melody’s Song. If I could turn back time … 

As a newbie, I believed prominent authors who said no traditional publisher would look at a book by an unagented author. I submitted my work to two or three agents (yes, I gave up too quickly) who rejected my work. The costs incurred by publishing with this vanity press will likely never be recovered, so I hope readers will learn from my mistake.

Nevertheless, when that first box of freshly printed books arrived, I was ecstatic. These characters had become cherished friends, so I had to continue writing. It helped, of course, when a reader friend told me I simply had to tell Nila’s story. So I did.

A Debut of a Different Sort

The second, Nila’s Hope, and third, Redemption’s Whisper, are published by Pelican Book Group. Working with a Christian publishing company renewed my faith in the business of writing. Redemption’s Whisper released March 24 in e-book form and will be available June 2 in print. I can’t wait!

These three books are sequential, with old friends returning and new ones introduced, but each story stands alone. By the way, I appreciate hearing from readers, especially when they have questions.

None of my stories was easy to write, as they deal with hard subjects. But I hope and pray they touch each reader’s heart with the truth that God is a God of hope and grace.

A Final Word from Kathleen Friesen

If you are seeking publication, please don’t succumb to discouragement. Rather, join a group or groups who will, with honesty and care, critique your writing.

joined ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), one of the best moves I made. ACFW provides an opportunity to join the greatest critique group in the writing world. Fortunately for me, they don’t even mind that I’m not American. We critique one another’s work chapter by chapter and brainstorm online. I count these ladies as dear friends. Close, understanding friends support us and, now and then, Gibbs-slap us up the side of the head. (Tweet That!) 

I joined another group of writing friends who meet once a month.

Rather than critique, we encourage and pray for one another. I need a lot of both, and I adore these dear friends. 

Good friends, whether local or online, are an absolute necessity, especially for writers. When I stay in my writing cocoon too long, I lose my connection to what matters. So find a group, meet with friends, and above all, pray!

~ ~ ~

Readers can find Kathleen and her books at the following locations:


Pelican Book Group

Melody’s Song 

Nila’s Hope

Redemption’s Whisper

~ ~ ~

Lord, we declare You the Author of Everything. We bow before You in awe and adoration, and we thank You for stooping to love usnudge us, and use us. We write because of You, and we read to find You. Keep us in the center of Your Will as readers and writers.
~ For Jesus’ sake 


Every word of God is flawless …
Proverbs 30:5a NIV

17 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Kathleen Friesen

  1. Marilyn R

    I haven’t read Kathleen Friesen’s books, but I’m going to have to mark them as to read on my never ending list. Fictional stories that deals with realistic true to life issues pointing readers to God and His amazing grace are the best ones (my opinion) to read. Continue writing great stories to bring individuals closer to God.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Marilyn. Please come again. Linda

    2. Thank you, Marilyn. I hope you get to read my books soon! Thank you for this encouragement.

  2. Kathleen, what a wonderful interview. I am SO glad you are part of our critique group. You are a wonderful author. I love your work. I shared this throughout social media and don’t need to be entered in the giveaway. I loved the books!

    1. Thanks for joining the chat, Julie. You’ve encourage us! Please come again. Linda

    2. Thank you, Julie! You are a blessing.

  3. Love Kathleen’s books, and how she deals with real life situations with a Christian perspective. Her characters are believable and likeable.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation.

    2. Thank you, BJ. Your encouragement means a lot to me.

  4. Laura HIlon

    Great blog post. Don’t enter me in the contest. I’ve read all of Kathy’s book

    1. Thanks for joining the conversation, Laura.

    2. Thank you, Laura. You have helped me become a better writer, and I appreciate you.

  5. Wonderful interview! You’re a great writer, Kathleen. I’ve enjoyed reading your books. They’re very inspiring. I look forward to your future ones.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura, and joining the chat.

    2. Thanks so much, Laura. You are an inspiration to me.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting me, Linda, and making the interview a pleasure!

    1. My pleasure, too, Kathleen.


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Join Our Chat With Author Valerie Goree

Readers, we’re honored to have author Valerie Goree with us today. Gather ’round as we hear a bit about Valerie’s journey as an author.

~ ~ ~

Welcome, Valerie

goree_valerie_dscf1584 Thank you for joining our chat and for offering one of your books to someone who *comments or asks a question below. Winner of the drawing will be announced next Tuesday, October 18 on this blog and on Facebook

***UPDATE: Congratulations to Andrea Hamilton, recipient of a signed copy of Valerie Goree’s Weep in the Night!***

The pre-author life of Valerie Goree

I was born in South Africa, as were my parents. My grandparents immigrated from England and The Netherlands in the early 1900s. We moved to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when I was seven years old. I claim both countries as my heritage. (Tweet That!)

College years and beyond

After I left high school, I was given the opportunity to attend a jfk-airport-807478_1280Christian college in America. Wow! At seventeen, I’d never been away from home by myself for more than a week at a time. I will never forget landing at JFK, Labor Day weekend, lost luggage. If someone had pointed out a plane to me and said it was headed back to Africa, I would have been on it in a flash. But, thank the Lord, that didn’t happen. I spent four fantastic years at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and will never regret my time there.

During my senior year, I met Glenn, who just happened to want to serve as a missionary. We married the next year. After we received our Masters degrees, we returned to Zimbabwe where our two children were born.

texas-flag-1544223__340After six years, we lost the mission support, and since Glenn is from Texas, we have since lived in this great state. I focused my teaching career on students with special needs, and retired about 10 years ago.

Becoming an author

Many authors state that they’ve always known they were writers. Not me! A high school English teacher required us to read our essays in front of the class. Her critiques devastated me. I don’t remember any positive comments—there were probably some, but I do recall the negatives. That experience killed whatever creativity I may have possessed.

Years later, after we’d returned to Texas, I completed a writing for children correspondence course. That sparked the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could be creative with words.

Busy with a family and a career, it still took a while before I penned my first novel. My first three attempts are gathering dust. One day I will revise and submit them.

Debut experience

Will Maricella’s dark secret be her undoing?

My first published novel is titled Deceive Me Once. At the time I didn’t have an agent, so pitched it myself. After several rejections, needless to say I was ecstatic when Parson Place Press agreed to publish it. Reviewing cover designs was one of the highlights of the experience. A real-live book with my name on the cover!


Other books authored by Valerie Goree

If Maricella had known the secrets the antique jewelry box contained, she might have allowed the thief to steal it.

Parson Place Press published Colors of Deceit, the sequel to Deceive Me Once. Those who know me well will recognize my handwriting on the cover design.

If WITSEC can’t keep Sadie safe, who can?

My third novel, Weep in the Night, received the ACFW Genesis Award in the romantic suspense category and was published by Pelican Book Group. I’m working on the sequel, but life seems to be interrupting my attempts. I find it hard to concentrate when a family member is going through a major health crisis. 

Life today for author Valerie Goree

Now, I help take care of my mother who immigrated after my dad passed away, have fun with our two grandchildren, and write when I can.

Encouragement and advice

I have been blessed by my association with the American Christian Fiction Writers organization and individual members of our local chapter. My husband is incredibly supportive. (By the way, he is an author too! I edit his books and use that as one of my excuses for not completing my novel.) Associate with fellow writers who will understand your struggles, join a critique group, read craft books, and most importantly, write, write write.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for joining us, Valerie. Your novels are indeed romantic and suspenseful and inspirational. I personally recommend them as sterling examples of excellence in the writing craft with just the right touch of romance, suspense, and inspiration. 

~ ~ ~

Lord, we come before You declaring You are the Author of the Greatest Story Ever Told. We bow in adoration and raise our hands in thanksgiving that You have revealed Yourself in Your Word and that you allow us to share in the telling of Your Story. For Jesus’ sake …

4 thoughts on “Join Our Chat With Author Valerie Goree


    Kelly, I have so enjoyed reading this series and I cannot wait to read The Saddle Maker’s Son. Winning a signed copy would definitely add to my wonderful collection of Author signed books. I love to read and review the books and so far you are becoming a favorite read. I also love interacting with you and Tim on Facebook. God Bless you sweet lady. (Tim’s a keeper!)

  2. Valerie, you are an encouragement to authors like me who live a whole different life–sometimes many!–before we begin writing full-time. I, too, have a supportive husband who writes. Congratulations on your perseverance!

    1. Persevere is definitely a word for Valerie. We’ve known one another at church, at work, and at writing. So I know of whom I speak. 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging comments.

    2. Yes, Clarice, life has a way of intruding on the writing.


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