Let’s Chat! Author Colleen Scott

Welcome, Readers! 

Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

This week we welcome to our chat circle Colleen Scott, author of the suspense novel, Misconceptions. Let’s shout Colleen a hearty welcome and jump into the conversation at the bottom of the interview. Comments are encouraging to authors—including me 🙂

**Colleen is offering a free copy of Misconceptions to someone who joins in the conversation!**

**Great News! Trixi Oberembt and Ann Lacy Ellison are the winners of Colleen Scott’s Misconceptions! Thanks so much joining in, Trixi and Ann!**

Welcome, Colleen Scott!

Hi, Linda. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. My name is Colleen Scott. I’m an avid reader. In addition, I enjoy writing suspense novels. (Tweet That!)

Colleen Scott’s Pre-Author Life

First, I was born and raised in Amherst, Ohio. (It’s about 40 miles west of Cleveland.) The youngest of six children, I graduated from the University of Findlay with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. However, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and looking back, I wish I would have pursued a degree in creative writing. (Tweet That!)

Then I married the love of my life. Over twenty-five years later, we have four children and have home educated their entire pre-college years. (Tweet That!) (We have 3 more years to go.) In addition, I’m active in my church, and also enjoy directing plays for our local homeschool group.

Colleen Scott’s Writing Beginning

To begin with, I started writing about fifteen years ago. A publisher offered a contract for my first novel, Come As You Are, but the publisher went out of business. As it turned out, this was a huge blessing because the book was not ready to be published. Now it is tucked safely away in my desk drawer.

Colleen Scott
Debut Novel by Colleen Scott

My first published novel, Misconceptions, released in January, 2016. After toying with the premise of this novel for several years, I attended a Christian writing conference in the summer of 2008. James Scott Bell encouraged us to “Write about something that makes you want to throw a chair through a window.” (Tweet That!) Afterwards I had the courage to write the novel.  

I took his message to heart. The theme of Misconceptions is the value of life. (Tweet That!) My protagonist, Dominique Sherwood, poses as a social worker in a southern Ohio hospital to try to uncover the mystery of why the birthrate in the United States has drastically declined. While investigating, she’s drawn into a heinous baby kidnapping ring. Consequently, more than just her life is in danger.

Some Insight From Colleen Scott

Colleen ScottWhat piece of advice would I give to someone who is trying to publish a novel? First, develop friendships with other writers. Then learn as much as you can by attending writing conferences and reading books on how to write well.

Of course, a publishing contract and an agent blessed me. In addition, friends celebrated with me. Writing friends are not your competition…they’re your cheering section. (Tweet That!)

What’s Up With Colleen Scott Now?

Colleen ScottCurrently, I am working on the sequel to Misconceptions. The working title is Misguided. Now, as my children grow and leave the home, I will focus on my writing. I thank the Lord He allows me to use my love of writing to encourage others in their faith and share the gospel with those who do not believe. Each of my novels deals with flawed characters facing trials … just like each of us in our daily lives. 

Above all, I absolutely love hearing from my readers. So please contact me via my website: www.colleenscottfiction.com. Find me on most social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram. My website provides the direct links.
                                  ~ ~ ~ 

How unsearchable are Your ways, Lord. First, You handpick Your children for unique assignments. You equip and inspire them and then surprise them with the results.
Through writers like Colleen, the Good News of Jesus Christ is going out each day, reaching into metropolises and tiny burgs and even into homes where a Bible can’t be found.
Only a miracle worker like You could have dreamed up such a plan and then provided the fulfillment and satisfaction we writers of Christian fiction experience.
Please bless every word Colleen writes for You.
Bless and multiply Colleen’s work for Jesus’ sake!














12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Colleen Scott

  1. Marilyn R

    Welcome Colleen to Linda’s blog. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new authors via this blog and their journey to being a writer and published. Misconceptions by Colleen sounds like an intriguing story to read.

    1. Great to see you in our circle, Marilyn. Your acceptance of our invitation to join in the conversation is very much appreciated. I agree with you that Misconceptions sounds intriguing. Your name’s in the hat for a copy!

    2. Colleen Scott

      Thanks, Marilyn! I love hearing about new authors as well. Blessings!

  2. Ann Ellison

    Wonderful interview. Would love to win a copy of her book.

    1. Thank you, Ann. It’s great having Colleen as a guest. Your name’s in the hat! So glad you joined the conversation. 😊👍❤️

    2. Colleen Scott

      Thank you, Ann! Good luck in the drawing 🙂 Blessings

  3. Trixi

    Fun interview for a new-to-me author! I loved reading about your writing journey, thanks for sharing that. And for the giveaway for a terrific sounding book 🙂

    1. Hi, Trixi. I agree. Colleen’s blessing behind what at first was a disappointment is a life lesson in itself, it’s it? Thanks for joining in.

    2. Colleen Scott

      Thank you, Trixi. It’s been quite the journey filled with a lot of ups and downs. Blessings!

  4. It’s fun meeting all these terrific authors, Linda. Many of us share the same experiences, like Colleen’s effort to get her first book published before it was ready. Been there, done that. It’s inspiring to hear how she persevered!

    1. Colleen Scott

      Thanks, Clarice! It’s been quite the journey, but well worth the wait. Blessings!

    2. I feel the same way, Clarice. I’ve loved getting to know these Wednesday chat authors. Colleen’s Misconceptions sounds intriguing.


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Let’s Chat! Author Teresa Tysinger!

Welcome, Readers! And welcome, Teresa Tysinger!

I‘m just delighted to welcome debut author Teresa Tysinger to our circle this week. On Tuesday, the 30th, Teresa released her first novelSomeplace Familiar–so she’s over-the-moon excited, I’m sure. It looks like a book I’ll love.

**Let’s give Teresa a warm welcome by commenting below. Someone will win a free copy of this Christian romance. 🙂 Winner announced next Tuesday, June 6, so stay tuned.**

**We have a winner of the drawing! Trixi Oberembt will receive an autographed copy of Teresa Tysinger’s Someplace Familiar. Congratulations, Trixi! I’ll email you for your mailing address.**

Thank you to everyone who joined our chat! It means a lot.

Teresa’s Pre-Author Life

So, follow me on my quick life journey. My twin sister and I were born in Honolulu, Hawaii (Navy brat) and grew up in Orlando where my father retired.

I attended a small college north of Asheville, North Carolina and fell in love with the place! I met and married my husband in North Carolina and lived there the first decade of our marriage. We now live and work in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

My life is most crazy with an 8-going-on-16 daughter and a husband who works in professional theatre. It’s never a dull moment for this introvert who’s doing life with two extroverts! (Tweet That!)

Lord, help! Haha.

Teresa Tysinger, the Writer

You may not be surprised that an author wrote her first story in second grade. Or that she was the editor of her high school newspaper and has two degrees in English. You might, however, think it strange that she has a fairly lean bookshelf at home (save a few of my favorites, I feel books are best shared with friends!) or that she went into a career in graphic design instead of writing.

Teresa’s Start as a Writer

Someplace Familiar just released on the 30th (whew!) and it’s been a rollercoaster. I wrote the first draft over three years ago for the National Novel Writer’s Month challenge (write 50,000 words in one month). Since then, the book has been expanded, rewritten in parts, critiqued, edited a few times, through beta readings, etc. As many authors will say, the village helping to raise this book baby is large and oh so valuable!

Since deciding to self-publish, there have been many growing pains and challenges along the way. Not being a very detail-oriented person, I had to work very hard at keeping several things straight. Editing schedules, marketing plans, giveaways, design elements, business stuff like ISBNs and barcodes, etc. I guess you could say I’ve spent more time outside my comfort zone than maybe ever before. (Tweet That!)

But the experience has taught me I’m capable of so much more than I thought. God has walked (often carried) me every step of the way and I’m so grateful.

 (Tweet That!)

In the story, our heroine, Livy, returns to Laurel Cove to restore her grandmother’s worn-down cottage. The story is near and dear to my heart because it’s inspired by my own childhood memories of my great grandmother’s house and my love for the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My best friend, Jennifer, and her family live in the mountains and I’d visit with her on weekends when in college. The slow pace, gentle and serene scenery, and small-town charms grew on me. I hope that comes through in the book and you find yourself swept away.

Teresa Tysinger’s Someplace Familiar 

Artist Livy Johnson needs a fresh start. That’s what a broken heart and forgotten dreams can do to a person. On little more than a whim, she reclaims her grandmother’s old home in quaint Laurel Cove, North Carolina and vows to restore its original charm. When she literally collides with childhood friend, Jack Bowdon, Livy wonders if she’s back for an entirely different reason.

Jack can’t believe his childhood crush is back. As the owner of Bowdon’s Supplies, and once again the town’s most eligible bachelor, he offers to help Livy with repairs. Together they embark on the project—and an undeniable whirlwind romance.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Together they must find a way to survive the destructive pain of their pasts and ultimately discover God’s grace waiting to renovate their hearts.

Some Insights from Teresa

For me, writing has become my quiet time with God. It’s when I feel him closest to me, like we are co-authors. I believe he’s entrusted me with some special stories, but rather than dolling out the inspiration then leaving me to it, he’s stayed close. It’s helped me to really listen for that small still voice. It’s become really sacred time and how I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that writing is what he created me to do.

For other authors out there, I’d encourage you to keep going and keep your eye on the end goal. As a mom and full-time employee at my “day job,” the writing often felt like inching my way along an endless road. Even if you get the story down 100 words at a time, it will eventually lead you to a complete story. Stick with it.

My prayer for you is that you follow your own path, find contentment there, and steer clear of the treacherous road of comparison.

Be you.

Tell your story. Even if it takes a long time!

Facebook – Teresa Tysinger, Author
Web – www.teresatysinger.com
Newsletter – Join the Community!
Pinterest – @TeresaTysinger
Twitter – @TMTysinger

FIND Someplace Familiar:
Amazon – Paperback or eBook

~ ~ ~

Lord, we’re so grateful for Christian fiction. It puts us in mind of the parables favored by Jesus. Teresa has entered the realm of Christian storytelling with Someplace Familiar. Will You bless readers of this novel with a sacred experience like the one you’ve given Teresa in the writing? Bless it now so it can bless others.

~ For Jesus’ sake


9 thoughts on “Let’s Chat! Author Teresa Tysinger!

  1. Marilyn R

    Congratulations to Teresa on her debut release, Someplace Familiar. This book will be a fantastic read with restoring a cherished grandmother’s cottage, God’s restoration and reunion of individuals. The setting sounds delightful and I can picture myself there already. Linda, Thank you for the great interview and introducting Teresa to readers today. God bless.

    1. Featuring Teresa has been a pleasure, Marilyn. I can’t wait to read Someplace Familiar. Your name’s in the hat for a copy of Teresa’s first novel.

  2. Lucy Reynolds

    Restoring old things is so much work but so fun. I love books about the Grace of God. Congratulations 🎈 I would love to read. Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi, Lucy. So glad you joined us. I agree 100%!

  3. Trixi Oberembt

    I love the idea of restoring an old family home! HGTV is one of my favorite channels for all the shows which feature this very thing. This book certainly piques my interest and the characters journey is one I’m interested in taking with them. 🙂 Also, reunion stories are among my favorite book themes! This ticks a lot of boxes for me, from the beautiful cover to what’s inside the pages. Thanks for introducing a new-to-me author and learning her writing process as she went indie.

    1. You said it correctly, Trixi. Someplace Familiar checks off several of my boxes too. Thanks for joining in!

  4. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your story. And thanks, Laura, for hosting Teresa. I love the title, Someplace Familiar. It tugs on my heart without even reading a page–but of course I’d love to read the whole story!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! I hope you enjoy the book! Have a great day.

    2. I feel the same way about the title, Kathleen. Can’t wait to read it.


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